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  1. Ohio ½ Year Update DIGITAL: New this year: “ONLINE DIRECT MAIL DROP” Coupons are placed online at an individual store level through Facebook. HONOR THEM! We are running digital in March, May and July DATABASE: THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR STORE: RETAIL ADVERTISING STARTS IN THE STORE! Ohio currently has 3,294customers in their database! Keep Collecting! We are sending emails out monthly. If you don’t have customers in the database – nobody will receive your emails! Need new cards? Email Stephanie! New Address: Please start mailing your completed cards to our NEW OFFICE: 309 E. Morehead Street Ste. 100, Charlotte, NC 28202 DATABASE INCENTIVE: 32” TV’s have been ordered for every store on local ad. We will be giving those away in store to promote the DATABASE PROGRAM and increase your customer list! TABLETS: Tablets have been ordered and you should be receiving yours soon! The tablet is designed to draw customers in to YOUR database & make it easy for customers to sign in! Track frequent customers vs. “1 timers” Run ad campaigns accordingly Offer incentives for multi-visits vs. discounts on each visit WAYNE COUNTY SPEEDWAY: Date: July 26th– Gates open at 3:00pm; Hospitality opens at 4:00pm; Race starts at 7:30 Each store receives 2 free tickets (each additional ticket is $10). If you want tickets please contact Kristin Flory at OR 330-465-2365. DEALER SHOWS: $20K budgeted for each show Stark County DATE: Sept 18th Cleveland Dealer Show – Venue and Date TBD – need to discuss HANDY RANDY TV SHOW: 4 NAPA commercials per show/1 on air promotion/1 live guest per month. March - December Username: OhioDC Password: adcouncil Keep visiting your communication site for important, up to date local and national NAPA information.