Sailing the wine dark sea
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Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea. Why the Greeks Matter (so much). The Greek World. Preface. The Apologia of Professor Lerch Kudos to Mr. Thomas Cahill Puzzle of fragments, not a coherent narrative Why are we only spending one day on the Greeks?

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Sailing the wine dark sea

Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea

Why the Greeks Matter (so much)


  • The Apologia of Professor Lerch

  • Kudos to Mr. Thomas Cahill

    • Puzzle of fragments, not a coherent narrative

  • Why are we only spending one day on the Greeks?

    • AP Program’s prejudice vs. Western historians (like Cahill and Professor Lerch)



The Way They Came

The way they came
The Way They Came

  • Hook: Demeter and Persephone

  • Indo-Europeans

  • Minoans

  • Bronze Age Greece

  • Significance: Mythology

Part i the warrior

Part I. The Warrior

How to Fight

How to fight
How to Fight

  • Hook: The Judgment of Paris

  • History: Trojan War and oral tradition

  • Homer’s Iliad

    • The Rage of Achilles

    • Helen on the wall

    • Hector and Andromache

    • Shield Passage

    • Death of Hector

  • Significance: Dual View of Warfare

    • Glory and Brutality

How to feel
How to Feel

  • Hook: Odysseus in the Underworld

  • History: Greek Alphabet

  • Homer’s Odyssey

    • In Phaecia

      • Naasica

      • Trojan War

    • Home

      • Argus

      • Telemachus

      • Penelope

  • Significance: Power of Fiction

Part iii the poet

Part III. The Poet

How to Party

How to party
How to Party

  • Hook: The Muses

  • History: Festivals

  • Sappho’s Poetry

    • Bridal song

    • Love Poetry

  • History: Symposia

  • (Sensored: X-rated poetry)

  • Significance: The Binge Lifestyle

How to rule
How to Rule

  • Hook: The Fall of the House of Atreus

  • History: Solon

  • Athenian Politics

    • Ecclesia; Ostracism; Agora

  • History: Drama

  • “Big 3”

    • Aeschylus: Oresteia

    • Sophocles: Oedipus

    • Euripides: Medea

  • Significance: Popular government and public opinion

How to think
How to Think

  • Hook: The Allegory of the Cave

  • History: Pre-Socratic Philosophy

  • Plato

    • Republic, Book 1

    • Symposium

  • Significance

    • Dialogue: “Two Words”

How to see
How to See

  • Hook: Daedalus and Icarus

  • History: Kouros

  • Greek Art

    • Discobulus

    • Laocoon and his sons

  • Significance: Idealism vs. Realism in art

Part vii the way they went

Part VII. The Way They Went

Greco-Roman Meets Judeo-Christian

How greek became christian
How Greek became Christian

  • Hook: Cupid and Psyche

  • Pericles’s Funeral Oration

  • History: Mystery Religions

    • Cult of Demeter at Eleusis

  • Significance: Christianity is a blend of the Jewish and Greek worldview

Coach lerch s final thoughts
Coach Lerch’s Final Thoughts

  • The impact of Greek culture and thought on the way we see the world should not be underestimated

  • However, the relationship between our civilization and theirs is more than a few similar institutions - it is a way of seeing life and the mediums used to make sense of it