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The Holocaust WebQuest

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The Holocaust WebQuest

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The Holocaust WebQuest

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  1. The Holocaust WebQuest Introduction The Task The Process Resources Conclusion

  2. Introduction • Between the years of 1933 and 1945 the Nazi Tyranny spread across Europe. During this time millions of innocent people were persecuted and murdered. The Jewish population were the primary victims. Six million Jews were persecuted during this time. By 1945 two out of every three Jews had been killed. Other groups that were targeted included: Gypsies, mentally or physically challenged individuals, Poles, Slavs, and Soviet prisoners of war. In addition thousands of political and religious groups were targeted such as communists, socialists, and Jehovah Witnesses. The concentration camp is most closely associated with the Holocaust and continues to remain a distinctive symbol of the Nazi regime. • home

  3. Task • Your task is to learn about the Holocaust. Discover its history. • Discover bystanders, perpetrators, victims, and rescuers. • Learn about places and people and important events. • Discover how the Holocaust started and what happened during the Holocaust from the Rise of the Nazis to Kristallnacht to Life in the Ghetto to the Camps to Liberation. • Learn about Liberators and WWII in general. • Discover some information on Judaism. • Become educated about an important part of history and the literature written about it. • home

  4. Process • In this WebQuest you will do several things.First, you will be put into a group. If you have problems with who you are working with, see me right away.Second, you will travel the Internet using the suggested sites. While doing this you will gather information and record used sites. Be sure to document what info comes from what site. When you have finished exploring all sites, turn in WebQuest - Part One.Next, after completing all of your suggested Paths, you will select a topic which your group would like to investigate further. You will do additional research in preparation of a project which you will share with the class • Finally, you will share your project with the class who will evaluate your efforts, your project, and your team members' efforts. • home

  5. Resources • Find information about the following topics:1. Major events related to the Holocaust2. People: Victims, Bystanders, Perpetrators, Rescuers3. The Camps and Deportations4. Ghetto Life5. Adolf Hitler and the Nazis6. U.S. and the Holocaust7. The Liberators8. The Geography of the Holocaust9. World War II Basics10. Post Holocaust Issues • home

  6. Websites • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Home Page • • Cybrary of the Holocaust • Simon Wiesenthal/Museum of Tolerance Home Page • Holocaust Survivor Video Testimony • Sydney (Australia) Jewish Museum Home Page • Post War Photos of CampsDickerson's Holocaust SiteHolocaust Rescuers Page • A High School's Holocaust PageUniversity Of Pennsylvania Professor's Holocaust Site • The Ghetto Fighters' House - Israel • home

  7. Conclusions • As a result of your research and in completing your presentation, you have reviewed a considerable amount of documentation relating to the Holocaust.  There are many who believe that in order for society to insure that this doesn't happen again, we must make sure that every generation knows about The Holocaust.  Your completion of this project is a step toward that goal. • home