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gue R rillA marketing

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  1. gueRrillA marketing Ing. Jiří Šnajdar 2013 Mgr. Evžen Staněk

  2. What is it guerrillA marketing ? I. Guerrilla marketing represents varied and entertaining form of clients interviewing, but also for firms which perform it, is original escape from frequently depressing marketing standards. II. Even if are used the newest research theories and all tries about explanation, still is not cleared unequivocally, what is actually guerrilla marketing and when is possible to sign some campaign or action as guerrilla and when not.

  3. Generally accepted definition of guerrilla marketing does not exist • When actually arisen the idea guerrilla marketing ? • When was realised first guerrilla campaign ? • Why actually exist guerrilla marketing ? • What complex of criterions is base of guerrilla planning, which tools are at disposal and why that all as the whole has hallmark of innovativeness. • Above stated points were and are subjects of discussion and main theme of many special congresses.

  4. Searching for reasons of formation • As customers we are in each sphere of life exposed to certain communication culture and steadily the same marketing tools “typical” for given branch, on which we are during consumable life already accustomed. • How many times we even must object to obtrusiveness or vacuity • More than 1500 advertising announcements is rolling on us every day.

  5. Consequences of this situation : • We start to depreciate advertisement, on brief case we clue not entering leaflets, at advertising pauses in television we better switch to another programme, • We learned to ignore classical advertisement and against intrusive jumping windows on internet we fight with appropriate filters. • I bet also you have among advertisements your “ favourites”, which invoke instead of coveted effect the yearning to throw away the leaflet, to switch channel or to run away as fast as possible.

  6. Here are ten personal "hits„… • Shop with men clothing invites via mass e-mails to the fashion show • The automobile manufacturer in the television commercial proclaims that the increase for leasing is essentially zero and that for used car you can get so much in return, and so much money. • Pizzeria round a corner let throw into brief casesaround, menu on two times folded A4 format. • Insurance companies are trying to bore us to death with enormous text written advertisements,withtypical „Insurance" language. • Electronics manufacturers advertise low prices and therefore their marketing budget is sufficient for the most of the desperately stupid commercials on the radio or television. Are we completely stupid?

  7. Here are ten personal "hits"….cont. • Vouchers to hotels, tips guaranteed to lottery systems and newspaper subscriptions are offered on the phone - and preferably on weekends. • Television advertisement highlighting the postal lottery that "tomorrow you will find in yourmailbox.„ • Car shows inviting on celebration of launch of new models sale, where are at disposal make-ups for children entertaining and beer is free. • General: advertising in the form of an advertisement without specific menu (such as a business card etc.). • On the purple Milka cow jumping big, hairy animals like rats. Allegedlyafter the cow has exceptional milk.

  8. Ask yourself the question: When you such a dull and always the same simple-minded questioning started to annoy ? The time of guerrilla marketing comes when the customer is not willing to respond on actions of conventional marketing or even feels to be persecuted. Guerrilla marketing is dependent on size of company. First of all we must reject the idea that exists only one form of guerrilla marketing appropriate for firms of all sizes.

  9. Does not exist anything like “the only one proper” guerrilla marketing ! There is a big difference whether the guerrilla strategy prepares small firm owned by three partners, or if the same makes company with branches in all European countries. Just the palette of tools, the companies can choose from, is in both cases fully different. Example A : In Hamburg harbour floated pontoon with extempore tennis hall, where should compete Roger Federer and Tommy Haas in friendly match. This action should contribute to propagation of famous tennis tournament of ATP series in Hamburg.

  10. Example B : Architectonic office directed by its owners entrusted with execution of direct mail campaign a messenger service with courier-singers, who will personally hand over the delivery to recipient and at the same time sing a short song about sender. Guess which one from these actions fetched up very fast almost in all media and which one had more work to be mentioned in at least one or two newspapers ?

  11. Reporters hastened to Haas and Federer in action. The original campaign with not traditional messenger service had not at realisation such an actual attention of media, but it does not mean that would be less successful. From altogether twenty firms, where were the singing couriers, 8 firms reacted on the invitation for personal interview and made an appointment with our architects.

  12. Campaigns of guerrilla marketing differ according to size of given company. • Large companies which are oriented on mass market are more dependent on references about their actions in media and therefore must at planning of theirs campaigns follow two targets : • guerrilla campaign to properly accost target customers on chosen place and they would further hand over its message (“first public”) and • medial communication about guerrilla actions, that should secure accosting of larger circle of recipients (“second public”).

