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Charleston Defense Contractors Association. Annual Business Meeting 29 May 2013. CDCA “Summit Committee”. Chair: Beth Waugh Co-Chair: Dave Dobry. C5ISR Summit. 12-15 Nov. 2013 Sponsorship opportunities are open Benefit by registering early!

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Presentation Transcript
Charleston defense contractors association

Charleston Defense Contractors Association

Annual Business Meeting

29 May 2013

Cdca summit committee

CDCA “Summit Committee”

Chair: Beth Waugh

Co-Chair: Dave Dobry

C5isr summit
C5ISR Summit

  • 12-15 Nov. 2013

  • Sponsorship opportunities are open

  • Benefit by registering early!

    • Sept. 30 @ 1159 PM

      • $450

    • Starting 1 Oct

      • $550

  • 1,034 Registered in 2012

Anti-Access/Area Denial Through Innovative Technologies

Theme: “Role of Maritime Service & Joint Forces for 2020”

Cdca communicator committee

CDCA “Communicator Committee”

Chair: Steve Amell

Co-Chair: Dave Dobry


  • Communicator Committee is working on the next edition

    • Due out in the summer.

    • Investigating how to involve our industry members more.

    • Plan forward will be worked out with the new BoDs in the next few weeks.

    • Still looking for additional committee members.

Cdca small business industry outreach initiative or sbioi

CDCA “Small Business & Industry Outreach Initiative or SBIOI”

Chair: Brian Lindgren

Co-Chair: Dave Dobry

Sbioi purpose mission
SBIOI Purpose& Mission

Purpose: Foster professional relationships between SSC-LANT and large and small industry businesses for the purpose of increasing potential opportunities for small businesses. Through these interactive symposia we help develop relationships based on trust, approach, and commitment gained by working relationships, continued networking, and specialized experience.

Mission: To develop a Network of Professional Competent Small Businesses that have the appropriate infrastructure, processes, and Program Management and technical skills to integrate their products and services as potential primes or subcontractors for peacetime and mission critical operations opportunities.


  • Upcoming 2013 Symposia

    • Trident Technical College, Culinary Arts Institute

      • SBIOI 29, 18 JUL 2013, 0730-1500

    • North Charleston Convention Center

      • SBIOI 30, 15 NOV 2013, 0800-1200

Cdca think tank committee

CDCA “Think Tank” Committee

Chair: Elizabeth Stober

Co-Chair: Pat Keaveny

Think tank purpose
Think TankPurpose

The focus of the Think Tank Committee is to help identify ways to improve and focus on the future. Our goal is to help define the path forward for the organization – through membership, growth, and expansion. This is also the forum where Industry and Government leaders can provide input to the CDCA.

Think tank
Think Tank

The “Think Tank” meets once a month to discuss CDCA issues and consists of the following members:

  • Elizabeth Stober

  • Pat Keaveny

  • Cynthia Holt

  • Dave Hamburger

  • Jack Moore

  • Mark Gadomski

Think tank1
Think Tank

  • Topics of Discussion:

  • Standardizing key committee associations with elected office positions (ex: Treasurer = Finance Chair)

  • Establishing job descriptions for every committee to better ensure continuity

  • Limiting BOD members to no more than 2 committee Chair/Co-Chair assignments, so as not to dilute their abilities and to “spread the wealth”

  • Researching ways to improve and update the organizations’ by-laws. Our current by-laws have not been reviewed since 2002

  • Ensuring we are up to date on all IRS documentation

  • Exploring new value initiatives to our Industry (ex: potential TEDx)

Cdca education committee

CDCA“Education Committee”

Chair: C. David Hamburger

Co-Chair: John Jones


Purpose: To nurture, educate, mentor and foster relationships with students who may one day join our industry.

Method: Continual pursuit of innovative ways to attract young talent to our industry and our region – supporting development of our youth through the existing educational infrastructure.

Connected associations
Connected Associations

  • Complementary Relationships with Other Industry Groups who are involved in Education:

    • AFCEA

    • WID

    • Navy League

    • SSC-LANT Education Program Office

    • AOC and Others…

To complement, not compete…

Summer internship metrics
Summer Internship Metrics

  • Eleven $4,000 internships awarded, 9 accepted.

  • 15 applications received from 13 corporate member companies.

  • Students represented 8 different schools.

  • Average Student GPA: 3.5, Highest: 4.0.

  • Majors: Business Management, Statistics, Computer Science and many Engineering disciplines. Also, Aerospace Engineering and Biomedical Engineering.

Summer internship 2013 activities
Summer Internship 2013 Activities

  • June 7 – Welcome and Networking Event.

  • July SBIOI Introduction & Social.

  • August Farewell Event.

Cdca social media internship
CDCA Social Media Internship

  • Title: Social Media and Internet Marketing Internship

  • 10 – 20 Hours Weekly (as needed for the CDCA Intern season).

  • Responsible for increasing our brand awareness, driving internet traffic, organizing and engaging the CDCA Summer Interns.

