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Translation Exercise III – Global News PowerPoint Presentation
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Translation Exercise III – Global News

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Translation Exercise III – Global News - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Translation Exercise III – Global News. (1) Translation from English to Chinese Oil spill spells catastrophe for Russian coast

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Translation Exercise III – Global News

(1) Translation from English to Chinese

Oil spill spells catastrophe for Russian coast

KAVKAZ PORT, Nov. 13, 2007- Long stretches of Russia’s Black Sea coast face an ecological catastrophe, local authorities said on Nov. 12, after a fierce storm broke up a tanker, disgorging hundreds of tons of oil on to the shore.

Three seamen drowned. A search was under way for five others missing, though hopes of finding them alive were dwindling. Russian President Vladimir Putin sent Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov to the scene to oversee the clean-up. Spilled fuel oil coated birds in a thick black sludge along a vast expanse of coastline in the northern mouth of the Black Sea, near Russia’s border with Ukraine.

“The damage is so huge it can hardly be evaluated. It can be compared to an ecological catastrophe,” Interfax news agency quoted Alexander Tkachyov, governor of Russia’s Black Sea region of Krasnodar, as saying. “Thirty thousand birds have died, and it’s just impossible to count the loss of fish,” he told regional officials.

The storm on Nov. 11 sank the tanker and at least four freighters while crippling other vessels in the narrow Kerch Strait between the Black Sea and Azov Sea.








(2) Translation – from Chinese to English









地震 earthquake 震央 epicenter

聖地牙哥 Santiago 安地斯山脈 the Andes

拉巴斯 La Paz

卡拉馬與阿里卡市 Calama and Arica

瓜地馬拉 Guatemala 薩爾瓦多 El Salvador

秘魯 Peru


Powerful earthquake kills 2 in Chile

SANTIAGO, Nov. 16-A major 7.7-magnitude earthquake rocked arid northern Chile on Nov. 14, killing at least two people, injuring more than 100 and leaving thousands homeless.

The epicenter of the quake was located 1,260 kilometers north of the Chilean capital Santiago. It was felt as far away as Bolivia’s capital, La Paz, high in the Andes to the northeast.

Damage was also reported in the northern cities of Calama and Arica, which lost electrical power. Copper mines in the area were also shut down for a few hours from lack of power. Chile is the world’s biggest copper producer, providing more than a third of annual supplies of the red metal.

On the same day, a 5.3-magnitude earthquake rocked Guatemala and neighboring El Salvador, with no reports of casualties. The Central American temblor was not related to the one in Chile, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

In August, southern Peru-Chile’s northern neighbor-was struck by a massive 8.0-magnitude earthquake that left 600 people dead and 300,000 homeless.