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Benchmark DCA review

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Benchmark DCA review
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  1. Benchmark DCA review November 2013 Rules: Must listen to the ENTIRE question before pressing the bell. May only press the bell if you KNOW the answer. If you are uncertain, you may go back to your teams for support!

  2. The Revolutionary Era

  3. What would be the best title for the graphic depicted above? The Columbian Exchange

  4. What are the reasons for European exploration of the “New World”? Wealth & Power, Religion, Nationalism, and Renaissance spirit of curiosity

  5. Have as a result of being human

  6. Early European explorers who came to the “New World” were looking for a Northwest Passage in order to- Find a shorter water route to Asia

  7. In addition to new foods and animals, Europeans also brought ________ which wiped out 90% of the Native American population. Smallpox (disease)

  8. Place these events in sequential order:-Declaration of Independence-Boston Tea Party-French & Indian War-Magna Carta-Virginia House of Burgesses Magna Carta Virginia House of Burgesses French and Indian War Boston Tea Party Declaration of Independence

  9. What would be the best title for this timeline? Events leading to the American Revolution

  10. The need for agricultural labor in the tobacco fields of colonial Virginia led to- use of enslaved people from Africa

  11. Explain the reason each colonial settlement was founded (be specific!):-Maryland-Virginia-Massachusetts-Pennsylvania -Georgia Maryland: religious freedom for Catholics Virginia: seeking gold Massachusetts: religious haven for Pilgrims & Puritans Pennsylvania: religious freedom for Quakers Georgia: a place for debtors and convicts and to set up a buffer to Spanish Florida

  12. Established their own representative institutions

  13. Who is allowed to vote in the colonies? wealthy white men with property (and the appropriate religion of the area)

  14. Natural harbors provided access to markets

  15. Place the events/documents below in order:-Fundamental Orders of Connecticut-Mayflower Compact-Great Awakening-English Bill Of Rights Fundamental Orders of Connecticut Mayflower Compact English Bill of Rights Great Awakening

  16. Who is responsible for the development of Rhode Island and religious freedom and toleration for people there? Roger Williams (& Anne Hutchinson)

  17. Resented the limits it imposed on westward expansion

  18. Most early colonists built their settlements where? near bodies of water

  19. According to mercantilism the primary purpose of the 13 colonies was to provide Great Britain with- raw materials and market to sell finished products

  20. Delegates writing the Articles of Confederation

  21. Which city is correctly paired with the geographic feature that contributed to its growth?New Orleans-Great LakesNew York City-Atlantic OceanCharleston-Mississippi RiverBoston-Appalachian Mountains New York City-Atlantic Ocean

  22. Which statement is best supported by the map?A. The largest number of people live in VAB. Most colonies were located next to the Great LakesC. Most towns and villages developed in and around areas of settlementD. Areas of settlement tended to avoid nearness to bodies of water Most towns and villages developed in and around areas of settlement

  23. Give a definition of and historical example of “civil disobedience” Civil disobedience is a way of protesting unfair laws passed by governments. An example of this is the Boston Tea Party.

  24. What is the significance of 1607? Founding of Jamestown, Virginia the first successful English colony in the new world.

  25. How was the Virginia House of Burgesses important to the development of democracy in the 13 colonies? It was the first representative assembly in the colonies

  26. What is the significance of 1776? The Declaration of Independence was created on July 4, 1776 explaining the reasons America was revolting against Great Britain.

  27. It established a form of self-government based on a social contract.

  28. The Fundamental Orders of CT and Virginia House Of Burgesses are most closely associated with what idea? Self government

  29. George Washington

  30. Articles of Confederation

  31. During the 18th century, the triangular trade routes influenced the economy of New England by- -promoting the growth of trade with the West Indies

  32. How did the First Continental Congress increase the conflict between the American patriots and Britain?A It issued a declaration of war on Britain.B It affirmed a colonial right to own slaves.C It encouraged a colonial boycott of Britishgoods.D It supported the Coercive Acts It encouraged a colonial boycott of Britishgoods.

  33. Which battle sealed the victory in 1781 for the American colonies in the Revolutionary War? Battle of Yorktown

  34. “The word of God requires that to maintain the peace and union of people there should be an orderly and decent Government established according to God, to order and dispose of the affairs of the people at all seasons as occasion shall require; we do associate ourselves to be as one Public State or Commonwealth…It is Ordered that there shall be yearly two General Assemblies or Courts, the one .. in April, the other in September following; the first shall be called the Court of Election, [it] shall be yearly chosen from time to time. Magistrates and other public Officers as [needed]: Whereof one to be chosen Governor for the year.”This passage from the FOC was important to the concept of early democratic society because it represented- The movement towards self-government in the colonies.