Title iii directors meeting
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Title III Directors Meeting. September 25, 2012. 2012-13 ELPA Window: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 to Tuesday, April 30, 2013. The 45-day limit remains in effect. As it was in 2011-12, ELPAs will not be re-opened if they are allowed to expire.

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Title iii directors meeting

Title III Directors Meeting

September 25, 2012

2012 13 elpa window wednesday january 9 2013 to tuesday april 30 2013

2012-13 ELPA Window:Wednesday, January 9, 2013 toTuesday, April 30, 2013.

The 45-day limit remains in effect. As it was in 2011-12, ELPAs will not be re-opened if they are allowed to expire.

New for the 2012 13 elpa exempting domains for students on an iep or 504 plan

New for the 2012-13 ELPA:Exempting Domains for Students on an IEP or 504 Plan

If a student’s IEP or 504 Plan exempts the student from responding to a particular domain of the ELPA (reading, writing, speaking, or listening), districts may exempt a student from an ELPA domain in TIDE.

This new restricted resource will ensure that the student does not receive any items from the exempted domain when taking the ELPA and will replace the need for TAs to enter false responses through the student interface as in past years. For students who test with this new restricted resource, the student’s ELPA score will be generated based on the remaining domains.

Remember: This restricted resource may only be entered by either the DTSA or DSA and must be entered prior to approving the student to start the ELPA. Once a student has been approved to start the ELPA, the district may no longer set this restricted resource for the student. In addition to setting this restricted resource in TIDE, districts must also ensure that the student’s IEP code is entered correctly in Student Centered Staging using the ELPA “Only” IEP test administration codes found in Appendix J – Accessing Student Scores Online of the Test Administration Manual.

2012 13 elpa michelle mccoy kathleen vanderwall
2012-13 ELPA Michelle McCoy, Kathleen Vanderwall

  • ELPA data delivery schedule, 2012-13

Elpa font study michelle mccoy kathleen vanderwall
ELPA Font StudyMichelle McCoy, Kathleen Vanderwall

  • ODE and AIR are moving ahead with the ELPA Font Study for 2012-13, in the K-1 grade band.

  • Thefont study will be administered as part of the ELPA during the entire testing window. Students will be randomly assigned some items in the new font during their operational assessment.

  • Results will be shared once the study is complete.

2012 13 elpa review michelle mccoy kathleen vanderwall
2012-13 ELPA ReviewMichelle McCoy, Kathleen Vanderwall

  • ELPA item types tutorial – same as in recent years:

    • The “?” onscreen will provide students an on-board tutorial each time they click the button.

    • A pop-up box appears and the voice explains how to complete the item type.

  • ELPA Practice test

    • Contains many “new” items. Proctored sessions on the practice test will help students understand the available functions on the ELPA screens

Title iii directors meeting


Student Interface at A Glance

Click to have instructions read aloud.

Click to mark item for review.

Click to select a comment about the item.

Click to view list of item pages. Pages with marked items will be indicated. Select item/item page to navigate.

Click for item type tutorial.

Toggle between test pages.

Zoom in/out buttons (to adjust text size).

Pause test button.

2012 13 elpa enhancements michelle mccoy kathleen vanderwall
2012-13 ELPA EnhancementsMichelle McCoy, Kathleen Vanderwall

  • All ELPA and OAKS assessments now offer an on-screen toggle button to expand the reading passages. This makes the print larger on the left side of the screen.

  • Students click the arrow to expand the passage, then click it again to restore the normal setting.

Title iii directors meeting

OAKS Online

Student Interface with Passage

Click on arrow to expand the passage

Title iii directors meeting

OAKS Online

Student Interface with Passage Expanded

Click on arrow to return passage to original size.

2012 13 elpa michelle mccoy kathleen vanderwall1
2012-13 ELPA Michelle McCoy, Kathleen Vanderwall

Regarding proposed K-1 blueprint changes, 2012-13

  • After discussion and review of the variances of the SEM for the K-1 grade band, any blueprint changes will be delayed another year.

  • During 2012-13, ODE will survey stakeholders concerning the K-1 operational test, taking input about what changes (if any) to explore.

  • For 2012-13, the K-1 blueprint remains the same as it was for 2011-12.

2012 13 elpa michelle mccoy kathleen vanderwall2
2012-13 ELPA Michelle McCoy, Kathleen Vanderwall

  • Last spring, ideas for speaking blueprint changes were discussed

  • New speaking items will be field tested for grade bands 4-5, 6-8 and 9-12 during the 2012-13 school year.

  • If accepted, these blueprint changes will be operational in 2013-14

Elpa performance standards michelle mccoy kathleen vanderwall
ELPA Performance StandardsMichelle McCoy, Kathleen Vanderwall

  • Standards verification will be convened November 6th – 9th, 2012 in Keizer, Oregon

  • All applicants should be notified of their selection or will receive a regrets letter by Friday 9/28. There was an overwhelming response by applicants. Thank you to all who helped to publicize this event

  • The results of the ELPA Contrasting Groups Study will be presented during the ELPA standards verification

2012 13 elpa src reminder michelle mccoy kathleen vanderwall
2012-13 ELPA – SRC ReminderMichelle McCoy, Kathleen Vanderwall

  • Grammatical and Illocutionary scoring categories are based on the hand-scored items in writing and speaking.

  • The hand-scored items have specific rubrics, and each item gets a score for grammatical and a score for illocutionary.

  • Grammatical = forms Illocutionary=functions

  • These score reporting categories are supplemental information for the involved staff

2012 13 spanish tts

2012-13 Spanish TTS

New FREE Spanish voice pack for Windows users – “Violeta”

Reference the TIDE Users Guide for installation and agreement

Regional assessment support esd partners
Regional Assessment Support ESD Partners

  • Region 1 – Willamette and Multnomah ESD

    • Amy Rockwell 800-970-8372 helpdesk@wesd.org

  • Region 2 – Douglas ESD

    • Kristine Keizer 877-373-3684 kristine.keizer@douglasesd.k12.or.us

  • Region 3 – Intermountain ESD

    • Connie Lobato 800-706-4447 connie.lobato@imesd.k12.or.us

Your ESD partner should be your first contact for all assessment and accountability related support including OAKS Online, ELPA, test administration, Braille, etc.

Questions or additional comments about today s questions
Questions or additional comments about today’s questions?

  • michelle.mccoy@state.or.us

  • kathleen.vanderwall@state.or.us