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“Dot and Bob”

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“Dot and Bob” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Dot and Bob”
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  1. “Dot and Bob”

  2. horribleSomething horrible is really bad and awful.

  3. horrible What kind of weather do you think is horrible? Why? Pretend you are having a horrible day. What might happen to make it a horrible day? What could happen to turn a horrible day into a wonderful day?

  4. invigorated If you are invigorated, you are full of energy.

  5. invigorated The delicious smells of breakfast invigorated the children. On a hot day, going swimming makes me feel invigorated. What invigorates you?

  6. presentedIf you presented something to a friend, you gave it to her or him.

  7. presented Tim presented his friend with a gift on his birthday. Name something you have presented to someone. How did the person feel?

  8. presented If you won a contest, would you be presented with a prize? Complete this sentence: I would like to be presented with a _______.

  9. aid If you aid someone, you help him or her.

  10. aid Dot and Bob wanted to aid Mom. When I needed help moving a big chair, I asked my friend to aid me. When might you need someone to aid you?

  11. aid Name some ways that you could aid a younger child. How do members of your family aid you?

  12. persistent If you are persistent, you keep trying and never give up.

  13. persistent Bob was persistent at both digging and kicking. I am persistent at learning about computers. What is something you are persistent about?

  14. persistent Do you think it is a good thing to be persistent when you want to learn something? Why or why not? Can you think of something that it might not be a good idea to be persistent about? Explain why you think that.

  15. sweltering If the temperature is sweltering, it is very hot and uncomfortable.

  16. sweltering It was very hot. It was sweltering. When it is sweltering, many people like to go swimming. What else could you do to cool off in sweltering heat?

  17. sweltering Pretend that the room is sweltering. What could you do to cool the room? What kind of clothing would you be wearing if you lived in a place that had sweltering temperatures?