  13. Small companies with their guerrilla actions aim primary on target customer. Target of their original and innovative campaigns is to surprise the consumer, to make perception and persuade him about propriety of its product or service. When media will inform about these actions, so better, but this is only a secondary target. Small firms their campaigns aim directly on target customer.

  14. That the preparation of press messages has in guerrilla campaigns of smaller firms lower priority means, that success is assessed firstly according to that, if the campaign reached its marketing target, secondly according to that, if this success was more intensive thanks to information given to media. In case B was the assignment “to arrange an appointment with less four from twenty carefully chosen companies.” Finally succeeded to make a personal appointment with even eight firms.

  15. Therefore also in this case it is possible to talk about success, especially in comparing with classical direct mail, which has average successfulness 3 % only - in this case decided for personal interview almost half of recipients. Further it is possible that when about the interesting campaign will inform media, about the architecture office will learn also other companies and will intend to learn its work more in detail. It might be next month or a business partner will notice this article next year. Subsidiary effect – but it is a coincidence only, it cannot be banked on. Therefore the main target of the action was to persuade the primary recipients accosted by singing couriers and the media attention was only secondary.

  16. Guerrilla marketing is … original • Attention is rare commodity, many firm lack for it because of awkwardly made marketing campaigns, • accosting is disturbing and bothering • or happen in bad time • or are boring • Ever less the campaign leaves profounder impression. – Exactly for this aims guerrilla marketing. • Among others this mean that the right guerrilla campaign must be the first of its kind and also in the future cannot be repeated or used for other company.

  17. Aimed and appropriate usage of guerilla means Guerrilla sources need to be treated with caution, as long constantly starting new and new guerrilla strategy is ultimately not at all original. Customer gradually realize that your campaign is substantially different from the current marketing and begin to expect it from you. So you must permanently escalate the level, to reach required effect you must every time not only jump the primary level but you must add more. And alas, if you fail!

  18. Therefore use your original ideas with forethought and evaluate good dosing. • Do not forget you always must be able to overcome it. • Other approach leads to firm´s originality inflation – yours clients will become tired and demandingness of yours campaigns will become (financial) non endurable. • Originality from your side also demands performing of profound searches. • To them belongs also periodic searching in internet, there we must look for guerrilla campaigns made in your country and also abroad. • Campaign, you are thinking about, you should start only then when you are completely sure that for the present did not proceed anywhere.

  19. Guerilla marketing is … surprising • Alfa and omega of guerrilla marketing is moment of surprising and its effect. • The basic assumption of success is also in this case detail knowledge of your target group. Here belongs also information where your clients stay during the day, at work, sport etc. • Positive knowledge is necessary to consider at planning of yours guerrilla actions, the realisation must be there, where are your potential clients.

  20. Most of guerrilla action is performing in very frequent localities, as pedestrian zones, shopping centres, markets or mass social actions. • Clear positive in this case is the possibility to accost big amount of people, who can further refer about them. • Contrary must be placement of such an action good thought over, to minimise lost given by insufficient aim - occurrence of too big amount of people, who do not belong to addresses of your offer. • This is not only problem of guerrilla marketing and is valid generally for all marketing actions, but at guerrilla campaigns this it the key factor. These must be successful for the first time, otherwise you would repeat and this inescapably means loss of originality.

  21. Guerrilla marketing leaves conventional ways trodden by traditional marketing. • This can happen because you temporary, spatially and in chosen form leave known advertising terrain and enter into daily world of your customers completely anew. • In this way can be your action unexpected, because it this sphere is for recipient new and unusual that your accost has direct connection to his immediate situation. • You integrate the client directly into your firm communication and so reduce nature distance between salesperson and consumer. • At once comes to interaction between you and customer, who is not degraded any more only on consumer of advertisement, but from him is required reaction. Decisive is always positive context, also moment of surprising, that will be by recipient perceived positive.

