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Social Life and Dating

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Social Life and Dating . Chapter 2 Lesson 4. Dating Activity. In groups of 3, no more, no less, you will read one article and summarize it for your group. Each member of the group will have a different article.

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social life and dating

Social Life and Dating

Chapter 2 Lesson 4

dating activity
Dating Activity
  • In groups of 3, no more, no less, you will read one article and summarize it for your group.
    • Each member of the group will have a different article.
    • You will be given 10 minutes to read the article and write down a half page summary of the article.
    • You will then have 15 minutes to share your article with your group.
    • We will discuss each article as a class!!!
group dating
Group Dating
  • Focus Question:
    • Write down a list of responsible and safe things to do on a group date.
group dating1
Group Dating
  • Benefits of group dating:
    • Comfort
    • Gaining an understanding of what kind of person you enjoy the most
    • Common interests to break the ‘ice’.
    • Friends looking out for you to keep you safe!
group dating2
Group Dating
  • Gender Roles and Dating
    • Gender Role- the way a person acts and the feelings and attitude he or she has about being male or female
      • Your view of the opposite sex have been shaped mainly by the adults around you.
      • Its important to show respect to both males and females. They both deserve equal opportunities.
      • RESPECT is essential in dating situations.
dating guidelines
Dating Guidelines
  • Talk to your parents to set the guidelines!
    • Its important to know what they expect from you and your date!!!!
    • Follow parents’ guidelines to avoid conflict!
      • Do not date anyone without your parent’s approval
      • Discuss parent’s expectations before going on a date
      • Tell them your plans for the date.
      • Make transportation arrangements clear!
      • Introduce your date to your parents.
      • Carry a phone with you.
      • Call home if you get uncomfortable!!!
focus question
Focus Question
  • In a recent study, 70% of teens said that the boy usually asked the girl out on a first date; only 3% said the girl usually asked the boy out. The rest of the sample said that the decision to go out was a mutual one.
    • What do you think about these findings? Are they true to real life in Garnet Valley? Do you think that it is fair for the boy to ask the girl out the majority of the time? Or can girls ask boys out?
setting limits and showing affection
Setting Limits and Showing Affection
  • Once you get to know someone well, you might start to experience affection for that person.
  • Affection:
    • Warm feelings toward another person. Sometimes called “chemistry”.
    • Being physically close, holding hands, hugging, or kissing are all examples of showing affection.
setting limits and showing affection1
Setting Limits and Showing Affection
  • Responsible ways to show affection:
    • Share feelings
    • Take a walk together hand in hand
    • Make a gift for the person
    • Hug
    • Teach each other something new
    • Plan a surprise for the other person.
reasons to set limits
Reasons to Set Limits
  • Its important to set limits so you do not let your feelings of affection lead you to actions that you will later regret!!!
  • Reasons to set limits:
    • Keep the trust of your parents
    • Keep your self-respect
    • To protect your reputation
    • Avoid guilty feelings
    • Reduce the risk of becoming infected with STD’s or HIV/AIDS
    • Avoid pregnancy
    • Protect yourself from becoming a teen parent!
setting limits
Setting Limits
  • Assume that you have been going out with the same boy or girl for the past few months. Things are getting more serious, and you have not set limits on affection yet.
  • Explain how you would go about setting limits with this person.
    • Tell what you would say, when you would say it, and how you would say it!
    • You will work on your own and turn it in!