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How Idencard digital business card app for iPhone and Android work PowerPoint Presentation
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How Idencard digital business card app for iPhone and Android work

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How Idencard digital business card app for iPhone and Android work - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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As one of the best electronic digital business card apps for Android and iPhone, IDENCARD helps you share your contact details and business information virtually with almost anyone on any device around the world instantly, thence providing business owners a sublime opportunity to grow their business network. As such, IDENCARD provides you a modern digital business card app solution for Android and iPhone that resonates with your brand’s image, creates a compelling and authentic modern impression on your prospects, and multiplies ROI.

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How Idencard digital business card app for iPhone and Android work

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. IDENCARD Create a lasting first impression with digital business cards and grow your business beyond boundaries IDENCARDs REACH WHERE YOU AND YOUR PHYSICAL CARDS - CAN’T

    2. HOW IT WORKS Sign up for a free account to create your first IDENCARD in less than 1 minute Exchange IDENCARDs with anyone on any device through email, Whatsapp, or chat Scan the QR code of the IDENCARD you receive to add the sender to your list of connections Keep connecting to unleash a multitude of business networking benefits

    3. WHY DIGITAL CARDS SAVE TIME AND COST Creating digital business cards is way to affordable than getting physical cards designed and printed GO GLOBAL Connect, engage and publicize your business concepts globally SUPERFAST SHARING Share your cards with anyone around the world almost instantly MAKING CHANGES TO YOUR CARD DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE TO SPEND MORE Reduce cost associated with getting a business card reprinted for changes. Modify information on your digital cards anytime, instantly KEEP YOUR CONTACTS UPDATED WITH YOUR LATEST PROFILE Changes you make to your digital cards are visible on people’s devices almost instantly

    4. WHY IDENCARD IT DOESN’T GET EASIER IDENCARD’s simple, user-friendly interface gives you the power to create, share and manage multiple cards easily from within a single app CREATE CUSTOM THEMES Create a theme or background color that best resonates with your brand’s image SMART, REAL-TIME NOTIFICATIONS Get instant notifications anytime your contacts make changes to their IDENCARD profiles CUSTOMIZE ON-THE-GO One-tap to edit/update information logged in on your IDENCARD smart digital business cards CONTACT MANAGEMENT Managing your IDENCARD connection is as simple as simplest TAKE NOTES AND SET REMINDERS Reminders and note-taking is an everyday aspect of every business – IDENCARD just makes it simpler

    5. IDENCARD FOR BUSINESS 90-DAY FREE TRIAL Try all premium IDENCARD business features free for 90 days to create, manage and verify employee identities VERIFIED EMPLOYEES Once the information logged in on an employee’s digital business card is verified by the business owner, the employee profile becomes verified, which guarantees information authenticity and prevents spam BRING YOUR TEAM ONBOARD Add as many employees to IDENCARD as you prefer. Choose ‘Bulk Upload’ to add multiple employees at once

    6. IDENCARD BENEFITS FOR BUSINESSES 78% OF BUSINESS CARDS ARE THROWN AWAY AFTER LESS THAN A WEEK As with any physical thing, paper-based cards are prone to getting forgotten, misplaced or ignored. Digital cards are more likely to be retained by people and used anytime required, thence increasing the conversion value for which a business card is prepared. DYNAMIC SOCIAL LINKS With physical cards, it is impossible to convince someone to visit your social profiles, not you can get all your social URLs printed on a small card. Digital cards come handy in this sense as you can easily embed links to your social profiles that are clickable and more likely to attract people. CONTACT MANAGEMENT CRM is a massive drain on time and resources. The real drive behind digital business cards is ‘contact management’ as they help businesses quickly and accurately do volumes of networking tasks.

    7. IDENCARD BENEFITS FOR BUSINESSES DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION IDENCARD supports your modern brand image. With more and more businesses making a move towards digital transformation, digital cards have become a modern-day must-have trend and those not following it are somewhat lagging behind. IDENCARD helps you stand out and channelize more traffic to your website and social profiles, along with helping you convey an innovative, modern and consistent message to your potential business leads. IDENCARD COMPLEMENTS YOUR PHYSICAL CARDS Love your physical cards? Well, retain them. The biggest mistake people make is that they consider digital cards as a complete replacement for physical cards, as they are competent enough to be. However, their true beauty is when they are paired with physical cards to leave nothing untouched, which helps you reach leads across all platforms and geo-locations. Use them alone or let them complement your physical cards to accentuate your lead capturing and nurturing campaigns.

    8. JOIN THE GREEN INITIATIVE • Over the last decade or so, digital transformation has given businesses a never-seen-before opportunity to reduce the use of paper in their day-to-day operations, which not just saves overhead expenses but also plays a pivotal role in joining the global green revolution for environmental conservation. • Adopt IDENCARD to: • Reduce the use of paper to cut operational costs • Save paper, thus the trees being chopped down recklessly, and become responsive to nature

    9. 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IDENCARD comes along with the following add-on benefits that take it a step ahead of the curve as compared to other similar apps: DEDICATED CUSTOMER SUPPORT We never sell and forget it. Should you or your employees face any issues with IDENCARD, our dedicated customer service is just a call away LIFETIME FREE UPDATES Our free regular app updates accentuate the functionality and security of your IDENCARD app to the latest in practice NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT Be sure, your privacy is important to us. We never sell, rent, trade or lease your profile information to anyone under any circumstances

    10. OWN A BUSINESS? Take your first step towards digital transformation, today. Get smart digital business cards app for iPhone and Android today. START USING IDENCARD Download and install IDENCARD on your Android or iOS device now.

    11. STILL THINKING? Contact our representatives on the email address given below to learn more about how IDENCARD can revamp the way your business looks, works, and behaves. We generally respond within less than 48 business hours.