    • Increase CDCA internship communication and awareness.

    • Leverage social networks to strengthen relationships with existing interns.

    • Raise our CDCA web presence and placement on web searches.

Joan Rodgers

Inaugural Social Media Intern


  • Palmetto Partners

    • $25K donated in 2011

    • $15K donated in 2012

    • $10K donated in 2013

  • FRC Regional Competition Judging & Volunteer support.

  • Jack Moore - FIRST Palmetto Regional Robotics Outstanding Volunteer Award.

Low country science fair
Low CountryScience Fair

  • CDCA Members served as Judges & Judge Coordinator

  • CDCA donated $5,000 for the regional runner-up to attend the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Phoenix, AZ in June

  • Monetary awardsgiven to teachers ofwinners in all groups

Afcea scholarships

  • CDCA Supported the AFCEA Lowcountry Chapter’s Scholarship Program.

  • 2013 Donation = $6,000.

  • Former winners have participated in CDCA’s Summer Internship Program.

Charleston defense contractors association

  • CDCA donated $3,000 to support iTeams camps in the local area.

  • iTeams – Provides rising 8th and 9th graders an environment to explore economics, entrepreneurship and computer innovation.

  • GSSM will now distribute Summer Internship opportunities to GSSM alumni

Military magnet
Military Magnet

  • CDCA will be donating $5,000 in August to support various school programs and after school activities.

  • Incubating a STEM oriented, integrated learning program

    that allows teachers to engage students through the VEX IQ Curriculum as a companion to the VEX IQ platform for elementary and middle school students.

2013 budget
2013 Budget

  • Summer Internships - $63,000*

  • Robotics - $10,000*

  • AFCEA - $ 6,000

  • GSSM iTeams Camp - $ 3,000

  • Military Magnet - $ 5,000*

  • Lowcountry Science Fair - $ 5,000*

  • Grand Total $92,000

  • * Denotes committee/membership participation efforts.

Cdca philanthropic committee

CDCA“Philanthropic Committee”

Chair: Katie Arrington

Co-Chair: Bob Hayes

Our mission
Our Mission

To provide opportunities for philanthropic activities and services to the community by reviewing current and future charitable organizations that the CDCA can support with donations aimed at helping the community and the war-fighter.


  • 2013 Budget $18,000.00

  • WID/Citadel Oyster Roast Donation

    to fund the WID/Citadel Scholarship Fund $ 6,000.00

  • The “Shock Troop” Sponsor of the

    17th Annual Bulldog Challenge

    to fund the Semper Fi Society Scholarship $ 1,000.00

  • Balance remaining in 2013 Budget $ 10,800.00


  • Worked together with the Public Relations and Education committees to review requests

  • Developed a Management Process to examine requests and make recommendations to BOD based on approved CDCA budget

  • Held virtual meetings to make most effective use of time for BOD participation in Philanthropic efforts for CDCA


  • Katie Arrington


  • Bob Hayes


Cdca membership update

CDCA“Membership Update”

Chair: Charlie Templeton

Co-Chair: Jimi Elderman



    • 4 Platinum Members

    • 191 Corporate Members

    • 134 Affiliate Members

    • Total Membership— 329


  • Membership Committee

    • Formed in May 2011

      • Focusing on four areas

        • Membership renewals

        • Recruiting companies that do business with the Defense Community

        • Recruiting businesses with connections to the Defense Community

        • Representing CDCA at events in the Community, SBIOI, C5ISR Summit, etc.

Cdca political relations update

CDCA“Political Relations Update”

Chair: Ron “Buzz” Buske

Co-Chair: Steve Amell

Political relations
Political Relations


  • Perform as an advocacy group for the defense industry in the Charleston metro area and other surrounding regions.


  • Develop connections to local interest groups and individuals including local, state, and federally elected officials, chamber of commerce, technical development groups, professional military organizations and committees, and defense agency leadership.

  • Take action to provide information, solicit desired outcomes, and promote issues in the best interest of the local defense community.

  • Actively work in the best interest of SPAWAR Atlantic and the Charleston Joint Base on Military Value, Transformation and support to the Joint Warfighter.

  • Research and coordinate efforts to initiate special legislation that will help SPAWAR Atlantic perform expanded or new missions.

Political relations1
Political Relations

  • Chamber of Commerce Annual DC Fly-In

  • AFRICOM Relocation Task Force

  • Seat on Chamber of Commerce Military Relations Policy Council

  • Letter Writing campaign in opposition to Sequester and on-going CRA

  • Primary liaison to SC POLDEL for CDCA

Cdca public relations update

CDCA“Public Relations Update”

Chair: Jack Moore

Co-Chair: Beth Waugh

Public relations
Public Relations

“CDCA’s Public Relations Committee manages all official media contacts, speaking engagements, press releases, public affairs issues, and other related contacts with the media on behalf or in representation of the CDCA.”  

