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Vision & Strategi 2015

Vision & Strategi 2015. Sogeti SharePoint Center 21 januari 2011 . ”Det blir alltid som man tänker.” Olof Röhlander. Syfte. Syftet med dagen är att med utgångspunkt i prioriterade strategier och nuläge skapa samsyn, riktlinjer och aktivitetsplan för sälj- och leveransarbetet 2011 .

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Vision & Strategi 2015

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  1. Vision & Strategi 2015 Sogeti SharePoint Center 21 januari 2011

  2. ”Det blir alltid som man tänker.” Olof Röhlander

  3. Syfte Syftet med dagen är att med utgångspunkt i prioriterade strategier och nuläge skapa samsyn, riktlinjer och aktivitetsplan för sälj- och leveransarbetet 2011.

  4. Agenda 12.00-13.00 Bakgrund och affärsplan 13.10-14.30 2 SWOT-analyser per grupp 15.00-15.45 1 Gemensam mappningsövning MALIN HÄMTAR HUNDEN! 16.00-18.30 3 Framgångsfaktorövningar per grupp 18.30-21.00 Nästa steg

  5. Background

  6. Present state “What our Clients expect!” • Våra erfarenheter • +120SharePoint-consultants • +40trained at Ignite • +60SharePoint certifications • +150SharePoint-assignments • +40 SharePoint 2010-assignments • +110SharePoint-clients • Addedvalue • Best Practices: Throughour+20 on-going SharePoint 2010 project • Accelerators: Reusable solutions • Industralized Delivery Model: Microsoft Consulting Services Intellectual Property2010, Services Ready • Share VIP-experienceswithothers: SharePoint Round Table • Our Microsoft-expertise • Microsoft Global Partner Award of the Year 2010 • Services Ready Portals & Collaboration, 1 of 8 ww • Collaboration VIP Partner • Microsoft Gold Partner • Sogeti SharePoint Center • Winning SharePoint solutions .NET Awards ’08, ‘09

  7. Present state ”Whereweactuallystand!” B’s C’s Concentratedknowledge Onecomplete SharePoint centre Few top consultants geo dispersed Fewexperienceddelivery teams Lowproductivty Local sites composite teams No Common Way todeliver Autodidactconsultants Nothing is reusable Crappy solutions dueto IDLE-benchdeliveries Expensive implementations Unabletoscaleup Right Shoring • Positionedourselves as a leading SharePoint Consultancy • Wonmany major accounts • Sold morethanwecandeliver • 5 top consultants

  8. Vision 2015

  9. Vision 2015 • No 1 on ourlocal market (Sweden, Scandinavia, Europe, Global?) • It is status towork at Sogeti • Wefollow an industrializeddeliverymodel • Wearecapableof a deliveringcomplete solutions • Wecontributeto a continousprofitability and growth • Wehave the mostsatisfiedClients • Wecreatemoreadded business valuethanourcompetitors • The client calls us…

  10. No 1 in the World |Enablers • Samewayofwork • Easiertoenable Right Shoring • Easiertocreate a new SharePoint-factory • Enablesustosellpackaged solutions • Accelerators • Competetiveadvantage, abletoimplement solutions faster (to a fixedprice, ifwewantto) • Easiertoshare Best Practices • Easiertosharereusable Accelerators

  11. SalesObjectives

  12. Target Goals| Sweden & Gothenburg • Microsoft FY11 • 80 servers, 10 areexternal (SWE) • 45 servers, 7 areexternal (GBG) • Sogeti FY11 • 100 servers, 15 areexternal (SWE) • 70 servers, 10 areexternal (GBG) • Revenue: 100 MSEK (30-11-2010, YTD 42,5 MSEK) (SWE) • Revenue: 27 MSEK (23 MSEK) (GBG) • GOP: 2,9 MSEK (2,3 MSEK) (GBG) • Organicgrowth or conversion: 50 consultants(SWE) • Organicgrowth or conversion: 10+ consultants (GBG)

  13. Enablertoachieveourgoals 100 MSEK, 2011 The quality of our deliveries (CSI 4.3) Certification of consultants (50/8 (3)) Win Wire (10) Case Studies published at Microsoft and at Sogeti (20) Roadshows with Microsoft, March and April Sold accelerators (20/?) LEAP-projects initiated (2) Press Releases (10/6 (3)) Intranet News (10/6) Round Table (3/1) Industrialized delivery process, delivery according to "The Sogeti Way“ (20/?) Recruitment (10+/1+1) Conversion of. NET developers (5/3) Commitment and monthly reports from Microsoft Practice Managers Correct tagging in the CRM system

  14. Numberofcompletedprojects 12.31.2011 5 Internet sites (1) 5 Intranet sites (3) 5 FAST-solutions (4) 5 Document Management Solutions (3) 5 Quality Management Solutions (3???) 5 365-deliveries (may be phased solution ofabove) 5 Migration from 2007 and/or otherplatforms (3) 1 Right Shoring-delivery (1?)

