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Storyboards. 9 J Carranballac New Inventors. What’s in a storyboard?. Today we are going to explore the components needed to create a storyboard for our Inventors TV show. Our aims for today are to Identify the main components of a storyboard

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9 J

Carranballac New Inventors

What s in a storyboard
What’s in a storyboard?

Today we are going to explore the components needed to create a storyboard for our Inventors TV show.

Our aims for today are to

  • Identify the main components of a storyboard

  • Tell the difference between a long shot, medium shot and a close up

  • Become familiar with the terms frame, shot, zoom, cut, angle

  • Create our own storyboard

What is a storyboard
What is a storyboard?

A storyboard is like a script but with pictures.

The storyboard is used by the director, camera operator and anyone involved with the making of a visual production.

It is the most important part of the making of a video, television show or film.

All involved look at the storyboard to know what they are to capture on film. The crew recreates the storyboard as closely as possible.


A storyboard cell has these 4 elements





The storyboard image
The storyboard image

The image shows what the camera is to shoot.

This is called a shot or frame

Storyboard to camera
Storyboard to camera


Justin staring directly at camera, tilted head

Bored expression


Camera move

Shot type

Close up cu
Close Up (CU)

A close up (CU) is exactly what you think it is.


The face and part of the neck and shoulders are seen.

Medium shot ms
Medium shot (MS)

A medium shot (MS) shows the person’s face and body but not their legs

Long shot ls
Long shot (LS)

A long shot (LS) shows the whole person or object in relation to their surroundings

Extreme close up xcu
Extreme Close Up (XCU)

An extreme close up (XCU) is extremely close

The face is not shown in full only certain features are in frame

Two shot three shot four shot
Two shot, Three shot, Four shot

A two shot means there are two people in the frame/shot

Therefore a three shot means three people, four shot four people

Very rarely will you see more than five people in a single tv/film shot because often the camera will not fit them all in.

Point of view
Point of View

A point of view shot is simply someone or something’s point of view, the camera often shakes and moves rapidly


Camera moves forward shakily, towards open door heavy breathing can be heard, shot is blurry

Tracking forward

Your tasks today
Your tasks today

Storyboard the 3 photos on your table 1 CU, 1 MS, 1 LS

Create 3 storyboard frames of your choice – they can be a CU, MS, LS, XCU, XLS, POV

Photograph your storyboarded pictures

Watch New Inventors segment

- Take note of shots used and storyboard the segment