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Lebanon. By Max Taha International Students Club. Introduction. Lebanon is a small country located along the Eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Historically famous for its fragrant cedar trees and snow-capped mountains. Geography. Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea from West.

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By Max Taha

International Students Club


Lebanon is a small country located along the Eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea

Historically famous for its fragrant cedar trees and snow-capped mountains


Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea from West

Bordered by Syria from North and East

Bordered by Occupied Palestine from South

  • Lebanon has been the site of one of the earliest civilizations in the world.
  • The Phoenicians (Semites or Sidonians) settled in this region over 5,000 years ago.
  • They were the most renowned sailors, shipbuilders, and traders in the ancient world.
  • They exported the famous cedars and rich purple cloth, each yard dyed with the juice of over 20,000 shellfish.

A depiction of an ancient Phoenician ship

  • By 400 B.C., Lebanon established its famous modern cities of Tripoli and Beirut, which were at the time and still are important trading posts.
  • Lebanon was conquered by many civilizations such as the Egyptian, the Assyrian, and the Roman empires.
  • During A.D. times, Lebanon fell into the control of the Byzantines, various Arab peoples and the Ottomans.
  • This region invented the technique of blowing glass.

Temple of Jupiter built during Roman times

modern lebanon
Modern Lebanon
  • Lebanon became an -independent nation in 1943 after the crumble of the Ottoman empire during World War II.
  • Violent outbreaks between other nations and within the country have caused Lebanon to become a “war-zone.”
  • In 1975, the Lebanese Civil War began between Islamic and Christian groups, which persisted until 1992.
  • Wars took a heavy toll on the nation’s environment, economy, and its citizens.

The bombing of the American Embassy in 1981

the people of lebanon
The People of Lebanon
  • Most of the citizens are Arab-descended, with about 70% being Islamic and 30% Christian.
  • The remaining few are mostly Armenian refugees who fled their homeland during Balkan War in the 1980’s and 1990’s.
  • Lebanon is the most educated and literate nation in the Middle East. Over 95% of the people have had some form of education.

The People of Lebanon

  • People enjoy social gatherings at Turkish coffee stands interspersed through-out the country.
  • They enjoy skiing, hiking, fishing, boating, and other similar outdoor activities.
  • Great food is a necessity among them especially since Beirut and Tripoli are jam-packed with a variety of restaurants.



their way of life
“Their Way of Life”
  • Lebanese people take pride in individualism, which accounts for the immense creativity and inventiveness among the country’s people.
  • Closeness and loyalty to family and friends are cherished, along with honor and dignity.
  • Wealth is strived for as a sign of success and respect in the community.
  • Men and women freely mix together at school, work, and other public places.
  • Due to Lebanon’s cosmopolitan nature, one can see all types of people living in the cities.
quick facts
Quick Facts
  • Official Name: Republic of Lebanon
  • Population: 4,099,000
  • Land Area: 4,035 square miles
  • Capital: Beirut
  • Largest Cities: Beirut, Tripoli, Sayda, Zahle
  • Government Type: Republic
  • Currency: Lebanese Pound (1.51 LBP = 1.00 USD)
  • Official Languages: Arabic, French
  • Ethnic Groups: Arab (93%); Armenian (5%); Other (2%)
  • Religions: Islam (70%); Christian (30%)
  • Internet TLD: .lb