what should i do if i found asbestos n.
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What Should I do If I Found Asbestos? PowerPoint Presentation
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What Should I do If I Found Asbestos?

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What Should I do If I Found Asbestos? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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First, you need to find more information asbestos, second, you need to understand what you read. Third, you have to learn the government rules, the last one is you need to find someone to help you removing asbestos. nnThis online paper is the shortcut to help you understand about asbestos in general.

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what should i do if i found asbestos

What Should I do if I Found Asbestos?

Shared by: www.asbestoswatchadelaide.com.au

a safest way to handle asbestos
A Safest Way to Handle Asbestos

The safest way to manage asbestos is by leaving the material to remain undisturbed. Never: break, drill, hammer, cut, saw, damage or move any of your dangerous materials. The small particles from asbestos will harm your lung.

Contact a professional to come and check the material.

diy asbestos material removal
DIY Asbestos Material Removal?

No, it's not safe to remove any ACM yourself. The fibrous material should always be performed by a certified and professional removalist.

Working with asbestos need a complex way, you also need some experience to handle hazardous material.

The Government also released the rules and laws of managing asbestos.

how much does it cost to remove asbestos material
How Much Does it Cost to Remove Asbestos Material?

The expense of fibrous-material testing varies relying upon the amount of sample tested and what methods applied in the process. The average cost to remove asbestos is $50 psqm.

Gathering the samples by yourself is a risky procedure, so contact a licensed and qualified contractor for the job. It will protect you from the possibility of getting the fibers exposure.

check your building from asbestos materials
Check Your Building from Asbestos Materials

Some asbestos products are known to have the long and durable lifespan. The bonded asbestos is a low-risk material and if it's in good condition, it requires a less regular review than the code of practice’s recommended which is 12 months.

The decision must be supported by a written recommendation from an asbestos removal expert.

do i need a survey before doing a demolition
Do I need a survey before doing a demolition?

Yes. It’s important. Even though you think your building does not contain any fibrous materials, according to the Rule 1403 (d)(1)(A), it requires an asbestos survey report, regardless of the structure age, prior to demolition to determine and confirm the absence or presence of the ACM.

It’s also will help you to make sure you’re free from asbestos materials

what to do with the asbestos before i demolish a building
What to do with the asbestos before I demolish a building?

The answer is yes. All the asbestos materials within your building need to be removed before conducting any demolition work. It is to minimize the opportunity of the fiber goes airborne.

The removal, testing and management of asbestos resources can be found more at: https://www.asbestoswatchadelaide.com.au