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Chapter Three THE WIFE PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter Three THE WIFE

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Chapter Three THE WIFE
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Chapter Three THE WIFE

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  1. Chapter ThreeTHE WIFE


  3. A. Women are equally gifted and equally ACCEPTED by the Lord.

  4. 1. In the New Testament, women were accepted, just as men, when it came to pouring out God’s supernatural GIFTS.

  5. 2. Women filled the role of PROPHETS and other ministries.

  6. B. Women have always been equal with men, but their “ROLE” in life is different.

  7. C. We must bring marriages and the roles of husbands and wives back to BIBLICAL standards, if we want to see the marriage institution restored as God has intended it to be.

  8. II. THE WIFE.

  9. A. Her RELATIONSHIP with her husband.

  10. 1. The wife is to be SUBMISSIVE to her husband.

  11. 2. Biblical submission and subjection does not advocate being used like a doormat, or being treated DISRESPECTFULLY.

  12. 3. There is a difference between “OBEDIENCE” and “submission.”

  13. a. The word “submission” in its proper understanding, means “INTELLIGENTLY” yielding” to proper authority.

  14. b. The CHOICE is made out of love for her husband, and obedience to the will of God.

  15. c. To be subdued, “brought under by force of power,” is completely different than making an intelligent choice to yield to another power for HONORABLE reasons.

  16. 4. God has predestined a Church, but has not FORCED anyone to be part of the Church.

  17. a. When we make such a choice to surrender and yield to His Spirit, it is done out of LOVE, because He loved us first.

  18. 5. The same goes for the role of a woman, in relationship to her HUSBAND.

  19. a. She submits out of love and choice, because it is the RIGHT thing to do.

  20. 6. Submission is more than behavior; it is an inward ATTITUDE.

  21. a. Submission does not make robots or puppets out of anyone taking away their personality, but it ENHANCES it.

  22. 7. If a husband demands ungodly, or unbiblical actions from his wife, or if he refuses to allow her to serve the Lord, she must make the…

  23. …correct choice, which is to do the will of GOD, rather than the will of man.

  24. B. Her RESPONSIBILITIES toward her husband.

  25. 1. She must be SOBER.

  26. a. There are many luxuries and CARES of life, which can rob us of sober thinking.

  27. b. The woman’s basic ATTITUDE is a major factor in the failure or success of any home.

  28. c. God make women to be women, with the physical and emotional CAPABILITY to do things a man cannot and should not do.

  29. 2. The godly wife LOVES her husband.

  30. a. The literal interpretation of this is: “be DEVOTED to your husband.”

  31. b. Love is a CHOICE of commitment and devotion to someone.

  32. 3. The role of the wife is to be a HELP to her husband.

  33. a. Only a wife who understands her godly role, and deeply loves her husband, can provide the help…

  34. …for him, in such a spirit of devotion and COOPERATION.

  35. b. She has STRENGTHS he does not, and he has strengths she does not have.

  36. 4. The godly wife and mother will love her CHILDREN.

  37. a. She must let LOVE be the force of correction, rather than anger or resentment.

  38. b. Her dealings with her children should be just as God deals with her as His CHILD.

  39. 5. The godly woman will be DISCREET.

  40. a. DISCREETNESS calls for many things, including the wisdom of knowing how to set your priorities in your family.

  41. 6. The godly woman will be CHASTE.

  42. a. First: she should be INNOCENT of unlawful sexual experiences.

  43. b. Secondly: she must be PURE in thought and behavior.

  44. c. Thirdly: she should be simple and MEEK – not elaborate.

  45. 7. The godly wife is a KEEPER of the home.

  46. a. A “keeper” is one who watches, GUARDS, and maintains.

  47. b. The home should be the chief base of COMFORT and security.

  48. 8. The godly wife is OBEDIENT.

  49. a. This same principle applies to the HOME; the woman who really loves her husband will find little difficulty in following his leadership.