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1 st Quarter PowerPoint Presentation
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1 st Quarter

1 st Quarter

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1 st Quarter

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  1. 1st Quarter • Transition from the Middle Ages • Black Death, Hundred Years War, Growth of Cities, The Crusades, Feudalism • Renaissance • Rebirth in Art and Learning • Important people and their impact on society. • Humanism and the belief that all people can achieve great things. • Scientific Revolution: new ideas and theories change the way people view the world.

  2. 1st Quarter Continued • Exploration • Motives for exploration • Impact the New World had upon the Old World • Important Explorers and their impact. • Reformation • Ideas develop that are in opposition of the Roman Catholic Church. • Power of the Roman Catholic Church weakens • Rapid Spread of Ideas allow for new religions to begin.

  3. 1st Qtr Vocabulary Monarchs Feudalism Renaissance Middle Class Economics Guilds Humanism Printing press Scientific method Heliocentric Reformation 1st Qtr Vocabulary Catholic Church Indulgences Pope Spanish Armada Mercantilism Protestants Puritan Conquistadors “New World” Columbian Exchange Treaty of Tordesillas Renaissance man 1st Qtr People Medici family William Shakespeare Leonardo Da Vinci Michelangelo Johann Guttenberg King Henry VIII Queen Elizabeth I Nicolas Copernicus Isaac Newton Galileo Galilei Martin Luther John Calvin Pope Leo X Christopher Columbus Queen Isabella I Bartolomeu Dias Vasco Da Gama Prince Henry the Navigator Ferdinand Magellan

  4. 2nd Quarter • Enlightenment • Types of Government: • Democracy, Monarchy, Republic, Autocracy, Dictatorship. • Revolutions • English Civil War, Glorious Revolution, American Revolution, French Revolution, Latin American Revolution.

  5. 2nd Qtr Vocabulary Constitutional monarchy Divine right monarchy Democracy Representatives Parliament Constitution Revolution Reign of terror French Revolution Glorious Revolution American Revolution Latin American Revolution Popular sovereignty Autocracy Enlightenment 2nd Qtr People King Louis XIV John Locke Jean Jacque Rousseau Thomas Hobbes Oliver Cromwell William and Mary George Washington Marie Antoinette King Louis XVI Maximilien de Robespierre Napoleon Bonaparte Jose de San Martin Simon Bolivar Joan of Arc King Charles I Niccolo Machiavelli Hernando Cortez Francisco Pizarro Baron de Montesquieu Toussaint L’ Overture

  6. 3rd Quarter • Industrialization • Agriculture Revolution, Industrial Revolution, Social Classes, Urbanization, Capitalism. • Imperialism • Nationalism, Racism, Colonialism, Competition, Raw Materials • World War I • Causes, Countries involved, Results • Russian Revolution

  7. 3rd Qtr Vocabulary Agricultural Revolution Crop rotation Enclosure Cottage Industry Factories (factory system) Textiles Industrial Revolution Assembly line Steam engine Interchangeable parts Raw Materials Capitalism Mercantilism Communism 3rd Qtr Vocabulary Imperialism Nationalism Suez Canal Spheres of Influence World War I Ottoman Empire Alliances Central powers Treaty of Versailles Russian Revolution “No-man’s-land” Trenches 3rd Qtr People James Watt Eli Whitney Karl Marx Queen Victoria Adam Smith Alexander Graham Bell Thomas Edison Woodrow Wilson Archduke Ferdinand Kaiser Wilhelm Czar Nicolas II Vladimir Lenin Mahatma Ghandi

  8. 4th Quarter • Inter-War Years • Great Depression, Rise of Fascism, Events leading up to World War II. • World War II • Important events, people, locations. • Holocaust, Atomic Bomb • Lasting Impact of the war. • Cold War • Space Race, Nuclear Weapons, Communism, Vietnam War, Korean War, Berlin Wall, Significant People • Middle East: Source of Tension

  9. 4th Qtr Vocabulary The Depression New Deal Democracy Fourteen Points Appeasement Isolationism Dictators Blitzkrieg Allies Axis powers 4th Qtr Vocabulary Genocide/Final solution Holocaust Theaters of conflict Atomic bomb-Manhattan Project Containment United Nations Cold War/arms race Israel/Palestine The Cuban Missile Crisis Space Race 4th Qtr People Adolph Hitler Benito Mussolini Joseph Stalin Franklin Roosevelt Winston Churchill Harry S. Truman Emperor Hirohito Dwight Eisenhower John F. Kennedy Ho Chi Minh Nikita Khrushchev Mao Zedong Ronald Reagan Mikhail Gorbachev