My sabbatical adventure
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My Sabbatical Adventure. Allan Ackerman August 1, 2012-Dec 31, 2012. CSN is a vITA learning center. Two years ago Tom Lisa asked me if I would setup CSN to be a vITA center. I said yes but I would need to have one semester to study for the certification.

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My sabbatical adventure

My Sabbatical Adventure

Allan Ackerman

August 1, 2012-Dec 31, 2012

Csn is a vita learning center
CSN is a vITA learning center.

  • Two years ago Tom Lisa asked me if I would setup CSN to be a vITA center. I said yes but I would need to have one semester to study for the certification.

  • That goal was started last August in 2012.

What is vita
What is vITA

  • vITA stands for VMware Information Technology Academy.

  • The mission statement of the vITA program is

    • The VMware IT Academy Program is designed to introduce students to VMware technologies and equip them with VMware technical skills to compliment their chosen fields of study. VMware will provide selected academic institutions with course materials developed by VMware for this purpose. By instituting this program, VMware seeks to create a collaborative relationship with academic institutions whereby their students may obtain the VMware Certified Professional (VCP) status and other VMware certifications.

Csn also belongs to the vmap program
CSN also belongs to the VMap program.

  • The VMware Academic Program (VMap) is a comprehensive program designed specifically for the academic community. A nominal annual subscription fee of $250 enables qualifying academic users at VMAP member organizations worldwide to gain easy access to cutting-edge virtualization technology and resources.

  • All CSN CIT students can receive a free copy of VMware Workstation for Windows, Linux, or Mac with a two year license. (This is close to a $500 value if you purchased the product for all three OS’s.) Yes, the students can download and use all three versions.

The three most important events in my career
The three most important events in my career

  • Getting my first 3 Microcomputers Northstar –z80 a C/PM machine, Commadore 8032, and Apple II 1978 & 1979.

  • The Internet

  • Getting involved with VMware Workstation in 2003

What is vmware vsphere
What is VMware VSphere

  • VMware virtualization simulates a hardware platform - CPU, RAM, storage devices, & network resources by software. You run real OS’s like Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X on these virtual platforms and the OS does not even know the hardware is virtual – it thinks it is real.

Why is this important
Why is this important

  • Suppose you have a 2 processor Xeon each with 6 cores with hyperthreading. That means you have 24 logical CPUs. You set it up to be a exchange server. You look at your performance rating and you are never over 5%. What does that mean - with virtualization this machine could easily run 10 more servers. This is a huge savings not having 10 physical servers but just one.

Why is this important1
Why is this important

  • Your power bill only reflects running one run server 24/7 not ten. This is another huge savings.

  • A disk with millions of files is now just one vmdk file and backup and restore becomes so much easier.

  • Many applications that need multiple servers to operate will actually run faster in a virtual environment.

Why is this important2
Why is this important

  • Ten servers will generate a lot of heat, now we are running only one – you AC bill just went down by one half.

  • We can move virtual machines and disks while they are running to another physical server. 24/7 computing with no down time has become a real reality.

  • For me, as a network tech, this technology has changed my life. It used to take me a month or so to order, install, configure a server. With VSphere in place I can provision a fully configured machine in minutes not days.

What is vsphere
What is VSphere

  • VSphere is a suite of virtualization products for the datacenter.

    • ESXi is the type one hypervisor

    • vCenter server - This is the management tool

    • vSphere client - allows you to connect the vCenter server from windows and also to the ESXi host.

    • vSphere web client - allows you to connect to the vCenter server from any web browser so this is our management tool for Linux and Mac.

    • VMFS – is a file system to manage a few but very large files with multiple connections.

What is vsphere1
What is VSphere

  • vMotion and Storage vmotion - allow you to move running machines from one ESXi host to another.

  • vMware High Availability – if an ESXi host crashes all the running machines will start up on another ESXi host in a matter of minutes automatically.

  • DRS – automatic load balancing between ESXi hosts

  • VMware FT – allows you to create a two way cluster of a VM. You can have up to four FT VMs per host.

  • Host profiles – allows you to create a template for an ESXi host. This will make configuring new ESXi host easy and will only take minutes instead of hours.

What is vsphere2
What is VSphere

  • Setting up and managing your virtual switches is just like managing a real switch – can take hours to setup.

  • There is a new switch that is available in VMware Enterprise Plus called a virtual distributed switch. Once setup you can link it up to 500 hosts in vSphere 5.1.

Why is this certification important to csn networking students
Why is this certification important to CSN networking students?

  • Right now in 2013 over 51% of x86 servers are now virtualized. So this is what the students will see out in the real world over half the time.

  • VMware's goal is to get over 90% of the world’s servers virtualized. (Microsoft is now also in the virtualization game with their product called Hyper-V.)

Why is this certification important to csn networking students2
Why is this certification important to CSN networking students?

This is the certification that we will be teaching at CSN. VMware has several more certification after this one that will put a network engineer in the six figure pay bracket.

Our csn vcp 510 course status
Our CSN VCP 510 course status. students?

  • This summer we have installed three Dell 710 servers with 192GB of RAM and with several TB of hard drive storage.

  • We have installed our VMWareNetLab courseware and pods.

  • I went through all the vSphere labs for the 510 course.

  • We have a CIT 198 course going online for the Spring or 2014. When the students are taking the course they will receive their own lab of 5 virtual servers. They will do 21 plus labs by the end of the course. If they were to use real physical servers and a storage SAN this would be 10s of thousands of dollars worth of real equipment. We will be bringing to our CSN students a way to get this certification for only a few hundred dollars.

What to see an amazing magic trick
What to see an amazing magic trick students?

  • Stop by my classroom cy2725 this semester.

  • I will create for you a fully configured, working Windows 7 enterprise machine, fully configured with office 2007, MS security essentials in less than 3 minutes, with every update installed – that would take a normal person 5-6 hours. That my friends has changed my life and if you are a network tech it will change your life too.