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Online exhibition platform

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Online exhibition platform
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Online exhibition platform

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  1. EPRO Online Exhibition Mar 2015 edition FirstonlineexhibitiononTelecomFrom8thApr,2015to18thApr,2015 Highlights: Editor’sColumn CompaniesProfiles Articles&ProductsExhibitionTheme AProductofEproexpo

  2. Eprowatch Mar, 2015 Issue Editor’s Columns: Team Enigma has been making big strides into the telecom industry. Having successfully initiated and organized the online exhibition of telecom products, is now making inroads into the e-magazine world and the first issue of EPROWATCH is before you. EPROWATCH is the magazine that allows you to peek through insides of different companies within same Industry as well asacross other industry. Profile: EPROWATCH, the online magazine goes well with EPROEXPO, the exhibition platform that allows user to understand the company profile , technology trend , products and services and also where an advertiser gets an opportunity to advertise the products and services. We at EPROWATCH believe in right of information and provide spaces for everyone, be it those who have always been part of offline exhibitions or those who couldn't add value to such exhibition because of the high-end cost associated with such exhibitions. Mr. Ashok Koul, holds a degree in engineering and has vast work experience spanning more than thirty years across different geographies and industries. He has held key posts in some of the leading companies including HCL. EPROWATCH has inherited the belief that Green is the buzzword and as such is a firm believer of Green revolution….be it a magazine or an online exhibition platform. We believe in paperless, quick and extensive information decimation. Ashok has in-depth knowledge of management processes and has been a visiting faculty at Institute of Management Studies , Dehradun and IIT Chennai. Time to time you will enjoy updates on our exhibition platform and would love to see and gain from such product and services as would be advertised therein. While appreciations for our endeavor are welcome, we are open to comments, suggestions, feedback and would appreciate your words. You may directly write us at In his spare time he takes up social causes and works towards betterment of underprivileged by providing them free education and support. We welcomeAshok onboard EPROWATCH. Lastly, we thank all the people and associates who have been a constant source of encouragement and without whose support and patronage it would have not been possible to reach to this level. We shall continue to look forward to their support and patronage in future as well. Thanks all readers.

  3. Eprowatch Mar, 2015 Issue Indian School of Entrepreneurship & Enterprise development IndianSchoolofEntrepreneurship&Enterprisedevelopment(iSEED),firstandoneofitskind,is committed to revolutionizing the emergence of entrepreneurs in India. Equipped with a timeless educational philosophy underscoring innovative pedagogy, an interdisciplinary curriculum and proprietarydynamiccontentsdevelopedcollaborativelybyvisionaryacademiciansandentrepreneurs fromacrosstheglobe,iSEEDaspirestoprovideacomprehensivelearningandpracticeenvironmentfor buddingentrepreneursandstartups. Withthemissiontodeliveranovelkindofeducationtoentrepreneursthatiscruciallyneededtobreed innovativeventures,iSEEDiscommittedtoincreasethesuccessrateofnewentrepreneurialideas, enablethemtogrowandbecomesustainableenterprises,andprovidelearningopportunitiesthatwould helpentrepreneursavoidunnecessaryreasonswhynewventurescommonlyfail. iSEED programs are designed and positioned to benefit entrepreneurs at various stages of their entrepreneurial journey. Shaped by thought leaders (GyanaYogis) and doers (KarmaYogis) who believethatonlyappliedknowledgeresponsivetotheneedsofmarketsandsocietiescouldbecomethe wisdomusefulinaddressingthechallengesfacedbyentrepreneurs,theprogramsatiSEEDembodya systematic and reflective process of problem solving to generate appropriate solutions for entrepreneurs. ThevisionofiSEEDistometiculouslycreateaconduciveinstitutionalenvironmentthatwillnurture youthfulentrepreneurstofreelyconceivenewageideas,attractalikemindstoformalignedteamsand synergize the strengths and complementary capabilities within the team, and turn their ideas into tenablebusinesspropositionsthatwouldgrowtobecomelarge-impactenterprises.Aboveall,the IndianSchoolofEntrepreneurs(iSEED)realisesthatthevalidityandpurposeofitsexistenceliessolely onemergenceofsuccessfulnewenterprisesinIndia. WeatiSEEDaredelightedtosupporteproexpo. Theonlineexhibitionconceptisafreshnewway of addressing the concerns of a variety of Industries and we would like to congratulate eproexpoasapioneerinthisfield.

