welcome to the centricity2 private beta phase n.
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Welcome to the Centricity2 Private BETA Phase PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the Centricity2 Private BETA Phase

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Welcome to the Centricity2 Private BETA Phase - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the Centricity2 Private BETA Phase. What is Private BETA Testing?. Early distribution of new or modified functionality. Some may not be ready for “prime time”. There will be “bugs”, misspelled words and things may look “rough” or unfinished.

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what is private beta testing
What is Private BETA Testing?
  • Early distribution of new or modified functionality. Some may not be ready for “prime time”.
  • There will be “bugs”, misspelled words and things may look “rough” or unfinished.
  • Testing is performed on an internal Schoolwires site
  • You will get frequent stable releases (builds) of the product
  • Focus on functionality. Will this fit your needs as well as your teachers, community, students, etc. Will they like it?
beta timeline
BETA Timeline
  • Private BETA
    • Started in April 2010 with 5 clients
    • Opening to additional 10 clients in May 2010
    • June 2010 – Invite additional 40 clients throughout the month
    • End of June 2010 – Open BETA site to all clients interested in taking a closer look at Centricity2
  • Public BETA – Stage 1 & Stage 2
    • Approximately 5 clients will be invited
    • Will use copy of their data to perform testing
    • Clients will move their public site to Centricity2
what do i do
What do I do?
  • Pick a time of day when you can spend about 30 minutes focused on Centricity2.
  • Get the latest information at pd.connect. This is your homepage for all things BETA.
  • Choose a User Story Topic packet as a guideline for testing.
  • Access the Centricity2 BETA site and use the test case packet to review functionality.
  • Give feedback, comment and vote on other testers’ ideas
pd connect community site
PD Connect Community Site
  • Site url: http://pd.connect.schoolwires.net. Login information will be sent in an email.
  • PD Connect Homepage
    • Shortcuts
    • Announcements
  • Centricity BETA Community Section
    • General Information on the current BETA Phase
    • Topical User Stories for testing
    • Release Notes for latest build
    • Access to User Assistance Resources
centricity2 beta site
Centricity2 BETA Site
  • BETA Site URL: http://c2.beta.schoolwires.net
  • Centricity2 BETA School District – sample site with content
    • BETA School District – lots of content
    • 3 Subsites - High School for content
  • BETA Client School District Site
    • One School District Site for each client
    • One subsite for each client
    • Each client will have a Site Director and 2 other general user logins to use for editors. Self register to add more users.
centricity2 feedback site
Centricity2 Feedback Site
  • Feedback Site URL: http://pdconnect.ideascale.com . Access site and create your own account and login. Accounts will be approved for access.
  • Enter ideas and suggestions from the “smiley widget” in the BETA site manager or by logging into website directly
  • Read other testers feedback – ALPHA and BETA
  • Add Comments and VOTE
  • Moderated by Product Development Staff
what kind of feedback
What kind of feedback?
  • Compliments 
  • Usability – flow / ease of use
  • Suggestions – how to
  • Questions / How to’s?
  • Defects – functional only & not on release notes