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RE. Summer 2013 Presentation to Governors. Recap. Learning for life. What’s happened since?. Exemplar work and quotes…. Moral values: how do we know what is right and what is wrong?. Summer 1: Y4. Be loyal to your wife or husband – don’t go off with another woman or man.

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Summer 2013 Presentation to Governors


Learning for life

Why should we care
Why should we care? another

If we chop down the trees then we won’t have any oxygen to breathe.

Why should we care1
Why should we care? another

If we chop down all the trees there won’t be any left and birds’ nests will fall to the ground and smash!

Why should we care2
Why should we care? another

It will help the fish!

I can
I can… another

Use religious words todescribe some of the waysin which people showtheir beliefs

Describe what a believer might learn from a story

Link things that areimportant to me and otherpeople with the way I think and behave

Describe some of the thingsthat are the same/differentfor religious people

Compare some of the thingsthat influence me / other people

Ask important questions about life

Why should we care3
Why should we care? another

It will help the fish!