As clear as mud similes and metaphors
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As Clear as Mud: Similes and Metaphors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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As Clear as Mud: Similes and Metaphors. English Language Arts Eighth Grade. Content and Standard. Acquisition of Vocabulary Standard:

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As clear as mud similes and metaphors

As Clear as Mud: Similes and Metaphors

English Language Arts

Eighth Grade

Content and standard
Content and Standard

  • Acquisition of Vocabulary Standard:

    • Students acquire vocabulary through exposure to language-rich situations, such as reading books and other texts and conversing with adults and peers. They use context clues, as well as direct explanations provided by others, to gain new words. They learn to apply word analysis skills to build and extend their own vocabulary. As students progress through the grades, they become more proficient in applying their knowledge of words (origins, parts, relationships, meanings) to acquire specialized vocabulary that aids comprehension.

    • Benchmark C:

      • Recognize the importance and function of figurative language.

Purpose of this activity
Purpose of this Activity

  • The purpose of this activity is to learn the differences between metaphors and similes so that:

    • You can better understand what you’re reading

    • Create your own

    • Have better descriptors in your own stories

What is a simile
What is a simile?

  • Simile: A comparison of two things that are NOT alike, using like or as

  • Originated: 1350-1400

    (600 years ago!!)

    Latin: image, likeness,


What is a metaphor
What is a metaphor?

  • Metaphor: A figure of speech in which a comparison is made between two unlike things that actually have something in common. Does NOT use like or as.

  • Origin: 1525 – 1535, Greek: metaphorá- to transfer or carry across

What s the difference
What’s the difference??


Like or As

Like or As

Example: Snug as a bug in a rug.

Example: “Life is a zoo in a jungle” – Peter DeVries

More examples
More Examples!!

  • Metaphor

  • He is a rock.

  • My love is your drug.

  • Love is a battlefield.

  • The world is a vampire.

  • Simile

  • Slippery as an eel.

  • “Life is like a box of chocolates”

  • Tough as nails.

  • Quiet as a mouse.

Question one
Question One

True or False: The metaphor was first originated around 1350, the Latin root means image, likeness, comparison.

Question two
Question Two

True or False: A metaphor is comparison of two things that are NOT alike using like or as.

Question three
Question Three

What is the title of this presentation? A simile OR A metaphor


  • To help make your writing vivid and exciting use comparisons to help your reader understand what you are talking about.

  • Two types of comparisons are metaphors and similes.

  • A simile is a comparison using like or as, a metaphor is a comparison without using like or as.

Now it s your turn
Now it’s your turn!!!

  • With a partner develop ONE simile and ONE metaphor.

  • Do not use one we have already used.

  • Try to be original with them. If you get stuck use one that you’ve heard before.

  • Have fun!!

Extra resources
Extra Resources

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  • Casnig, J. D. (2009). Metaphor examples. Retrieved from

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The simile was first originated around 1350 and the Latin root means image, likeness,



A metaphor is a comparison of two things that are NOT alike by using like or as


The statement as clear as mud is a simile.