  4. Eprowatch Mar, 2015 Issue Adsat Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Authourized Service Center for Communication & Power Industries Established in 2005 with a motto to serve the Indian region for CPI equipments and Broadcast/SatcomInd. Have factory trained personnel and are regularly being refreshed at the factories of CPI in USA/ Canada. Registered contractor/vendor/partner with HUGHES,AIRTEL, HCLComnet,TATAPOWER,TataSky, ABB etc. Expertise Well connected to the SATCOM / Broadcast Industry and providing consultancy services, installing and maintaining full earth stations for Voice, Data and Video applications for 24x7 needs. Experience Have installed and maintained many earth stations and VSATs across India and other Satcomapplications at neighboring countries e.g. Kingdom of SaudiArabia,Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh etc. Installation of VSATwith antennae from 4.5mts to 0.6cms in C and Ku band for variety of technologies like Viasat, STM, Gilatetc. CompanyName:AdsatEngineersPvt.Ltd.Industry : Communication&PowerIndustriesDirector:Mr. AmiteshRahul Email:adsat@adsat.inWebsite:www.adsat.inPhone:9810869452

  5. Eprowatch Mar, 2015 Issue Company Name: Perfect Vision Industry :Manufacturing MD & CEO: Mr. Nalin Jain Email: nalin.jain@perfect-vision.comWebsite: www.perfect-vision.comPhone:+91 120 4273569 Perfect Vision About the Company Our mission at PerfectVision is to be the world’s premier manufacturer and distributor of superior quality, leading-edgeproductsforthetelecommunicationsindustry.Ourproductsaredesignedandmanufactured withthefinestofmaterialsandunderthestrictestofoperatingstandards.Wemaximizeourstateoftheart manufacturingfacilitiesandcapitalizeonourstrategicglobalsupplychainnetwork. Foundedin1979byTerryFleming,PerfectVisionManufacturing®hadagoaltoprovidehighqualitysatellite antennasatcompetitiveprices.Usinginnovativeengineeringandacustomer-focusedbusinessapproach, PerfectVisionManufacturinghasbecomea$400Millionperyear,multinationalmanufacturerofcoaxcable, connectors,meters,accessories,andotherleading-edgeproductsforthetelecommunicationsindustry. Privately owned and headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, PerfectVision’s superior design processeshaveresultedinover25patents.Over30yearsourkeyimperativeshaveremainedthesame--to putthecustomerfirst,toprovidethehighestqualityproductsandtomakeourproductsalwaysavailableat themostcompetitiveprices. Products PerfectVisionwasfoundedand isoperateduponthecoretenets ofQuality,Value,Availabilityand Compatibility.Ourproductsare designed and manufactured withthehighestqualityproducts and standards. We deliver premium products at value prices, to keep your business running smoothly. We utilize best-in-class logistics to make ourproductsavailabletoyouas soon as possible. We have representatives world-wide to service our international partners.All ofour productsare designedandmanufacturedto work with any manufacturer's product, making them highly compatible with your existing infrastructure. Customer service is a priority at PerfectVision.Youarenotjusta customeratPerfectVision,you areabusinesspartner,andwe succeedwhenyousucceed. Tools Cable Connectors Video Distributions Mounts Meters Weather Installation Grounding Proofing Supplies Supplies

