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Hearing aids: Enjoy sound as never before PowerPoint Presentation
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Hearing aids: Enjoy sound as never before

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Hearing aids: Enjoy sound as never before - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hearing aids: Enjoy sound as never before

A hearing aid is an electro-acoustic device which typically fits in or behind the ear of the wearer, and is to amplify and rectify sound for the wearer. Earlier devices, known as "Trumpets to the ear" or “Horns to the Ear” were rare funnel-like projection cones designed to gather sound energy and direct it into the ear canal. Similar devices include anchor like bone hearing-aid and implant of cochlear.

Hearing aids can be defined on the basis of circuitry, power and size. The first hearing aid was developed in Bell lab, which provides you a mould, a speaker, an amplifier, battery and its control system. The hearing-aid price is considered to be cheaper to cover wide range of population.


Hearing aids: Enjoy sound as never before

Dome, ear-mould and a case which is connected in between are considered to be Behind the Ear Aid in new form. The sound of the instrument is transferred electrically to the ear. This can be used of profound or mild hearing and durable too. This is specially used by children those required sound in durable form, but hearing-aid price is slightly high.

Inside the ear, hearing aids can be rarely visible while talking face to face. The main impetus of this is that it can be used specifically for mild hearing, which is facing severe loss of hearing. It’s not recommended to children community due to difficulties in fitting and suiting them. Hearing devices can be wireless by linking it with FM systems. Latest development in the hearing centre has produced like devices for canal, mini-canal and completely in the canal aid. Then main modus operandi is that hearing-aids are invisible and depicted in-canal because the mould is built by taking the size of the patient’s ear. The best part is sound will be modified naturally and it can be controlled with the help of the personal mobile system. Then the extended one, which is considered to be first ever invisible hearing-aid ever created and the form, is placed in the canal with any surgery.


Hearing aids: Enjoy sound as never before

Hearing aid prices are very much affordable these days can be connected each other with telephone system by means of sound created from the phone speaker and by electromagnetically. The batteries used for this hearing-aid require between 1.35 to 1.45 volts. According to a top hearing centre report, almost 63 million people are having hearing impairment. The various type of hearing aids can be classified according to digital, program and convention.


Hearing aids: Enjoy sound as never before

Hearing aid prices are greatly slashed down and the one that is in demand is Phonak. It’s pioneer in recovering sound. Apart from this, they can be used by any type of hearing deformities [high or low], preference of the person, budget and too age. Phonak hearing device are considered smart which can be worked wirelessly with high performance control and connection is unlimited.

Phonak hearing-aid is available in various style, color and unique design have good market-share than competitors. Performance level is far higher than basic level and with guarantee. Program of this Phonak hearing aid can be done without the use of computer.


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