broadband technology cable modem dsl n.
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Broadband Technology Cable modem & DSL

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Broadband Technology Cable modem & DSL - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Broadband Technology Cable modem & DSL. Cosc 513 Professor: Dr. Anvari By Ching-Jen Hsueh 106003. Broadband Technology. Contents I. Introduction II. The Advantages of Dial-up modems III. The Advantages of Broadband Connection IV. Cable Modem V. DSL VI. Security Issues VII. Summary

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broadband technology cable modem dsl

Broadband TechnologyCable modem & DSL

Cosc 513

Professor: Dr. Anvari


Ching-Jen Hsueh


broadband technology
Broadband Technology


I. Introduction

II. The Advantages of Dial-up modems

III. The Advantages of Broadband Connection

IV. Cable Modem


VI. Security Issues

VII. Summary

VIII. Reference

broadband technology1
Broadband Technology


1. Broadband Technology

A kind of wide-spread, high-speed Internet access

2. Broadband Connections

Cable model, DSL (ADSL, SDSL), T1& ISDN,

and Satellite

broadband technology2
Broadband Technology

Advantages of Dial-up modems:

  • Dial-up is cheap and everywhere

a. cost free~$30

b. no distance limitation

2. An unwired PC is safer

broadband technology3
Broadband Technology

Advantages of Broadband Connections:

1. Broadband Internet service is “Always-on”

You don’t have to dial in your ISP’s server, just lunch your browser and you’re there.

2. Broadband Internet service is faster

Cable and DSL connections generally deliver an average min of around 150 Kbps and max 1~2 Mbps, versus the max of 53.3 Kbps for dial-up Internet services.

broadband technology4
Broadband Technology

Disadvantages of Broadband Connections:

  • Broadband does not well spread
  • Security issues
  • Cost
cable modem
Cable Modem
  • Cable access is the most widely available and most commonly used broadband technology in U.S.
  • Cable Web access is faster than dial-up and less complex to install than DSL
  • Cable modems work via a 6-MHz channel slot with the cable signal to deliver burst download speeds of up to 5 Mbps.
cable modem2
Cable modem

Features of Cable Modem:

  • Shared bandwidth
  • Upload speed is lower than download speed
  • Available in residential areas, often not in downtown or commercial areas
dsl digital subscriber line
DSL(Digital Subscriber Line)
  • DSL is the second –most-popular broadband service in U.S., trailing cable modem access
  • DSL delivers digital data through phone lines
  • DSL boasts faster connection times, high throughput, and cheaper subscription costs
  • DSL is available in metropolitan areas and their surrounding suburbs.
adsl asymmetric digital subscriber line
ADSL( Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line)
  • Asymmetric data transmission

Different downstream and upstream

  • The farther the line, the slower the rate
  • You phone line does double duty

Use different frequency for voice and data

security of broadband
Security of Broadband
  • “Always on” access means always exposed
  • Hardware protection

NAT (Network Address Translation)

  • Software protection

Firewall software such as ZoneAlarm pro,Norton Personal Firewall

broadband technology5
Broadband Technology


1. Computer Networks 3rd edition By Andrew S. Tanenbaum











broadband technology6
Broadband Technology

The End

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