  6. Eprowatch Mar, 2015 Issue

  7. Epro - Watch Mar, 2015 Issue Eprowatch Mar, 2015 Issue Company Name:Aarvicom Infotech Industry :Broadcasting MD & CEO: Mr.Sachidanand Singh Website: Phone:3324100457, 9051961008 AarvicomInfotech About the Company AarvicomInfotechisacompleteend-to-endsolutionsproviderfortelevisionchannels,FMRadioStation &PrintMedia.Ithasprofessionalswithexpertiseinallrelevantareasofnewstelevisioncontent, broadcasttechnologyandstationmanagement.OurareasofexpertiseincludeDigitalNewsrooms ProductionIntegration,Multi-ChannelPlayoutanduplinkingintegration,HD&SDTapelessProduction Studiointegration,DigitalAssetManagementandAutomationSystemIntegration.Asaleadingmedia consultancyorganizationwithanextremelyexperiencedserviceteamatyourbehest,wearereadyto worktogetherwithyoutocreatesolutionstocateryourbusiness.Togetherwithourmediaexperience andcustomerunderstanding wehavefacilitatedmanyofourcustomersworldwidetorealizesuperior business performancethrough betteroperational efficiency andsuccessful launchesof channelsand relatedmediaservices. Aarvicomisasystemintegratorandnetworksolutionsprovider,specializingincostefficienttechnology solutionsencompassingawiderangeofapplicationsfortheTelecomandBroadcastIndustry. Ourhighlycompetent,dedicatedandprofessionalstaffisdeterminedtodeliverthebestproducts, systemsandservicestoourcustomers. Aarvicomoffersawiderangeofconcepttocompletionservicesprovided,inwholeorinpart,tosuit individualclientandbusinessneeds.Thesesolutionscanbetailoredtomeetthespecificrequirements ofbroadcasters,contentownersandcorporatecustomers.Wealwaysgiveimportancetooperations andmaintenanceofthesystemsandsolutions.Weensurethatallequipmentssuppliedcomplywiththe management norms that we have developed for providing comprehensive network management servicetoourcustomers. Modeo Live The concept is based on the use of multiple 3G/4G bonded networks or Wi-Fi connections which replace the complex and heavy DSNG and DENG infrastructures and the costly satellite contribution links. OnTheAir Video It can be used for automated playout using its own scheduler or it can serve as a clip store for live news operations, local broadcast or live shows. Schedules can be created weeks in advance. Storage Solution It can be used for automated playout using its own scheduler or it can serve as a clip store for live news operations, local broadcast or live shows. Schedules can be created weeks in advance.

  8. Eprowatch Mar, 2015 Issue Vision BegloballyadmiredICTinfrastructureintegrationcompany withCommittedteambringinggrowthtostakeholders. Enigma Telecom Private Limited WeatEnigmaTelecomPvt.ltdaresystemintegratorsinTelecomandBroadcastingsectors Our Services includeTechnology consultancy, Design and Implementation, Business proposal,Audit, NetworkManagementwithhighuptimeandSLA. WehavepartneredwithMajorOEMsandServiceproviderstoensureflawlessservices.OurRealmof expertiseistorenderandmanageproject. WehaveourpresenceallacrosstheIndiaandworldwidetofacilitateourclients. Satcom & Wireless Satcom for fixed and on the move network Wireless campus and hotspot Voice over wireless(CUG) Wireless security and survellience Gateway implementation Digital Headend Digital Head end Planning and budget estimation Regulatory clearances Product selection Receive only platform setup Content accumulation i.e interaction with broadcasters and aggregators System integration including Network switches, RX, Encoders, Mux,QAM's, EdgeQam's, CAS, SMS Network Optimization and Operational Management Network Expansion NetworkAudits FTTH Solution & Specialization FTTH Implementation Voice and Broadcasting Integration Movie on Demand / Game on Demand over FTTH FTTX Implementation Company Name: EnigmaTelecom Pvt. Ltd. Industry :Broadcasting MD & CEO:Mr.Avinash Handoo Email: Website: Phone:9911916600

