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AventA Specialist Translators vs. Mainstream Agencies PowerPoint Presentation
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AventA Specialist Translators vs. Mainstream Agencies

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AventA Specialist Translators vs. Mainstream Agencies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This presentation explains the difference between AventA Specialist Translators and Mainstream Agencies

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outstanding professional translators and interpreters
Outstanding Professional Translators and Interpreters

Indeed, Aventa’s main asset and edge over mainstream translation companies in the market is unquestionably the outstanding pool professional translators and interpreters that work in-house or collaborate with the firm on a regular basis sharing our vision based on a quality-oriented approach. All of them are highly-qualified full-time professionals based in Ukraine with a long track record and specialise in particular fields within the legal or financial sectors.

h ighly educated specialists
Highly educated specialists

Most of them have been practising as Sworn Translatorsfor over a decade and have a second-cycle University degree which, in many a case, has had a direct impact on their specialty fields. Amongst them, many have read Law, Economics or Business Administration at University, have a MA or PhD degree and one day passed the stringent examinations leading to their official appointment as Sworn Transators. In some particular cases, a single translator or interpreter adds a translation or linguist MA Degree (Philology or Translation & Intepretation) to one of those mentioned above.



With the exception of some remarkable cases,AventA's translators work exclusively on their highest-ranked language combination into their mother tongue and in their specialised subsector (Litigation & Arbitration or Collective Investment Schemes, for example). Interpreters work on an individual or team basis exclusively in their highest-ranked language combination, but they work either way from and into any of the required languages.


focus on the core fields of expertise
Focus on the Core Fields of Expertise

Unlike other companies in the industry, AventA does not maintain and operate a database with thousands of anonymous freelance translators and interpreters scattered thorughout the world because we want to offer services in every conceivable language combination and compromise our professional good standing accepting projects where quality control would not be a key issue. Because our services are tailored for a specific range of clients, and because we do not believe in the diversification of our offer, but rather on the contrary, focusing on our core fields of expertise to enhance our professional capacity to gradually improve the quality of the services we provide. Therefore, we keep a relatively small Network of External Partners which we wish to nurture as a pole of excellence by attracting professionals which meet the qualifications, experience and availability criteria our clients require on the basis of mutual professional trust and respect raised over many years of acquaintance and regular collaboration.


e ffective operating systems and procedures
Effective Operating Systems and Procedures

From an organisational standpoint and in order to guarantee the accomplishment of our objectives, AventA Translation & Interpreting Company makes available for its clients a series of operating systems and procedures that ensure the establishment of a smooth and efficient relationship by facilitating an effective exchange of relevant information; implementing systematic operation protocols to simplify administrative and contractual issues as well as service planning tasks, and enabling us to apply sound and effective quality control procedures.


modern infrastructure
Modern Infrastructure

In respect of equipment, the technical, hardware, software and telecommunications infrastructure of the company consists of a computer network, supplemented by peripheral hardware such as color and monochrome printers, high-performance scanners, copiers, conventional and VoIP phone terminals, back-up units, etc.) and the usual office equipment including a heavy-duty thermal binding machine. Specific professional software such as specialised dictionaries, terminology management tools and advanced OCR programmes is of vital importance for us. A good, fast, reliable Internet connection and e-mail capabilities are essential to ensure fast and efficient communications with our clients, the sound organisation of our internal management and project cycle processes and keeping the strictest confidentiality concerning any Client information we may have access to in the course of our operations.



Unless legally obliged to do so, AventA shall not provide any public information concerning the identity of the firms and entities in our select Client portfolio.



All the foregoing frames up a set of services designed to fully meet the needs of a very specific kind of Client which is well aware of the fact that, within the scope of his activity, translation and interpretation services should not be deemed a cost but an investment where unnecessary risks should be avoided when the success of a business deal, a winning decision at Court, the legal status of the Company or its good name may be at stake.


g ontacts

Our address:88-92 B. Khmelnytskoho St., Office 72, Kiev, Ukraine, 01054


Tel.+38 (044) 235-05-97

Fax:+38 (044) 288-28-69

Contact us:aventa@aventa.com.ua