  22. Guerrilla marketing is … financial advantageous • Example : stolen stairs • on the right and left rear window of a car, so on place where of usually put up offers of type “For sale” was clued paper with text. The car parked direct the main entrance to Mönchengladbachs Spring exhibition, information and sale fair in sphere of commercial, trade, services and industry. The exhibition lasts 10 days and usually come about hundred of thousand people. • On the paper was following text : “At burglary was stolen our beautiful wooden stairs”. This stairs, which is illustrious sample of woodwork, was last seen between ground floor and first floor. Used material was beech massive. To this chair we have very strong emotional binding, because it is absolutely unique object. We welcome any help at searching for our stairs. All tips leading to finding of lost stairs will be considered for confidential information Telephone xxx xxxxxx.

  23. For everybody, who was so curious after reading this paper that called on the stated telephone number, waited answering machine with following message : “Good morning wishes joinery Hermans. It is very nice of you to help us with looking for our stolen stairs. But probably you would like to have similar stairs from hand of master craftsman and you would invite more information. No problem. Please leave your name and address and we send you required information immediately. If you prefer personal meeting, leave your telephone number. Yours joinery Hermans.” This “detective” appeal noticed the second day also editors from local newspaper and even gave this message editorial on title page. Thanks to it knew about this “trip to fictive robbery” some visitors in advance and this financial modest, but very successful action, had very big attention.

  24. The result was almost 90 callers, • they left their address on the answering machine. • The joinery sent by post to all of them its information materials. Thanks to this piece of paper, clued behind the window, concluded the owner of the firm 24 new orders. No one was for stairs … • The example of fictive stairs robbery shows, that .. • Guerrilla marketing can by customers extinguish their aversion against advertisement • lighten marketing budget.

  25. This is valid not only for guerrilla actions of small companies. When you take into consideration that for example full-page advertisement in German magazine ADAC-Motorwelt costs 102 000 euro and for this price is issued only once, is also for marketing departments of large companies reasonable to look for guerrilla marketing. Also forasmuch as the person looks at the advertisement 2 seconds in average. Guerrilla marketing if … flexible “We do not suffer for deficiency of new ideas, we suffer that there is no one to realise it. We have too many consultants, but too less people to realise heir ideas.” (Norbert Blüm, 1997)

  26. Always be one step before competition • while they will be thinking over and discuss, you will work on realisation of your decision. • Guerrilla not go around the bush and instead try to implement their plans. • This of course does not mean that your guerrilla campaign should not be prepared carefully. • But when you would have feeling that an action prepared for 99 % and action prepared for 100 % divides still few weeks of work, there is no place to hesitate and better start immediately (these values  can vary according to rate of risk and potential asset). • Do not let the complexity of implementation outweigh the expected benefits of the upcoming guerrilla action!

  27. When you see a possibility to obtain with your action attention of customers prior to your competition, you must not uselessly lose the time. Many guerrilla proceedings is possible to plan and realise during very short time. And when the prepared project requires longer preparations, you should also think over alternative solutions. • You should never start anything from obstinacy only. Also here pays the rule, that to command to withdrawal in time can finally bring better results than to try to reach the original aim at all costs.

  28. WHAT CAN GIVE YOU GUERRILLA MARKETING ? • Guerrilla marketing has one main target – to bind attention to your product, your service, your firm. • But only attention alone is for nothing. Once Benetton with its inconsistent billboard campaign obtained attention of all Germany, but did not sell any pullover more than before. • But also exist examples, when was attention of end group obtained by positive and pleasant way, without bringing any benefit to said firm. Which firm for example is behind successful computer game Moorhuhn ? It is Johnnie Walker, but practically nobody knows about it.

  29. Message of your company must “fit” Original action on its own can help you to get the attention of clients. But successful guerrilla campaign must go much further. The target is not only to restrict expenses. Firstly it is message, that you hand over through your campaign.

  30. Practical tip • Message of your campaign should : • show clearly that its transmitter is your firm • contain certain statement, i.e. inform about concrete advantages • be understandable • entertain • have direct connection with your offer of products or services • respect ethical, cultural and religious values • correspond with your end group and • be credible • Create your own identity !

  31. Typical habits of your guerrilla campaigns as innovativeness, creativity and originality will delegate on your firm identity and increase your value. • Equally delegates on your firm identity also character of messages of your guerrilla actions. • The aim of these efforts would be while to get your customers clearly in the spirit and long ranked by subjective image that you create them in the sight of yourmarketing strategy.

