Drawing people together invention mob
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Drawing People together: Invention MOB. Amit Garg Brian Price Matt Hyer Matt Staebell. Brainstorming. As we came together with our self-made products, the only one we could work with was Amit Garg’s “Lost the Sun”

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Drawing people together invention mob

Drawing People together:Invention MOB


Brian Price

Matt Hyer

Matt Staebell


  • As we came together with our self-made products, the only one we could work with was AmitGarg’s “Lost the Sun”

  • We decided to work with it, and decided we could possibly make a music video.

  • With inspirations from The Fray and All-American Rejects, we decided to use the creations of our peers to express their reflections on a melancholy and in the end combine them to create a video.

The idea

  • WHAT: Make a music video to a song made by a group member.

  • HOW: Ask people to reflect on each line of the song.

  • WHO: People were asked all over the Georgia Tech campus to reflect on the song.

  • THE HOPE: Through this artistic expression, people could be able to relate to one another.

The process

  • Each member was in charge of gathering reflections.

  • We also had an additional reflection page where people could collaborate to make one drawing of their reflections.

  • Along the way, group members blogged of their experiences, often different from what we expected.

  • After each individual reflected, they were filmed holding up their creation to work towards a final video product.

The variety of participation
The variety of Participation

  • The hardest part of our project was gathering thought-out reflections from our peers that had taken some effort.

  • Some people contributed very lackluster reflections, while other people spent a lot of time on them to add a great deal to our video.

  • Overall, people were fast to help and some even offered to help with the technical portion of our project.

The product
The Product

  • The reflections we received were put to the lyrics of the song in a video.

  • The collaborative reflection sheet was used in the video to show how by individuals all adding one idea or thought to a process, a group of individuals can make one final product.

  • The final goal of the project was to take a slightly depressed song emphasizing on loneliness, and to turn it around by putting people who felt that way together.

  • Our goal was completed as we ended up with the final product we had hoped for.

Drawing people together invention mob

“Alone we can do so little,

together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller