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Powerpoint Jeopardy

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Powerpoint Jeopardy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Powerpoint Jeopardy
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Powerpoint Jeopardy

  2. What is an adjective clause? List 3 relative pronouns

  3. What is an adverb clause? List 3 subordinate conjunctions.

  4. Write an adverb clause with the Clause at the beginning of the sentence.

  5. Write an adjective clause.

  6. Write an adjective and an adverb Clause.

  7. What is an adverb phrase? List 3 prepositions

  8. Underline the adverb phrases Until the bell rings, I will work. Until dinner, I did homework. Which is the adv. Phrase and adv. Clause?

  9. Fix the run on and underline the adverb phrase. During the last minute I scored a touch down the crowd went wild because I won the game

  10. Write a sentence with an Adverb phrase at the beginning Of the sentence.

  11. Fix the run on and underline the adverb phrase. After dinner I did the dishes my mom was so pleased that she gave me five dollars! List the acronym FANBOYS

  12. Underline the appositive phrases and punctuate them properly. Granite City my favorite restaurant serves the best buffalo chicken sandwich! Mixed a new restaurant on Louise serves salads.

  13. Underline the participle phrase Running across the yard, I tripped and fell over my little brother’s slip n slide. The motorcycle careening over the slick bridge may get into an accident.

  14. Write a sentence with an appositive Phrase.

  15. Write a sentence with a participle Phrase.

  16. Write a participle phrase and Appositive phrase. 2 sentences.

  17. Underline the gerund phrases Playing football is brutal. Watching movies on rainy days is one of my favorite things to do. Listening to the waves puts me to sleep.

  18. Write a sentence with a gerund phrase

  19. Fix the fragments. Since it was snowing outside and it was negative 15 degrees. Once the dog was unleashed from his kennel.

  20. List 3 conjunctive adverbs

  21. Fix the sentence. I was going to visit my friend however it was raining so I didn’t want to walk.

  22. Write a sentence with an adverb clause and then write a sentence with an adjective clause.

  23. Write 2 sentences with participle phrases.

  24. Write a sentence with a gerund and one sentence With an appositive phrase

  25. Write a sentence with an adverb phrase. List 4 ways to fix run-ons.

  26. Underline the subject once and predicate twice. Soccer, the best sport ever, requires strength, endurance and agility. The car driving so slowly down the interstate is making me crazy! The flowers in my garden have started to bloom.