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Meet the Market Event

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Meet the Market Event - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Meet the Market Event
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  1. Meet the Market Event Sexual Health Services Kent County Council 18/09/2013

  2. Agenda • Introductions • Meradin Peachey – Director of Public Health • Overview of Service Outcomes • Procurement Process • Use of the Kent Business Portal • Evaluation Methodology • Consortia Bidding • Questions • Provider Networking

  3. Introduction from Meradin Peachey • Director of Public Health – Kent County Council

  4. Overview of Service Outcomes Wendy Jeffreys – Head of Sexual Health Commissioning

  5. KCC are looking for providers with.. • Expertise to provide service(s) which will improve the sexual health of the population in Kent; • Flexibility to deliver services based on need; • Intelligence systems to give commissioners clear activity level information and robust data.

  6. Overview of Service Outcomes • Earlier diagnosis of HIV with a reduction in the late diagnosis of HIV; • Improved awareness and diagnosis of STI’s with an increase in chlamydia screening and positivity rates; • Reduction in unwanted pregnancies with increase in the accessibility of EHC, condoms etc; • Reduction in health inequalities with improved access to and information of services.

  7. Overview of service standards • Performance measured through patient satisfaction; • Quality and safety measured through performance indicators; • ‘You’re Welcome’ compliant; • Workforce development; • Compliant with UK National Guidelines.

  8. Integrated service model • ‘Integrated’ across sexual health and with other services; • Hub, super spoke and spoke model with; substantial, flexible (clinic in a box) outreach; • A single integral website for all sexual health services in Kent.

  9. What can you do? • GUM or GUM and contraception; • Community sexual health services; • Services for young people; • Extension of a condom programme; • Emergency hormonal contraception service; • Coordination of the chlamydia screening programme; • Workforce development.

  10. Overview of Procurement Process

  11. Procurement Timetable * Dates are indicative and may be subject to change

  12. Tender Process • Tender documentation and questions will be placed on Pro-Contract (via the Kent Business Portal • Questions will include a mixture of pass/fail and assessed questions • Great care should be taken with all questions • Assessed question will require a written response - limited character field • List = Bullet points • Describe = Essay type answer • Criteria and question weightings will be clear within • Pro-Contract

  13. Tender Process • Supplier guidance will be provided on Pro-Contract, under each question • Clarification Questions will be accepted through the portal only • If you require any technical support using Pro-contract, please contact Due North via the contact details on the portal

  14. Evaluation Methodology • The process will consist of 2 stages; a Pre Qualification Stage and an Invitation to Tender (ITT) Stage • This is a restricted procedure; organisations/consortiums that do not satisfy the pre-qualification requirements will not be admitted to the ITT

  15. Evaluation Methodology Pre Qualification Questionnaire • Organisational and Financial Standing • Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities, Environment, Safeguarding and Quality policies and accreditations • Track record in delivering similar services and industry specific accreditations • Staff competencies, qualifications and CVs

  16. Evaluation Methodology Invitation to Tender • Approach to service delivery • Monitoring, reporting and auditing arrangements • Pricing schedule

  17. Consortia Bidding • KCC will welcome consortia bids for this contract • Consortiums will need to be declared in the PQQ stage • One organisation can participate in a maximum of three tenders whether individually or as a consortium

  18. Questions to the Panel

  19. Thank you for your attendance • Next Event – 22nd October 2013 • Sessions House – Maidstone • For more information and to register please contact; • Peter Sharpe, Procurement Officer, Kent County Council,

  20. Networking