personal genomics company diagnomics tm technology n.
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Personal Genomics Company ( Diagnomics TM Technology) PowerPoint Presentation
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Personal Genomics Company ( Diagnomics TM Technology)

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Personal Genomics Company ( Diagnomics TM Technology) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Personal Genomics Company ( Diagnomics TM Technology). Min Seob Lee Ph.D. President/CEO (San Diego, CA). Diagnomics , Inc. . Next Generation Healthcare from Personal Genomics. Mission. San Diego, California. Established 2011. Diagnomics Business Strategy (Next Generation Health Care).

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Personal Genomics Company ( Diagnomics TM Technology)

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personal genomics company diagnomics tm technology

Personal Genomics Company(DiagnomicsTMTechnology)

Min Seob Lee Ph.D.


(San Diego, CA)

diagnomics inc
Diagnomics, Inc.
  • Next Generation Healthcare from Personal Genomics


San Diego,


Established 2011

diagnomics inc1
Diagnomics, Inc.
  • Diagnomics, Inc. focuses on development of technology for personalized medicine (PM) based on personal genome to revolutionize the next generation healthcare.
  • Diagnomics applies modern genomics technologies to the development of products and services that translate a patient's personal genome into clinically actionable information.  
diagnomics inc management team
Diagnomics, Inc.Management Team

World Leaders in Genomics and Informatics for Personalized Medicines

next 100 billion technology
Next $100 Billion Technology?
  • A technology that will change mankind
  • (Dr. James Watson)
  • Google and PayPal’s founders are heavily invested in it.
  • Every major publication is talking about it.
  • Major companies are scrambling to be a
  • part of it
  • Forbes magazine calls it
  • “The next $100 billion technology market”

Personal Genomics

personalized medicine market trend dynamics
Personalized Medicine Market Trend & Dynamics

Next Generation Healthcare from Personal Genomics

  • US Healthcare Expenditure exceed $2.5 Trillion, over 17% of GDP
  • Urgent Need of Revolutionary Next Generation Healthcare System
  • Personalized Medicine (PM) market is estimated to be $520 Billion by 2015.
  • The core technology is primarily new diagnostics and targeted therapeutics and expected to grow $42 Billion in 2015.
  • Drug development by personal genomics.
  • Personal genomics market is growing CAGR of 97.4% for the next five years.
  • P4 Medicine : Personalized, Predictive, Preventive & Participatory
  • New technology and applications will lead the market
  • Source : PriceWaterhouse Coopers
personal genome analysis past present future
Personal Genome Analysis Past, Present & Future
  • 2003: HGP: 13 years, $2.7 billion
  • 2007: Craig Venter: 4 years, $100 million
  • 2008: James Watson: 2 years, $2 million
  • 2009: 6 months, $200,000
  • 2010: 1 month, $20,000
  • 2011: 2 weeks, $5,000
  • 2012 : 2 weeks, $3,000
  • 2015(?): <2 days, <$1,000



big data personal genome sequence data explosion
BIG DATA ; Personal Genome Sequence Data Explosion
  • 3 giga base of diploid Genome
  • Massive parallel short read of sequence by NGS
  • Average 30X of human genome sequencing (3GBX30=90GB)
  • 2-3 TB of Raw Data for Solexa, 10TB of Data for Solid Technology
  • Over 100 GB of processed data per individual genome
  • 6 billion bases per Person X 6 billion people in the world


wiki wikiiki wiki wki wiki wii wiki wik

Human Genomics


1GB / person200PB+ captured>200% CAGR



100% CAGR

Particle Physics

Large Hadron Collider


World Wide Web


Personal Digital Photos

(1000PB+)100% CAGR

Estimated On-line RAM in Google


Annual Email Traffic, no spam


Internet Archive


Merck BioResearch DB(1.5TB/qtr)

Typical Oil Company


2004 WalmartTransaction DB(500TB)

200 of London’s Traffic Cams


MIT BabytalkSpeech Experiment


Terashake Earthquake Model of LA Basin(1PB)

One Day of Instant Messaging in 2002(750GB)

UPMC HospitalsImaging Data


Total digital data to be created this year270,000PB (IDC)

Data-Intensive Computing Symposium : Phillip B Gibbons

diagnomics business roadmap
Diagnomics Business Roadmap

Personalized Medicine From Personal Genomics



DiagnomicsTM Technology



benefits of diagnomics tm technology

Pharmaceuticals & Biotech Companies


Benefits of DiagnomicsTM Technology

Healthcare Providers

Managed Care

Diagnostic Companies

Pharmacy Benefit Managers