Ted 633 final project english single subject authorization
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TED 633 Final Project English single subject authorization. Laurel Greene. CCSS of Focus. Literacy standards for grades 11-12 CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.11-12.2 Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing.

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Ted 633 final project english single subject authorization

TED 633 Final ProjectEnglish single subject authorization

Laurel Greene

Ccss of focus
CCSS of Focus

Literacy standards for grades 11-12


Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing.


Observe hyphenation conventions.


Spell correctly.

Learning goals
Learning Goals

  • To create a resource guide of CCSS related books, lesson plans, games, technologies and the like that will provide me further knowledge of teaching grammar in high school

  • I will practice developing an assessment that I can use to gauge my students learning of grammarthrough the context of their writing

  • To end this class with an organized guide of resources that I will have going in to the classroom. I do not have this now, so it will show achievement in that I will have found valuable resources that I can use in the classroom that I did not have before the class

  • I will organize these resources on my website and create and upload a PowerPoint that will present my findings

Resource guide
Resource Guide

CCSS related lesson plans, articles and resources related to grammar

Ccss grammar lesson plans and games
CCSS Grammar Lesson Plans and Games

  • Good Advice on Aphorisms and Commas the Easy Way

  • Grammar Journals

  • Show, Don’t Tell Writing Lessons

  • Skillswise English and Math for Adults

  • Provides videos, games and etc. on grammar directed towards high school students

Articles books and websites
Articles, Books and Websites

  • Grammar, the Common Core State Standards, and Grammar Gallery by Roberta Stathis, P.h.D. and Patrice Gotsch, M.A.T.

  • 10 Tips for Teaching Grammar According to Common Core by Lauren Davis

  • Responding to Student Needs in Grammar: What’s a Teacher to Do? By Jill Cappa and Cara Gutzner Jefferson

  • What English Classes Should Look Like in the Common Core Era by Valerie Strauss

  • Pathways to Common Core: Accelerating Achievements by Lucy Calkins, Mary Ehrenworthand Christopher Lehman

  • Take Five! For Language Arts: 180 bell-ringers that build critical-thinking skills by Kaye Hagler

Writing assessment
Writing Assessment

  • Assessment of grammar should be done in the context of writing

  • Students each are given a manila envelope and choose a code name for their folder (for anonymity)

  • Students place writing sample in folder and students are given opportunities to peer edit and provide feedback

  • Students review feedback and choose which ones they found most helpful. They write a note back to those who gave the most helpful feedback. The teacher will put those notes in the corresponding manila envelopes for students to review

  • This allows students to practice editing on other student work and to analyze and learn from their peers editing of their own work. Students can revise their works based on the suggested edits.

  • The teacher collects the envelopes and can review what concepts are being learned and which need further reinforcement based on the writing samples

Strategies for teaching grammar to diverse learners
Strategies for Teaching Grammar to Diverse Learners

  • Peer writing tutors allows struggling learners to get additional support and high achieving learners the ability to go a step beyond the assignment

  • Allow for a variety of project opportunities. It allows students to take ownership and gives confidence

  • Provide reference materials to foster independent learning and allow students support while writing and opportunities to take things a step forward and enhance their writing

What did i learn
What did I learn?

  • This project allowed me to gain better insight into the changes that are coming with common core

  • I was able to plan how I will create a writing based assessment that allows me to see how students are improving and also allows students to learn from their peers, practice editing and revising writing and see how grammar rules improve reading and writing

  • I created a good resource guide focused on my weakest area, grammar. I now have done the previous searching for good resources and will enter into the classroom with those materials