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The changing student experience of Tier Four compliance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The changing student experience of Tier Four compliance. An overview of how the University of Edinburgh's approach to Tier Four requirements has been shaped by the student experience from 2009 to the present day.

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The changing student experience of tier four compliance

The changing student experience of Tier Four compliance

An overview of how the University of Edinburgh's approach to Tier Four requirements has been shaped by the student experience from 2009

to the present day

Student Administration are responsible for providing services to all students throughout their time at the University of Edinburgh and for supporting Colleges and Schools and other student services in delivering a high quality student experience.

Student Administration comprises the following departments

The old days
The old days . . . .



A change in perception
A change in perception?

Reduction of net migration to the tens of thousands

The points based immigration system
The Points-Based Immigration System

  • Total overhaul of immigration system

  • Intended to mirror NZ and Australian systems

  • Left responsibility for students entering the UK in hands of ‘sponsors’

  • Introduced ‘sponsorship duties’

  • ‘Best and brightest’

2009 the beginning
2009 – the beginning . . .

  • Dramatic change in perception of UK HE

  • Statutory requirements – reputation irrelevant

  • No agreement – no international students

  • Concept of ‘monitoring’ – Orwellian?

  • Hostile experience to study in?

  • Staff overloaded with info

What to do
What to do?

  • Ever changing guidance

  • No clarification available from UKBA

  • Staff in admissions/student support/exams etc all now expected to be immigration experts

  • Lengthy UKBA timescales (2years?)

  • Ultimately – a struggle

Tier four compliance at uoe
Tier Four compliance at UoE

  • Registration

  • Data collection

  • Attendance monitoring

  • Reporting

  • CAS issuance


  • Documents provided in support of registration as scans or photocopies

  • All printed and data-entered manually

  • Teams handling this task not immigration specialists

  • Scale of task could lead to delays


  • Documents provided by upload (laptop/phone)

  • All checked by trained specialists

  • Average 48 hour turnaround in verifying

  • Data available through EUCLID as soon as uploaded


  • All sponsorship info held on database in Student Admin

  • No access for non-Student Admin staff

  • Students had no oversight of data held

  • Hard for schools and colleges to advise students on options


  • *18 months development*

  • New ‘Immigration Overview’ allows schools, colleges and support teams access to sponsorship data

  • All sponsorship fields available in BI

  • Students able to view and update passport/visa details and documents through MyEd


  • ‘Tier Four Census’ operating outside UoE monitoring approach

  • Staff working in Census unsure of purpose

  • Customer service not a priority

  • Information not available to school and college staff

  • Student resentment


  • Staff working in Census fully briefed and able to answer queries

  • Part of main SEAM policy

  • Customer service prioritised

  • Student absences permitted with school authorisation

  • All data available in EUCLID

  • Exam attendance monitoring from Dec 2014

  • Improved compliance at audit


  • Presumption students knew when reporting would happen

  • Notification of reporting not made to students

  • Staff not aware of circumstances leading to report being made

  • Advisory services not flagged as available

  • No oversight for schools/college/support areas


  • Students sent detailed email when report made

  • Reporting information available through EUCLID and BOXI

  • Automatic change of ‘sponsored?’ status of student in EUCLID following report – real-time data

  • IO services flagged to all reported students

  • 2015 - training on reporting


  • No one point of contact

  • Staff specialist in other areas having to keep immigration knowledge current

  • Main student record not always correct at time of issuance

  • Large workload for school and college staff at already busy periods

  • Presented risk in event of audit


  • One point of contact for continuing student CAS issuance

  • Webpages dedicated to CAS issuance to be published (EOY)

  • 24 hour turnaround in 90% of cases

  • Student record issues addressed at point of CAS issuance

  • Increased compliance at audit

  • Centralised CAS issuance for new students

  • A ‘living’ sponsorship record available to students through MyEd

  • Automated emails reminding students of their visa and passport expiry dates

  • Training sessions for staff on reporting

  • ‘Terms and conditions’ of sponsorship to prevent confusion regarding Tier Four conditions

  • Passport and visa verification at start of session

Any questions
Any questions?

Kate Monroe

Operations Manager, Immigration Compliance

Student Administration

[email protected]

Ext: 51 4071