  15. Customer Need & Requirements Understand, map and identifiy what we canreuse and whattoimplement from scratch Accelerator maping Workshop Packageour Accelerators into Service Offerings Our Best Practices & Accelerator library Our on-going projects Trained Resources Ourwayofwork

  16. How do wetrainourSales Force? WHAT OBJECTIVES Sell for 100 MSEK, distributed on identifiedprojects 5 Internet sites 5 Intranet sites 5 FAST-solutions 5 Document Management Solutions 5 Quality Management Solutions 5 365-deliveries 5 Migration from 2007 and/or otherplatforms 1 Right Shoring-delivery Sell accelerators (20) • Internaltraining • Our way of thinking • The way we deliver • Our accelerators • Our references • Our Unique Selling Points • Externaltraining • Online Microsoft training • Sales presentations • ”The Sogeti Way” • Our accelerators • Ourofferings, solution areas • Packagedseminar kits

  17. Marketing WHATS OBJECTIVES Win Wire (10)Case Studies published at Microsoft and at Sogeti (20)Roadshows in April (+/- one city in each region)Press Releases (10)Intranet News (20)Round Table (3) • In order to make ourclientsunderstandourmessage • Packageour solutions as process oriented and rolebased • Online • Case Studies • Accelerators • Make ourselves top of mind toourSales force • Introduce accelerators and offerings at conf call • Introducethemto SSAC • Connectourmessageto SEAMLESS • Create an Internet site, connectto sogeti.se, www.sogeti.microsfot.se • Hire a graduated student tocreate Case Studies • Content must be produced by morepeople • Presentation internally and externallyshall be performed by othersthan Solution leaders, butwith support from them in the beginning

  18. Microsoft.sogeti.se WHAT OBJECTIVES Create 20 profile pages Väst: 5 Stockholm: 5 Norr: 2 Mitt: 2 Svea: 2 LiNOx: 2 Syd: 1 Salesleadgenerated from web 10 Hirings from web 5 • It is a sales generating channel • Profile page, for eachproject • Read Case Studies • Watch movies • Download material • Contact someone • Comment and interact • Externalprofessional design • Requiresfundings • Linkedto • LinkedIn • Sogeti.se • Sogeti.com • Microsoft.se • Microsoft. Com • Swedish SharePoint User Group • Present ourofferings • Selling description for each solution areas, such as Internet Sites

  19. Delivery Objectives

  20. Academy WHAT OBJECTIVES Use the Academy toprofile and position ourselves on the market ”Community” SUG Round Table Microsoft shallnowaboutus Trainour SharePoint-consultants (50) Attendtotraining at our SharePoint Centre Certified in SharePont 2010 Config and Development Work in at leastone SharePoint-assignmentwheretheywork ”The Sogeti Way” Convertconsultantsinto experts (5) Attendtotraining at our SharePoint Centre Certified in SharePont 2010 Config and Development + 1 morecertification Lead at leastone SharePoint-assignmentwheretheywork ”The Sogeti Way” Convert .NET-developersto SharePoint-developers (25) Hire or create a certifiedtrainertotrainconsultants (1) • Vision & solution architecture • Howweanalyserequirements and problems • Whenshallwe start developing • How do weuse the platform • How do wesecure the quality in our SharePoint-delivery • Technicalchallenge in priority • Offer certification at SSAC • Train present SharePoint-consultantsinto experts (foundation) • Conversionof SharePoint-developerstoLeadDevelopers & Architects (top of the ice berg) • Conversionof .NET-developers(addedvalue) • Ourindustrializeddelivery Process • Services Ready • ITIL • Scrum • Use Yahoos web publishing-manuals totrainourclients in soft services, externt • Invite and inspireour global colleagues

  21. Community WHAT OBJECTIVES Road Show (1) SharePoint-sites Clientseminar Consultant workshop Dinner Create microsoft.sogeti.se Single Point ofEntry Accelerators Case Studies Community Facebooklook a like page Monthly newsletter Developourblogging CreateBlog guide Connect Tobias blogto sogeti.se Inspire 5 consultantsto start bloging Round Table Regional meetings(2) National meeting (1 VIP) • Connect national architects • Invite/connectto global architects • Develop the Round Table • Profil ourselvesevenmore at SUG • Blogg more • Position ourselves on the web • Newsletters toour SharePoint-clients • Target toinspireclientabout different accelerators and solutions from otherprojects • ConnecttoPinPoint (Microsoft) • Publish 20 Case Studies

  22. Microsoft Practice National (SharePoint Centre) WHAT OBJECTIVES Consolidate the SharePoint Centre in Göteborg Support the SharePoint Centre in Stockholm togrow Initiateone SharePoint Centre in Sweden • Buildgeographically independent deliveryfactories • Finance prioritizedenabling areas • Training • Certification • SW and/or HW • Seminars • Recruitment • Case Studies • Etcetera