  9. Eprowatch Mar, 2015 Issue • Satnet Media Techology • About the Company • Satnet MediaTechnologies is a company into in broadcast consultancy, Channel audit and solution design. • Product and Services Teleport services • Design, Integration and Customization of SatelliteTeleports • TechnologyAudit and technology Upgradation o Satellite BandwidthArrangement • Channel Distribution Services o Annual Maintenance Services • News gathering solutions • CBand/Ku Band Compact DSNG Van with single camera operation • C Band/Ku Band OB Van with Multiple Camera operations o Multiple Camera PCR Van for outdoor events • Satellite Bandwidth arrangement • Occasional use of DSNG/OB services o Annual maintenance services • 3G Backpack Newsgathering solutions o Point to Point IPconnectivity • TV channel solutions • Studio Design, Implementation and Studio lighting • PCR Design, Interiors and setup o MCR Design, Interiors and setup • PlayoutAutomation and Storage Servers o Ingest System • Newsroom setup andAutomation o Edit Suite design and setup • TechnologyAudit and Upgradation • Broadcast consultancy services • Channel carriage over worldwide satellite platforms • Channel distribution on MSO/LCO/DTH/HITS/IPTV/CDN platforms o Backhaul links over Satellite, IP, and Fiber • Link Budgeting and Licensing activities with Government bodies o Ad-Insertion and Content Monetization • Content management on cloud o • o o SatnetMedia Technology Library andArchival system Television Headend solutions Manpower provisioning Industry : BroadcastingSectorMD&CEO: Mr. ReetenPaulEmail: reetenpaul@satnet.inPhone:9717897969

  10. Eprowatch Mar, 2015 Issue D Anthwal Consultancy LLP About the Company DAnthwal Consultancy LLPaims to extend all the regulatory support to its clients to attain their business objective through comprehensive regulatory opinions , securing approvals , compliance monitoring and audit protections. We take greatest satisfaction from our clients who continue to entrust us with their most pressing matters. We help our client to set up business in India in compliance with the various regulatory norms, providing whole range of information to support business decision .Vetting of business solutions ,Regulatory compliance of National and International locations, secure approvals / licenses to ensure that all the regulatory needs of our clients are fulfilled in a very efficient manner under one roof. CompanyName:DAnthwalConsultancyLLP Industry:TelecomConsultancy Product & Services MD&CEO:Mr.DeveshChandra Licensing bothTelecommunication and Media DOTandTRAI compliances Product evaluations and advisory Audit Protections Compliance monitoring Interconnection agreements Setting up of point of interconnections OSPregistration and Monitoring Lawful interceptions and implementations Regulatory updates and solutions Phone:9717897969 Solution to satellite based services ie DTH ( Direct to home ), teleport and VSATservices. TV channel registrations and uplinking/downlinking permissions Advisory on spectrum management and WPC related matters Regulatory support for cable landing stations and environment impact analysis Global solutions for launchingTelecommunication services

  11. Eprowatch Mar, 2015 Issue Airnat IT Solutions Vision OurvisionistoexpandourbusinessPANIndiabybeingthelargestandmostprofitableITEnterpriseby providingthebestcustomerexperiencetoachievebothshortandlongtargetefficientlyantobeingthe best in terms of consumer value customer service through all of our products, services and relationships. Company Profile Airnatrenderourexpertiseservicestoouresteemedclientwith'A'ClassISPlicenseandisanadvance serviceproviderorganizationthatrequiresextremelyreliableandsecureinternetconnectivity,Wireless, Videoconferencing,VoIP,SecuritySurveillances,NetworkVPN,Mobileapplication,Mailserver,Web/ Softwaredevelopment,Domainhostingand Webhostingtoourpreciousclients.Customerisourfirst prioritysothatweusebestqualityofservicesforthem. Airnatcaptivateclientsbytheircostefficiencyandextraordinaryservices.Since2007,Airnatendow commercialinternetservicesaswellashomeusersandsmalltoesteemednumberofLargeenterprise. Also,wedeliverourservicesintoWeb/softwaredesigninganddevelopment,mailservers,business applicationandmobileapplications.Wedesignanddevelopalltypeofweb/softwareapplicationfor Medical, Educational, Commercial, and even for small scale industries. Airnat also serve large enterprise, providing a direct connection from the company's networks to the Internet and also implementingthebusinessapplicationtothemwhichhelpsthemtohandleandmanagetheirwhole enterprise. Airnatpresumescustomersrequirement&captureresponsibilitiestoworkatallourcalibertoofferour clientstheinternet&communicationprosperityintheglobalizationera.Today's,Airnathave25+basisin hisownhometowncityi.e.Faridabadfromwhereitoriginates. Everyoneneedstechnologythatdeliverspossibilitieswithnolimits.Ourtechnicalhierarchyisdesigned insuchawaythatitprovidesuniquesolutionsfromsmalltolargeenterpriseswithrobust,reliable connectivitywithextraordinaryefficiency Broadband Service Internet Leased line Wireless Services Hardware & Networking Networking Management Website Designing Search Engine Optimization Security Surveillance Airnat ITSolution Email: Phone: 0129 4102701 Mobile: 9873182701

