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ROPES COURSE. DISABLED ACCESS. PROPOSAL PLAN. Relevant legislation: Disability Discrimination Acts (DDA) 1995 and 2005

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Relevant legislation: Disability Discrimination Acts (DDA) 1995 and 2005

For those with limited mobility, access to the base of the Dell can be provided by installing a ramp. Ramps should be no steeper than 1:16 in order to make them easy to use. Ramps should also be 0.9 metres wide or more. Turning places on a ramp must offer sufficient space for a wheelchair to manoeuvre. In order to make a 90° turn, a wheelchair user requires a space of 1.2 metres by 1.2 metres.


Course Area Surface

Rubber tiles 1m x 1.5m x 23mm thick. The tile allow grass to grow through the holes in the mats allowing for a naturalistic finish to the surfacing.

Fencing around inner edge of path and barrier for safety zone

The ropes course may draw spectators to the Dell and the path around the top of the banks is the likely place to watch from. The risk of falling is created and this should be designed out. A simple waist-high wooden post and rail fence would suffice, and would be in keeping with other materials in the Dell. The rail is positioned so that it does not present a surface for sitting or climbing on. A fence around the inner edge of the path would be 235 metres long and 1.2 metres high.

Barriers will be installed round the course to create a “safety zone”. This would demarcate an area to be kept free of hazards for those using the course. The area outside this barrier can be used for people waiting to climb and for spectators. The same type of post and rail fencing could be used for this. The total length of the barriers would be approximately 40 metres long and 1.2 metres high.

Metal Storage shed

Lockable Green storage shed , size as shown. A. 243.5cm, B. Width 322cm, C. Ridge Height 210.5cm, D. Eaves Height 165cm, E. Door Height 159.1cm, F. Door Width 132cm, G. Floor Area 7.84m²


Security Fencing around high ropes course

In order to provide security around the ropes course while maintaining good visibility through the site, a welded mesh fence is the best option. The mesh is constructed from narrow, closely-spaced horizontal and vertical wires which make it extremely difficult to climb or deface. It can also be supplied in a dark green finish, making it a visually unobtrusive barrier.

The fence around the ropes course is approximately 130 metres long, 2.4 metres high and contains two sets of double gates and one single. This will provide versatile access to the course area. The gates are each 2 metres so 4 metres respectively for a pair maximising entrance space when the site is open.

Interpretation signage

A wooden signage panel with detail about the rope course and various environmental information of the site. To be located at the site access points

  • Operational ground area required is approximately 21 metres x 8 metres. Four guy cables (these are not a structural but stability requirement only) extend beyond the operational area
  • Steel finish and galvanised RSJ.
  • Designed to prohibit unauthorised access for the first three metres when the ropes course is not in use
  • Includes a POWERFAN® designed and tested in accordance with relevant parts of BS: EN: 341 1992 and conforms to EN:15567 for Ropes Courses
  • The ropes course will be built from rope, steel cable, wood, and other specialised hardware that are suspended from utility poles to the specifications below:
  • Conforms to EN:12572 for artificial climbing structures
  • Meets the requirements of EN:15567 for Ropes Courses
  • Includes independent inaugural inspection
  • Poles protrude 13 metres above the ground. Heights of elements vary between 9.5 metres and 12 metres. Main supporting beam is at 12.5 metres.