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Unit 1 Review. Intro. Native Americans. Origin Myths. Iroquois Constitution. Dekandawidah proposed a constitution to the 5 Iroquois nations. Made ritual for when candidate lord was installed. Said the leaders should be thick skinned – not easily offended.

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Iroquois constitution
Iroquois Constitution

  • Dekandawidah proposed a constitution to the 5 Iroquois nations.

  • Made ritual for when candidate lord was installed.

  • Said the leaders should be thick skinned – not easily offended.

  • Said not to ignore warnings of others.

The earth on turtle s back
The Earth on Turtle’s Back

  • Skyland chief’s wife expecting.

  • Dream depicted removal of Great Tree- husband followed dream

  • Wife fell through hole left by tree with seeds in hand

  • Caught by swans; other marine animals determined she needed land.

  • Duck, Beaver, Loon, Muskrat tried to dive and get ground from ocean floor.

  • Only Muskrat succeeded; placed dirt on turtle’s back which became whole world. Woman planted seeds which grew into grass and trees.

When grizzlies walked upright
When Grizzlies Walked Upright

  • Carved hole in sky and pushed all snow and ice below til was Mount Shasta.

  • Walked down mountain – from footsteps rivers formed. Where finger touched grew a tree.

  • Broke giant stuck – longer became beaver and otter, smaller were fish. Largest were bears – walked upright.

  • Brought family to earth, daughter disobeyed him and poked head out of smoke hole – wind dragged her away. Grizzlies found her and raised her. She had a family with the grizzlies who became Indians.

  • Chief of Sky Spirits outraged- made bears walk on all fours.

Navajo origin legend
Navajo Origin Legend

  • 12th day : dried selves with cornmeal. Blue & Black Body carried bucksin. White Body carried white and yellow corn.

  • Bucksin head to west : on top, corn with tips to east Beneath, eagle feather of corresponding color. Another bucksin on top with head to east. White wind blew from east, yellow from west, through the skins.

  • When buckskin lifted, corn was gone and a man and woman were there instead. White into man. Yellow into woman. Fingerprints are from the wind blowing through buckskins.

Christopher columbus
Christopher Columbus

  • Sailed in 1492

  • Wanted Queen Isabella to Finance Voyage

  • Landed on the Bahamas – Mistaken for India

    • Named the island San Salvador

  • Wrote to try and impress the Queen to keep her funding

John smith
John Smith

  • Egotist

  • Lead first successful colony in North America

    • Jamestown

    • President for One Year

  • Embellished his stories to make himself look good

  • Befriended Pocahontas

    • Life saved by her when Indians tried executing him

    • Treated Indians Harshly

  • The General History of Virginia

William bradford
William Bradford

  • Helped to found Massachussetts Bay Colony

    • Re-elected as governor 30 times

  • Signed peace treaty with the Indians

  • Of Plymouth Plantation

  • More humble and realistic

  • Faced many hardships

    • Disease, starvation, etc.

Olaudah equiano

  • Prince in Benin

  • Sold into Slavery

  • 11 when enslaved

    • Wasn’t shackled

  • Became ill so kept on deck

  • Later bought his freedom

  • Ship crowded and unsanitary


  • Woman who wrote about her husband

    • Expressed great love for her husband

    • Frowned upon because it wasn’t about god

  • Angered the people

  • Lived in Massachusetts Bay Colony

    • Puritan


  • Westfield Massachussetts

  • Harvard College

  • Minister

  • Physician

  • Regarded as one of best colonial poets

  • Huswifery

    • Praised god


  • Brilliant

  • Puritan Preacher

  • Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

  • Became leader of Great Awakening

    • Religious revival

  • Made 6 Hour Sermon

    • Struck fear into people