  12. Eprowatch Mar, 2015 Issue Shree Business Solution Pvt LTD Company Profile We are authorized channel partner ofAirtel , Reliance andAircel and provide services on Pan India Basis. We offer the best services at lowest industry prices Products and Services MPLS- VPN & Managed services PRI and Centrex solution Internet Leased Line, National Long Distance, International long distance services. Data center Solutions and cloud solutions Toll Free services, Video andAudio Conference Director: Mr.Amit K. Jain Email: jain_amitk@sbspl.comMobile:9654405032 Website:

  13. Eprowatch Mar, 2015 Issue Eproexpo :TELECOM From 8Apr, 2015 to 18Apr, 2015 ExhibitionandTradefairshadbeenthebestwaytoallowexhibitorsshowcasetheirproductandservices. Theapproachisnecessaryasitallowsonetoattractcustomers,partnersandbuildbrandwithintheareaof vicinity. ThisplatformdoesensureexhibitortoattractvisitorsandcustomersbutduetohugecosttowardsSpace, Halldesign,Brochuresandcatalogue,Manpowerandoverheads,sometimeitishardtomanagethese costsforlowandmid-sizeenterprises.Thustheinvolvementshiftsmoretowardsthe15%organizationand theremainingareleftbehind. Thelatesttrendinofflineexhibitionsshowsthatthereisasteepfallinexhibitorsandvisitorspertainingtothe factofhighcostexpo,explorationofbusinessandshowcasinglatesttechnology. Eproexpoisaconceptthatallowsexhibitorsfromsmalltomid-sizeenterpriseminimizetheircostand overheadstowardsexhibitionwhileshowcaseacrossglobe.Whatusedtobeadreamforseveralexhibitors hascometrueastheycansharetheirproducts/services,opportunitiesintermsofpartners,interactwith customers,opportunitytowardsjobs,statsoffootfall,trafficintensitytotheirwebsiteanddatabaseof interestedparties. The whole concept of eproexpo revolves to the fact to add more value towards exhibition and allow exhibitorsbenefitofexhibitionatlowcost. Features: LargerdatabasetargetedacrossGlobe Minimizetheoverheadforcompanytowardsexhibition Lowcostforparticipation GoGreenConcept NocosttowardsContentforHalldesignasitwillbedevelopedbyEproteam Trafficdensitytocustomerwebsite NoTimeBound(24*7Availability) Weprovidedesignedfliersforcompaniestoallowexhibitorsharedetailsof exhibitiontoitsvaluedcustomer. Companiesgetstatsofvisitorswitchintheirhall Companiescangetdatabaseofcustomersinterestedintheirproduct/services Companiescangetinterestedpartieskeentoworkaschannelpartners Careeropportunitiescanbedisplayedandcandidatecanapproach Responsivecontactbycustomer. ContentManagementfacilityavailable. Advertiseusingpodcast/webcast E-Magazinefortargetedaudience. Up comming Exhibitions Medical Industry Travel and Tourism Solar & LED

  14. EPRO OnlineExhibition FirstonlineexhibitiononTelecomFrom8thApr, 2015to18thApr, 2015 Amonthly watch over Online exhibition on AProductofEproexpo