Cdca technology update

CDCA“Technology Update”

Chair: Dave Dobry

Co-Chair: Brian Lindgren


  • New website rolled out April 3rd

    • Major upgrade to SharePoint backend from custom CMS

    • Minor debugging in progress

    • Site will include SB Portal and integrated “members only” area

    • Committee-based navigation


  • Established Social Media Presence

  • Facebook:

    • /CharlestonDCA – Public


  • Twitter:

    • @CharlestonDCA – Public


  • LinkedIn:

    • CDCA – Members Only

    • 232 Members


  • Implemented new C5ISR Summit Registration Portal

    • Formerly RegOnline, Now Cvent

    • Allows both attendee and Sponsor Registration

    • Allows “RSVP” invitations

    • More robust features for e-mail, agendas, etc.


  • Dave Dobry


  • Brian Lindgren


      Ideas/Suggestions/Volunteers Welcome!!

Cdca finance committee

CDCA“Finance Committee”

Chair: Josh Hatter

Co-Chair: Pat Keaveny


  • CDCA is a 501(c)(6) organization; thus …

    • we do pay sales tax

    • we do file Form 990 (long-version) annually (McGuire & Associates)

    • we have no employees; therefore, we have no FICA or FUTA

    • 2 sources of revenue – memberships and annual summit

    • all banking is under one roof (Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union)

    • each revenue stream has checking and Money Market accounts, and we have a member account that holds our reserve

    • safe depository used for offsite back-ups & long-term storage

    • tools of choice include QuickBooks 2012, PayPal & Cvent

  • semi-annual internal audits – conducted by minimum of 3 board members

  • transitioned to annual invoicing – better predictability of revenue and expenses


  • Opening Balances, as of 24 May 2013:

  • Primary Savings Account $ 100,045.76

  • BAU (business-as-usual) Checking Account$ 52,227.04

  • C5ISR Conference Checking Account$ 46,816.10

  • BAU Money Market$ 150,473.29

  • C5ISR Conference Money Market$ 38,445.39

  • sub-total: $ 388,007.58

  • Activity on-hand/in queue, as of 24 May 2013:

  • accrued PayPal membership dues $ 909.10

  • accrued PayPal Summit payments $ 11,000.83

  • invoices paid, not yet cleared (6 internships = $24K) ($ 26,104.44)

  • invoices received, not yet processed for payment ($ 1,528.00)

  • Net position: $372,285.07


What questions might we answer for you?

Contracts industry council cic update

“Contracts Industry Council” (CIC) Update

Nancy Straight,CDCA BOD Liaison for CIC

Charleston defense contractors association



Purpose: To increase the degree of integration and quality of the business partnership between SSC-ATLANTIC and its industry partners. The CIC is a forum with industry partners to develop a culture of continuous improvement in order to produce better products/services for the war-fighter.

The CIC provides a forum for the exchange of ideas to enhance processes to do things smarter, better, and more efficiently and help the SPAWAR/Industry team co-evolve our technologies to maintain our competitive advantage.

Charleston defense contractors association


  • Representatives consist of two each from:

  • Small Business (as defined by NAICS 541330),

  • Medium Business (> SB size standards but not in top 20)

  • Large Business (In the top 20 of the top 100 Federal Contractor List)

    • AFCEA Appointments (3)

    • CDCA Appointments (3)

      • Steve Golle (Mid) Jun 2013

      • Don Pearsall (Large) Jun 2014

      • Ron Malec (Small) Jun 2015

  • Address issues of interest to all, not company specific concerns. 

Charleston defense contractors association1

Charleston Defense Contractors Association

Board of Director Elections

Ron Bushey

Committee: Ron Bushey, Cynthia Holt, Fred McCarthy

Bod elections
BOD Elections

  • Voting closed, midnight, 22 May 2013

  • Ballots counted, Friday, 1030-1300, 24 May 2013

  • Be Assured:

    • Electronic and hard copy ballots were protected and fully secured

    • Committee process confirmed:

      • Company membership in good standing

      • Ballots had 15 or less “X”

      • Ballots exceed Quorum requirement, 51%

Bod elections1
BOD Elections

  • Be Assured cont’d:

    • Ballots were tallied

    • Verified Tally

    • All Voting materials were signed; packaged in secure container; and deposited in CDCA archives

      No Questions or Discussion from Committee

Bod elections2
BOD Elections

Your newly elected Board of Directors are:

Newly elected bod
Newly Elected BOD

Our newly elected Board of Directors are:

  • Steve Amell

  • Katie Arrington

  • Ron “Buzz” Buske

  • Jimi Elderman

  • Mark Gadomski

  • C. David Hamburger

  • Josh Hatter

  • Andrea Julius

  • Ryan Lemire

  • Brian J. Lindgren

  • Jack Moore

  • Elizabeth Stober (Nettles)

  • Nancy Straight

  • Charlie Templeton

  • Elizabeth R. Waugh, PMP

Thank you
Thank You!

Thank you for your

support of this Association!