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Info session. Executive cabinet. Peggy ip , President Glenn siman , vp of project management Amy teshima , vp of public relations Nayelli Mondragon, vp of community affairs Jeff ng , vp of finance Alex ty , vp of information management Sarin parikh , cabinet secretary .

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Info session

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    1. Infosession

    2. Executive cabinet Peggy ip, President Glenn siman, vp of project management Amy teshima, vp of public relations Nayelli Mondragon, vp of community affairs Jeff ng, vp of finance Alex ty, vp of information management Sarinparikh, cabinet secretary “If you want to fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

    3. Board of project directors • Oliver zhang, director of resource management • Ben pollay, director of solar projects • Rob kepner, director of water & Energy • Tim suemnicht, director of tiny house

    4. Professional Opportunities • Network • CleanTECH San Diego • San Diego Renewable Energy Society (SDRES) • Job Fair • Learn • Professional workshops


    6. Project Kickoff • All members are invited! • Make new friends and team up in friendly ice breakers and a competition • Winning team will receive a prize • Get to know your Director • PC West Eleanor Roosevelt Room • 11/6 6:30-8:00pm

    7. Membership, Polo, Tanks • Membership Options • Full Year ($10) • Quarterly ($5) • Due week 5 of Fall quarter • Polos ($13) and tanks [new!] ($???) are batch ordered in order to minimize price • All available for order on the website: ESW.UCSD.EDU

    8. Projects – The Board of Directors

    9. Resource Management Group • Currently working on: -- Composting Bin Project in Preuss School (led by Jennifer Shih)-- Bottle Bench Project in Preuss School (led by Michelle Tang)-- Self-sustaining Ecosystem Project (led by Renee Chuang) Contact: Oliver Zhang (Group Director)

    10. Self-Sustaining Ecosystem (Aquadesign) • Mission—We wish to install aquatic systems that are 90% sustainable around campus as living artworks. Our ecosystem installations will demonstrate how sustainability applies to all aspects of life. • Sustainability—Once our self-sustaining system is set up, no chemicals need to be added, no filtration system is needed to clean the water, no carbon dioxide is needed, and food is not needed, solar energy will be used to heat and light the system. Contact: Renee Chuang (Project Leader) Oliver Zhang (Group Director)

    11. Plastic Imprints • Mission—Founded by EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency), this project aims to evaluate plastic material usage on campus. We will trace plastic materials from their source to their end and propose feasible innovations and improvements to reduce plastic use on campus. A comprehensive report will be filed to EPA in the end and will get published. Contact: Oliver Zhang (Group Director)

    12. Waste to Energy • Our mission is to design, construct, and test a small scale anaerobic digester that is able to effectively convert organic waste into methane gas. Contact: Nida Moeen

    13. Tiny House: Structural Team • Purchase and refurbish existing trailer • “Smart” Interior Design • Structural Analysis and Retrofitting • Recyclable Materials: Life Cycle Analysis • SE’s, MAEs, Enviro, etc. Contact: Mark Chercoe

    14. Tiny House: Energy Team • Energy sources of Tiny House • Solar tracking system (electrical) • Solar mounting system (mechanical) • Wind turbine (mech/elect) • Exercise bike (mech/elect) Contact: Natalie Culhan e

    15. Battery Bank • This project involves taking old Toyota Prius batteries and converting them as a battery bank to hold charge from a solar source. Contact: Rob Kepner

    16. Green Playground • Using exercise and fun to produce energy for local schools. • Merry-go-round, see-saw, zip-line, etc.! Contact: Rob Kepner

    17. Marketing Committee • Help plan and advertise events • Sustainable Outreach Day • Professional workshops • Job Fair • Merchandise • Stay updated with projects