warp forum 2008 can the model grow judy baker cpni l.
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WARP FORUM 2008 Can the model grow? Judy Baker CPNI PowerPoint Presentation
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WARP FORUM 2008 Can the model grow? Judy Baker CPNI

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WARP FORUM 2008 Can the model grow? Judy Baker CPNI - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WARP FORUM 2008 Can the model grow? Judy Baker CPNI. Integrated Risk Management. Physical. Electronic. Personnel.

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Integrated Risk Management




Today Commercial industry is too slow to embrace security convergence in a significant way and we are less prepared than we should be. .…A collaboration of effort around the concept of establishing a mutual defence is required.

Contos 2007: xxiv


CPNI Users Wanted a Holistic One Stop Shop

  • Wanted CPNI advice and also advice from others with a CPNI comment.
  • Wanted raised awareness of other security disciplines
  • Not everything is valuable to all - wanted sharing mechanism that enabled a selective approach

Comments made in Recent Survey

“It’s a valuable change, where as before I would have been getting information from one source now I am getting it for all three”

Physical Security

“Since the merger I’ve noticed that CPNI are trying to be a one stop shop for all three disciplines as I have started receiving other information relating to personnel security”

Information security


How do CPNI Users receive/share data?

  • CPNI facilitated Information exchanges.
  • Via the website and a restricted extranet.
  • Meetings don’t readily scale but the extranet and soft copy does.

So What does this mean for WARPs?

  • Are there benefits in receiving a wider variety of data? If so how wide?
  • Should your focus still be protection of networks, but include related physical and personnel issues?
  • Would some members have too little data to maintain interest?
  • Can your WARP members easily sift out what they don’t want to read in full?


  • Do you want to extend the membership of the WARP to other security professionals?
  • If you extend the membership will you lose the community feel of your WARP?
  • If you don’t grow, is it manageable to select and pass data in a timely way to non-members?
..integration ensures that all functions within the organization work together, and enables the organization to prevent, detect, respond to and recover from any type of security incident. Booz Allen Hamilton.