Albert einstein
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Albert Einstein . In my mind, one of the greatest scientist of all time…. What did he invent?/discover?. Refrigerator Watch coffee maker . About Albert….

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Albert einstein
Albert Einstein

In my mind, one of the greatest scientist of all time…

What did he invent discover
What did he invent?/discover?

  • Refrigerator Watch coffee maker

About albert
About Albert…

  • Albert was born on march 14th ,1879 In Ulm, Germany. He was very interested in Mathematics and taught himself Euclidian geometry when he was 12. Although Albert was so fascinated in academics, he did not take much interest in the curriculum that was taught at public school. When he was fifteen he wanted be a electrical engineer. He graduated as a teacher in the field of physics and mathematics in 1900.

  • In 1952 Albert was given the offer to be president of Israel but he declined it.

  • Albert died on April 18 1955 and was cremated that same day in New Jersey.

What did albert study
What did Albert study?

  • Albert was particularly fascinated in science, mathematics, and philosophy. If he didn’t study these fields he probably wouldn’t have invented or discovered anything.

How has he changed the way we think
How has he changed the way we think?

  • one day Albert took a pen paper and his brain and put together three scientific papers. One was about how light must not travel in waves but in particles through the air.

  • Another paper was about proving the existence of molecules by the question of why pollen doesn’t settle to the bottom of a glass of water. He declared that the pollen was being moved by the water molecules.

  • The last paper was about how he declared that space and time were not absolutes.

Want to know a few fun facts
Want to know a few fun facts?

  • Albert failed his first college exam.

  • He was born with an abnormally big head.

  • Einstein’s two least favorite things are socks and haircuts.

  • His two favorite things were the violin and sailing.

  • He named his violin lina.

  • Time magazine honored him as person of the century.

  • He was a “ladies man”

  • He had a very bad memory