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Sentence Variety I. Sentence Skills: A Workbook for Writers, Form A John Langan. Sentence Variety.

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Sentence variety i

Sentence Variety I

Sentence Skills: A Workbook for Writers, Form A

John Langan

Sentence variety
Sentence Variety

There are, in fact, four different kinds of sentences. A good writer will vary the kinds of sentences he or she uses in an essay. This prevents their writing from seeming boring and redundant, and it keeps the reader interested. Hence, it is important to learn the four types of sentences, and to understand how to use them.

Simple sentence
Simple Sentence

  • A simple sentence has a single subject-verb combination.

    For example:


    The dogate my homework.

  • A simple sentence can have more than one subject, more than one verb, or several subjects and verbs.

Compound sentence
Compound Sentence

  • A compound sentence is made up of two or more simple sentences. Usually, the two complete statements are connected by a commaand a joining word.

    For example:

    The dogate my homework, so Iam in trouble.

    Jo-Jowas in Tuscon, and Loretta wasin San Diego.

Complex sentence
Complex Sentence

  • A complex sentence is made of a complete simple sentence and a statement that begins with a dependent word (such as:although, before, that, which.)

    For example:

    The dogate my homework, although I told him not to.

    Jo-Jowas in Tuscon, which is very strange.

Compound complex sentence
Compound-Complex Sentence

  • A compound-complex sentence is made up of two (or more) simple sentences and at least one dependent statement.

    For example:

    Before my dog arrived, I always handed in my homework, and I always got perfect grades.

    Unless you come over here, Jo-Jo will go back to Tuscon, and Loretta will start to cry.