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Maintenance of Printing Consumables- Laser Toners, Inkjet To PowerPoint Presentation
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Maintenance of Printing Consumables- Laser Toners, Inkjet To

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Maintenance of Printing Consumables- Laser Toners, Inkjet To - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Laser printer toner is a powder which is used to form the printed text and images on the paper. Earlier, low-cost carbon toner was poured from a bottle into a reservoir in the printing machine, but now machines are fed directly from sealed laser toner cartridges. Fore more info visit here:

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Maintenance of Printing Consumables- Laser Toners, Inkjet Toners and Toner Cartridges

Modern printing technology is fairly easy-to-use and ensures superior quality. In order to ensure long life of the printers, the printing consumables must be maintained properly. Some of the printing consumables used in laser printers are laser toners and cartridges, and in inkjet printers are inkjet toners and cartridges. Print consumable maintenance is an important aspect in order to prevent downtime and save repair/replacement expenses.

Cleaning of the laser toner cartridges and Inkjet toner cartridges

The cartridges need special care when they are to be cleaned because even slight negligence can make the cartridges useless. At the bottom of the cartridge of laser toners and inkjet toners is a print head that should not be touched or modified as that can damage it.


Maintenance of Printing Consumables- Laser Toners, Inkjet Toners and Toner Cartridges

In inkjet toner cartridges, if the prints are not coming despite the cartridge being full of ink, remove the cartridge from the printer and place it on a moist paper towel with the print head surface down. This will ensure that the ink flows through the cartridge.

If the cartridge is dried up or not working, you can also soak the problematic cartridge in warm water for two minutes to remove the obstruction.

Moreover, the cartridge carriage, which holds the toner cartridges, should also be cleaned regularly, because otherwise they may become clogged with dust. Its cleaning is simple as you have to just remove the carriage and use compressed air to blow out any dust.

Some of the laser printers and inkjet printers also have automatic cleaning option that cleanses the toner cartridges from within and requires no manual assistance.

Replacing the toner cartridges


Maintenance of Printing Consumables- Laser Toners, Inkjet Toners and Toner Cartridges

If the cartridges are not functioning despite performing the cleaning activities, it is time to replace them. Before installing a new cartridge, you must blow dry any dust from the printer to ensure proper functioning.

*Turn on the printer and remove its top lid.

*Press the cartridge changing button and wait for the cartridge carriage to slide out.

*Remove the cartridge from the carriage by pulling it out.

*Carefully remove any tape or packaging material from the new cartridge.

*Insert the new cartridge into the carriage the same way the old cartridge had been.

*Make sure the cartridge is positioned correctly by checking the indicator arrows.

*Print a test copy to ensure that the new cartridge is working fine.


Maintenance of Printing Consumables- Laser Toners, Inkjet Toners and Toner Cartridges

  • Recycling used cartridges
  • Recycling used cartridges is also a great option to get cheap toner cartridges. It is an environment-friendly method that aims to reduce the number of waste cartridges in the landfills. The steps involved in recycling toner cartridges are stated below:
  • Screening the used cartridges to separate the useful ones from the damaged ones.
  • Assessing the overall condition of the cartridge and replacing the damaged parts by new components.
  • Reassembling the old useful components and freshly installed components of the cartridge.
  • Refilling the newly assembled cartridge with new laser toner or inkjet toner (depending on the type of printer being used)
  • Once the toner cartridge has been recycled, it should be tested for its quality and performance.

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