  32. Building of firm image • Image and position of the firm is according to what customers obey at their purchase decisions. • Customer does not want, before he decides, each situation new analyse and view. • So look after that, to help with clear identity to ease the customer his decision as much as possible and to influence his in your benefit. • Yours customers should know what you can offer them, what you symbolise and why they should shop by you, not by competition. • If you succeed, you obtain margin before your competition, you broken through a zone, through which can never pervade non-profiled, unimpressive and indecipherable firms. • Thanks to this success you do not need to show permanently your capability to your customers.

  33. HOW DO I FIND THE PROPER IDEA ? I cannot force ourselves to creativity. Practical tip. Questions for structuring of process of searching for creative ideas How is the definition of my target ? Who is the recipient of my guerrilla action ? What is the asset for customer ? What budget I have to disposal ? What local know-how can I use ? What guerrilla actions were realised in my branch ? What I liked on it ? What I did not like at all ? What could we use in modifying version ?

  34. Not to think about unnecessarily complicated events - customers often inspire things quite simple. “What guerrilla actions were already in my branch realised ? Here belong also guerrilla actions from other branches, you extremely liked, you found them very humorous or were good. “What could we use in modifying version?” But you must not under no circumstances “copy” from others, because it would be not only boring, but also awkward. But : Also in this view is possible here and there close eye a little. If given campaign was not realised directly round the corner and was about totally other branch, it is fully legitimate when you use it as inspiration for own idea.

  35. Thanks to local specimens, other end groups and different offer will differ process and final form of your campaign and original model. If you find satisfying answer to each of above stated questions and inspiration will be always far away, use sources in your immediate surrounding : Acquaint also your colleagues with found answers and let them to think over and try to use their creativity. Sometimes you learn that some colleagues wait only for similar opportunity to be able to present an idea which they have for long time in the head.

  36. Guerrilla project represents for employees opportunity to engage also besides normal work duties, what can be very motivated. Into searching for creative ideas it is possible to integrate also your friends. These can also good be used as control of usability of your idea. Show them your idea and then follow good their reactions. Tell them that you want to hear honest critics, because with misleading compliments they can lose your money.

  37. Similarly you can this discussion club create also with your business partners. It happens often that if you have no idea for yourself, when it deals with others, it goes easy. In such cases you look at the things straight, do not complicate uselessly your life and you do not think over every small-mindedness. And this works also by your partners, it would be disadvantage to let the potential by. And do not forget – most of the successful guerrilla actions is in nature exceptionally simple ! To not be forced only to own conclusion it is better to do after a small “research in terrain”.

  38. When you have an idea for guerrilla action, first of all you should get round if it has healthy root : • Invite 2-4 of your customers, with them you have closer relationship and their opinion is important for you. With them you can perform generalisation of your action or you can describe them your campaign in detail. • Because we cannot follow all customers at once, we should invite some colleagues to help us. • Very important for you are immediate reactions of your clients and theirexpression. • Consecutively discuss this action with your customers and compare their answers with immediate reactions, you recorded. When you hear from your customers that you can start with the campaign, it is O.K.

  39. Even if the idea is the most creative and original, can cause you marked damage. Mostly in these cases suffers the firm image, but even more often we meet with threats of financial affects, sometimes are really imposed on. Partly are guilt also faults at campaign preparation. Ever more often we can meet with defensive mechanisms, that put a stop to any guerrilla actions, especially those making in public area. On one side it is of course understandable, but it is essential to perceive, that similar restrictive steps run out of the effect – they cannot stop realisation of guerrilla actions and only press their authors to bigger originality and creativity.

  40. In guerrilla marketing found small and middle companies hole in the wall, they can thanks to flexible and original actions reach that, what they could reach before only with the biggest difficulties and by spending big amount of money – accost in effective way the end group of recipients and make them to buy its product. Effort to wall up this hole by restrictive law regulations is necessary to consider for trifling and from economical view for wrong steps.  But Attention, do not become a victim of guerrilla ! Do not give your competitors the opportunity to come out with requirement of financial compensation, that could raise the price. Therefore keep all the law regulations, connected with your entertainment and author rights.

  41. Guerrilla “The Ten Commandments” You will not get on peoples´ nerves. You will not waste means. You will not be boring. In your campaigns you will not discriminate any animals or humans. You will not copy any others. You will not lie. You will not flood letter-boxes of yours neighbours with advertisement. You will irritate. You will entertain. You will differ from others.