  23. Whatcharacterizesourfactories • At least 5 teams • PrestudyTeam (SM) • Implementation Team (A or LD) • Development Team (A or LD) • Application Management Team (A) • Test Team (TM) • Way ofwork • Services Ready • ITIL • Scrum • Best Practices • At leastoneArchitect (A) • Certified SharePoint-consultant • Workedwith SharePoint +5 years • Trained at SSAC • Delivered at leastoneproject ”The Sogeti Way” • Follows ”The Sogeti Way” • An Ambassador for SSAC • At leastoneLeadDevelopers (LD) • Certified SharePoint-consultant • Workedwith SharePoint +3 years • Trained at SSAC • Delivered at leastoneproject ”The Sogeti Way” • Follows ”The Sogeti Way” • An Ambassador for SSAC • At leastoneScrummaster (SM) • Trained at SSAC • Follows”The Sogeti Way” • An Ambassador for SSAC • At leastone Test Manager (TM) • Trainedat SSAC • Follows”The Sogeti Way” • An Ambassador for SSAC • At leastfiveDeveloper (D) • Certified in Config • Certified in Development • Delivered at leastoneproject ”The Sogeti Way”

  24. Accelerators • Accelerators are not products, theyonlyaccelerateourClientprojects. • Theyare sold to a fixedprice (e.g. 30% of the firstdevelopmentfee).

  25. Accelerators Methods Prestudytoolincl. Master Plan thatprovidesuswithexactnumbersof workshops required, content and price Howwepublish on the web Howwemigrate portals Train the Clients in Self-Service-BI (Excel Services) CollaborationMaturityModel Tools Migration tool Internet Site Intranet a la Facebook Social Collaboration Project Portal Document Management Quality Management System Enterprise Search Business Intelligence • What an accelerator consistoutof • A methodwithdocumentation • An estimatingtool • A solution • A connectonto the deliverymodel • Is approved by our Microsoft Practice • Is never buildinsteadof IDLE-hours • Weneedtocreate • Packagingofeach solution • Complete test of DONE-deliverablesincl. documentation (proof) • Descriptive text • A demonstration kit • A sales presentation (5 slides) • Case Studies • Clientswhohaveimplemented the Accelerator • Weneedtomanage the accelerator as • Open source code • Not a product • May not be resold • Separat agreement and a fixedprice • Clientwho has build the solution is receivingcompensationhours

  26. Accelerators (wish list) HR self service Timereporting Enterprise Project Management

  27. WS input

  28. Incheckning Vad innebär strategi för dig? Vad gör en strategi inspirerande och användbar?

  29. En definition av ”Strategisk inriktning” En strategisk inriktning/riktning uttrycker ambitionsnivån i det strategiska valet (vara ledande, tydligt inriktat mot etc). Vidare uttrycker en strategisk riktning/inriktning innebörden av ett vägval, dvs. vad väljer vi att fokusera på(och vad väljer vi därmed att inte fokusera på)?

  30. En definition av ”Framgångsfaktor” Framgångsfaktorer härleds ur visionen och verksamhetsidén. Det är sådana områden där succé eller misslyckande har en avgörande betydelse för organisationens framgång i ett längre perspektiv. Framgångsfaktorerna bör vara strategiskt viktiga, men också sådana att organisationen genom egna åtgärder kan påverka dem. Framgångsfaktorerna ger svar på frågan, i vilka avseenden bör verksamheten absolut lyckas för att utvecklingen skall leda till förverkligande av visionen.

  31. Syfte med affärsstrategi-/affärsplanearbete • Skapa bra och tydliga gemensamma bilder av vart vi ska. • Skapa förutsättningar för ansvarstagande i förverkligandet. • Utgöra stöd i det dagliga arbetet. • Ledarskap (vars uppgift ofta är att ange riktning). Förtydligandet av företagets vision ger rätt förutsättningar för affärsstrategiarbetet!

  32. Värdet av att lyfta blicken… ”Förändring är den enda sanna verkligheten.” Herakleitos 500 fKr

  33. Work Group Sessions

  34. Övning 1 | Input SWOT-analys: Ur ett relationsperspektiv mot Sälj, Leverans, Medarbetare, Kunskap, Kunder och Microsoft

  35. Övning 2 | Mappning Marknadsanalys: Accelerator mappning mot befintliga och potentiella kunder/projekt!

  36. Övning 3a | Framgångsfaktorer Kundorienterad problemlösning!

  37. Övning 3b | Framgångsfaktorer Förankrad gemensam vision!

  38. Övning 3c | Framgångsfaktorer Fokus på produktivitet och kvalitet!

  39. Övning 4a | Framgångsfaktorer Det är status att arbeta på Sogeti!

  40. Övning 4c | Framgångsfaktorer The Sogeti Way!

  41. Övning 4b | Framgångsfaktorer Tillväxt föder framgång!

  42. Övning 5a | Framgångsfaktorer Boasting & renommé på marknaden!

  43. Övning 5b | Framgångsfaktorer Framgångsrik Right Shoring!

  44. Övning 5c | Framgångsfaktorer Stor volym och hög lönsamhet!

  45. Utcheckning Vad har gett dig mest energi idag? Vad vill du ta tag i direkt? Drivkraft, morot

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