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TimeBank Idaho

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TimeBank Idaho

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  1. TimeBank Idaho Growing Relationships and Community with Time

  2. Co-Production How equal partnerships between professionals and the public are crucial to improving public services

  3. Co-Production is… delivering public services in an equal and reciprocal relationship between professionals, people using services, their families and their neighbors. Where activities are co-produced in this way, both services and neighborhoods become far more effective agents of change.

  4. How Co-Production Works • Recognizing people as assets • because people themselves are the real wealth of society. • Valuing work differently • to recognize everything as work that people do to raise families, look after people, maintain healthy communities, social justice and good governance.

  5. Promoting reciprocity, • (giving and receiving) because it builds trust between people and fosters mutual respect. • Building social networks, • because people’s physical and mental well-being depends on strong enduring relationships.

  6. Department of Health and Welfare • Our mission is to promote and protect the health and safety of Idahoans.  • Our programs and services are designed to help people live healthy and be productive, strengthening individuals, families and communities. From birth throughout life, we help people improve their lives. • We deal with complex social, economic and health issues. We receive requests every day for assistance with food or medical insurance. We help others with child care, child support and substance abuse problems. Throughout the state, we are at the forefront of protecting public health. • We help people help themselves. Our goal is to help people become self-reliant, working with them to identify issues and solutions to their problems so they won't need future assistance from us. • Idaho's health and human services are a partnership. We team with other agencies and human service providers to meet the needs in each community. Working together, we can build a better Idaho.

  7. Setting the Stage • Equality of Access • No more free stuff • Importance of giving is allowing someone to give to you • People to take the lead in the community • REDEFINING CHARITY/GIVING/VOLUNTEERING

  8. TimeBanking is a tool used to accomplish co-production

  9. What is a TimeBank? A TimeBank is time exchange system that values the contributions of all….. Everyone has something to contribute…. The math is simple…… 1=1 Give an hour, Get an hour

  10. Mission Statements • To nurture and expand a movement that promotes equality and builds caring community economies through the inclusive exchange of time and talent. • To connect unmet needs with untapped resources by exchanging the time and talents of Idaho individuals, families, groups, and community partners.

  11. What is TimeBanking?

  12. Where Are TimeBanks? • The first TimeBanks began in 1987 • TimeBanks have spread to 32 nations • TimeBanking is in 45 states • There are currently 271 active TimeBanks • The TimeBank network is continually expanding and evolving

  13. How it works • Members give to each other – as persons, group associations and partner organizations • Members can be individuals, groups, and partner organizations • Activities include person-to-person, group, community, TimeBank support ’

  14. Building Community • Build trust and a sense of community through neighborhood projects and events • Make transformational change • TimeBank Idaho is INCLUSIVE! There is ‘Time for Everyone’ • Get to know your neighbors

  15. The Flexibility of TimeBanking The possibilities are endless – here are some examples of ways in which individuals and groups can give and receive: • Transportation(errands, shopping, medical, worship, local, public, long distance, miscellaneous) • Help at Home(child care, cooking, sewing, hair & beauty, housekeeping, chores, pet care, respite, etc.) • Companionship(dining, clubs, email & IM, home visits, telephone calls, visiting, medical trips, etc.) • Wellness (complementary therapy, counseling, diet & nutrition, fitness, exercise, meditation, yoga, etc.) • Recreation(dancing, games, events, books, videos, sports, travel, walking, tours, etc.) • There is more...

  16. More Ways for Giving and Receiving • Education, Mentoring (computers, language, finances, book groups, life skills, etc.) • Arts, Crafts, Music(classes, workshops, entertainment, photo, theater, lessons, miscellaneous) • Home Care (house-sitting, carpentry, electrical, garden, yard work, painting, plumbing, car care, etc.) • Business Services(clerical, computer support, financial, legal, marketing, research, translation, etc.) • Information (medical, transport, services, education, community, vendors, service providers, etc.) • Community Contributions, Advocacy(Community clean-up, testifying at public hearings, holding rallies for responsive government, etc.)

  17. Examples and Benefits • Cake for Attorney • Community Service Donated to a School • Parenting Classes for Respite Care • Business Taxes for Website Development • Group of Teens Cleaning a Classroom for Open Gym Play

  18. Social Possibilities

  19. Join TimeBank Idaho! As a member of the TimeBank Idaho, you will have access to: • Orientation Potlucks • Community Weaver software • Networking opportunities with other members Developing a Local TimeBank • Start a Local Kitchen Cabinet • Five + people • Zip Code • Monthly Potluck

  20. A Final Word • TimeBanking connects unmet needs with untapped resources. • It does this through exchanges that are filled with generosity – thereby enriching and enlarging the spirit of our families, our neighborhoods, our associations, our churches, our communities, even our formal systems. • We hope you are inspired to learn more…

  21. Want To Know More? Find out more about TimeBanking at www.timebankidaho.org or www.timebanks.org 208-860-2140 timebankidaho@gmail.com Lacey Sinn TimeBank Idaho Coordinator For connections, materials, information