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IPAD LIKE-TOUCH SCREEN $35. Introduction.

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  • The prototype of an iPod look-alike touch-screen laptop device has been revealed in India. This device is targeted for students and will support Web browsing, video conferencing and word processing. The Indian government now hopes to find a manufacturer for the gadget which it says will sell for $35 (£23) from next year. Developed by top IT collages in India.

  • This computer device is similar fashion to mobile phones, it uses a memory card instead of a hard disk and is reported to have the ability to run on solar power. Furthermore, the device runs on the Linux operating system


  • This project was initiated and funded by Indian government for students in India. The plan is to distribute such laptop to every student in different universities and colleges in India. Of course this will boost broadband connectivity throughout country.

  • The government’s plan is to drop the price eventually to $20, and ultimately to $10, will be available to students from primary school up to the university level as early as next year.

Important points about 35 tablet
Important Points about $35 Tablet

  • 1. It doesn’t have hard disk but it uses memory cards (commonly found in mobile devices)

  • 2. 2GB RAM is installed in this small tablet

  • 3. Wi-Fi and 3G is there. It is unbelievable that 3G enabled device is available at $35 but this is the truth

  • 4. It has a camera installed, Able to handle video chatting and calling

  • 5. There are 2 USB ports in this tablet (Not available in Apple iPad)


  • 6. It has one SD card slot and one SIM card slot

  • 7. Documents like .doc etc are visible over here

  • 8. Expected to get al open source application like OpenOffice for document viewing


  • Low cost for purchase 1st $35 , sec $20 min $10

  • Running Linux operating system

  • Using solar-power

  • No hardware

  • USB Ports (Not available in Apple iPad)

  • Easy to carry for traveling


  • it does not support all that the iPad does. The device is certainly not an all inclusive one.

  • available for students only


  • According to Indian Express, it has a 5/7/9-inch touchscreen, and, on the software side, it sports a web browser, PDF reader, office software, media player, multimedia input/output capabilities, video conferencing (which means it has a camera) and remote device management capability — all of it open-source and Linux-based

Questions time
Questions time

  • For more Info please email : [email protected] or click on the link below

  • http://blogern.com/2010/07/23/35-ipad-like-touch-screen-tablet-developed-by-iit-students-in-india/