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Egyptian Gods & Goddess. Ra / Re / Amen-Ra. King of the Gods Sun god Falcon head with a sun on top. Sometimes seen as the creator of men (Egyptians called themselves "the cattle of Ra”)

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Ra re amen ra
Ra / Re / Amen-Ra

  • King of the Gods

  • Sun god

  • Falcon head with a sun on top.

  • Sometimes seen as the creator of men (Egyptians called themselves "the cattle of Ra”)

  • Since heaven and the underworld have water, Ra uses a boat (Madjet (“strong”) while rising and Semektet ("becoming weak") when setting. He often has help from other gods to successfully navigate his boat.

  • He constantly had to fight monsters (Sebau, Nak, and Apep)

  • The phoenix is one of his symbols


  • God of the earth and vegetation

  • Symbolized the yearly drought and flooding of the Nile.

  • Gave Egypt civilization.

  • Married his sister, Isis

  • Osiris rules Egypt and he leaves Isis in charge when he is gone

  • Set and 72 conspirators kill him by chopping him up into pieces

  • Isis found almost all the pieces and put him back together (making the missing part out of clay)

  • King of the afterlife

  • Usually shown as a bearded, mummified human with green skin and wearing the atef crown. His hands come out from the mummy wrappings and hold the flail and crook.


  • Falcon headed

  • The Pharaoh was supposed to be his earthly embodiment.

  • Son of Osiris (after his resurrection)

  • Set is always trying to hurt him

  • In art, he is often shown standing on crocodiles

  • His sons are born from Isis. Each take care of the organs during the mummification process

    • Duamutef (stomach)

    • Imsety (liver)

    • Hapi (lungs)

    • Qebehsenuef (intestines)


  • Wife of Seth

  • Seduced her brother Osiris (possibly getting him drunk or by looking like Isis) to get pregnant with Anubis


  • Isis was the sister/wife of Osiris

  • Shown as a a woman wearing a vulture head-dress and the solar disk between a pair of horns

  • May be one of the judges of the dead

  • Has great magical powers

  • Created the cobra and uses the cobra bite to make Ra reveal to her his secret name

  • The purest example of the loving wife and mother


  • God of evil, the desert, storms, and chaos

  • A devil figure

  • Antelopes are sacred to him

  • Hates Osiris (jealous)

  • Kills Osiris and becomes king before he is killed by Horus

  • Part pig and part donkey


  • Usually depicted as a cow or as a beautiful woman wearing a horned headdress

  • She is both wife/ daughter of Ra

  • Also married Horus

  • She offers food and drink to the dead

  • Women aspire to be her


  • Son of Nephthys and either Set or Ra – adopted servant of Isis

  • Head of a jackal

  • Guides the dead to the underworld and weighs their heart (bad deeds make your heart weigh more)

  • Works with Osiris in the underworld

  • Mummification god


  • “Eater of the Dead”

  • She stands by the scales of the hearts and eats the hearts of the wicked (a final death)

  • Head of a crocodile, body of a leopard, hind legs of a hippo (apparently wicked hearts are fattening – who knew?)


  • The actual disk of the sun

  • His hands are the sun’s rays

  • May be the creator of men


  • The Sky

  • brother Geb (the earth)

  • Father Shu – (air)


  • Moon god

  • Head of an ibis

  • Scribe (records the weight of the hearts in the underworld)

  • Invented writing

  • From the Book of the Dead:“Hear the word of the very truth. I have judged the heart of the deceased, and his soul stands witness for him. His deeds are righteous in the great balance and no sin has been found in him.”


  • Cat-headed

  • Goddess of love and childbirth

  • Cats are sacred (many catswere mummified in her honor


  • Popular, household god

  • Dwarf

  • Frightens evil spirits away

  • Hangs out with Taweret, a goddess of childbirth (she is scary looking)

  • Roman soldiers wore amulets with his likeness for protection


  • God of the Nile floods

  • Keeps the land and river fertile

  • He has long hair and a protruding stomach and also a beard and is blue

  • In some areas, he was worshipped over Ra


  • A mother goddess

  • Invented childbirth

  • Created gods, humans, and animals

  • Warrior goddess

  • Once she spit into the Nile and this spit turned into Apep, a serpent who lives in the underworld and tries to eat Ra each night


  • Lion headed

  • Wife of Ptah (an early creator god)

  • Breathes fire against her enemies

  • Delivers punishment to the gods