co2 car preparation n.
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Co2 Car Preparation.

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Co2 Car Preparation. . Use scissors to cut out your Co2 car. . Co2 Car tracing. Place cutout on the Co2 car block Use a marker to trace around the cutout . Make use to put the cutout correctly on the block. . Wheel Location.

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co2 car tracing
Co2 Car tracing.

Place cutout on the Co2 car blockUse a marker to trace around the cutout.

Make use to put the cutout correctly on the block.

wheel location
Wheel Location

Use this tool to mark the location of the holes to be drilled. Press just hard enough to leave a mark.

marked hole
Marked Hole

This is how it should look.

ready to drill
Ready to Drill

Have you passed the safety Test?

Use the drill press to drill the holes for the axels.

recycle paper
Recycle Paper

If you are making cuts to the top view of your car, cut out the top view and save it in your backpack or binder.

After cutting out your designs, recycle your scrap paper in

the blue recycle box.


Put the scissors you uses back where they belong.

storing your co2 car
Storing Your Co2 Car

Make sure your name is on your Co2 car and place it in the blue cabinet at the end of class

clean up your area
Clean Up Your Area

No one will be excused from class until your area is clean and tools put away.