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  1. Advantages • Speed & ease of the web coupled with the expertise of a professional recruiter and support team who understands the required candidate profile and client company culture. • Posting of advertisement is immediate with initial information returned to the client within 48 hours - no delays as with print media. • Eliminates time consuming effort of weeding out non-qualified and junk responses. • Optional services easily added on include: • telephone screening • personal interviewing • compatibility assessment • background checks

  2. Process 1 Placement of an e-Qualityhire ad with resume submittal through our office. 2 If resume/background meets agreed upon qualifications and experience, candidate is e-mailed a questionnaire and voluntary EEO identification form to complete (1st screening filter). If resume does not meet criteria it is set aside. 3 If candidate returns the questionnaire (2nd screening filter), it is reviewed for qualification based on answers given matching clients desired responses (3rd screening filter). If answers meet client's criteria, resume and questionnaire are forwarded to the appropriate hiring manager for consideration. If resume/questionnaire does not meet criteria it is set aside. 4 The EEO form, if returned, is held back until all positions have been filled. All EEO forms are submitted at the end of the project for compilation of data by the company for reporting/auditing purposes. Once the agreed upon number of candidates are forwarded to the hiring manager this process is complete. We can provide additional services as needed.

  3. Results • Upgrade staff • highly efficient hiring process encourages hiring managers to replace marginal performers • Reduce turnover • higher quality hires leads to increased retention • Shorten hiring process • reduce hiring time from as much as 12 weeks to as little as 14 days from the time ads are placed to an offer being accepted • Minimize hiring manager's time assessing candidates • typically only 3-5 qualified/screened candidates are presented per hire • Reduced cost per hire • client's actual experience in over 200 placements is $2400-$3000 per hire • Increased productivity/revenue/profit • client has used e-Qualityhire to double the size of the business to $500MM/year in 24 months

  4. It does work! A case study of a recent client showed: • Sales reps with 6-12 months of service who were identified and hired through this process raised their sales territory ranking an average of 15 positions. • Sales reps with 12-23 months of service who were identified and hired through this process raised their sales territory ranking an average of 41 positions.