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Tigulea Stefania Ploscaru Miruna Preda Vlad. Lodève. Asavei Melania Iliuta Bianca Babii George. Romanian Team. Lod è ve -present and future.

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lod ve





Iliuta Bianca

Babii George

Romanian Team

lod ve present and future
Lodève-present and future

Lodève is a commune in the Héraultdépatament in the Languedoc-Roussillon region in southern France. The derivation of the city's name is the gauloisLuteva, composed of lut-, swamp, mud + suffix -eva. It might therefore translate as the muddy place or the swamp city.

our expectations for lod ve
Our expectations for Lodève
  • many shops
  • a modern city
  • fun activites for teenagers
  • active persons
melania asavei

When I heard the name of the city is Lodèveand it is in the south of France, I imagined that it will going to be a bigger city . When I arrived here, I found that the city is smaller than I thought , but it is interesting , with not many shops, a place where the fun does not exist . However, people are very kind, and the places for the tourists are very interesting.

bianca iliuta

When we arrived here, the city looked exactly like I thought it would be. Lodèveis a small but very welcoming city. The french are very sociable compared to the romanians. I expected that here is going to be fun but unfortunately there are no clubs in this city.

stefania tigulea

Before I arrive in Lodève, I thought it was going to be a bigger city but is not like that .I liked the people who were very nice and kind. I was very impressed by the old buildings and the small streets.

george babii
George Babii

Lodèveis a small city with interesting touristic objectives. At the beginning we hoped to find a loat of pubs, parks, where people would go and have a great time, but here, there is not much fun to be had.If the city hall would build some parks, pubs and organize some events, the city will be more known.

vlad preda

Before I arrived in LodèveI thought it's going to be a touristic city, full of shops and people, but instead, I found a beautiful small city with kind and sociable people. I like Lodèvevery much.

miruna ploscaru

Lodèveis a very beautiful city with nice and sociable people. I was expecting it to be a bigger city but instead I found a very stylish city.

our ideas to make lod ve the gate to the mediterranean sea
Our ideas to make Lodève the gate to the mediterranean sea
  • - many pubs
  • -many clubs
  • -many parks
  • -more shops
  • - at least one water park
  • - at least one cinema
  • - events organized by the city hall (city days , fairs, concerts )
  • - promotion of the local traditions