City budget
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City Budget.

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City budget

City Budget

Thanks For Coming. Is your business being effected is your pay getting cut and its effecting you and your family? Well my name is Jeff Scott and today I will be talking to you all about the city budget. I choose this because this is having a great impact on my moms business. My mom is a daycare provider and they are constantly cutting her pay.

Houston s plan
Houston’s Plan

  • They made everyone pay a higher tax and also they also made everyone pay a higher property tax.

  • Houston also made 17 million dollars worth of cuts out of public safety .

  • They cut police overtime.

  • They came out of a 40 million dollar dept in 22 years.

New york s plan
New York’s Plan

  • New York sent letters to their largest non-profits asking for more money.

  • They rose property tax a quarter higher then what it was.

  • They shut schools down they laid off workers.

  • They cut cops and fire.

  • Rose taxes on homeowners

  • Rose water services and trash rates.

Dayton s plan
Dayton’s Plan

  • They increased rates by 10%.

  • Increased water rates 6 percent.

  • They doubled their trash rate.

  • They increased swimming pool rates 12 to 40 percent.

  • They Rose Student Fees.

My collaboration
My Collaboration

  • One of my experts said that this has hit her business hard, she said: “My Family had to cut down on a lot of luxuries that we were able to have a time ago.” She said: “Every penny in my house counts now.” Also she said “All of the perks and extra allowances that the mayor or any counsel members receive would go away. All salaries would be reviewed and only essential spending would happen. I would make sure that the burden isn't just placed in the lap of one class of people.”

My plan
My Plan

  • Reforming The City Budget will be the name of my program, and what I would do to fix the budget is make everyone pay a tax for their trash pick up I would charge higher rates on swimming pools. I plan on raising all the student fees. Lastly I plan to cut pay from everywhere except the things we need like cops, firemen, and some small business. I would not cut them at all I would not go near their money. I would start my pay cuts from the top, all the people in office. All salaries would be reviewed and only essential spending would happen.


  • Thanks for coming to my prensation I hope what I had to say made sense an you enjoyed and agreed with me I hope soon that the city would come out of the hole of 36 million dollars and get back on their feet. Thanks again.

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