1 aero air n.
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1. aero: air

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aer ate: to expose to the air as in soil aer ial: pertaining to the air, as a view from the air . aero bics : a system of vigorous exercises designed to improve the body’s ability to take in and utilize oxygen. _____________________________________

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1. aero: air

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1 aero air
aerate: to expose to the air as in soil

aerial: pertaining to the air, as a view from the air.

aerobics: a system of vigorous exercises designed to improve the body’s ability to take in and utilize oxygen.


A plow with sharp stakes was used to aerate the yard before planting the grass seed.

1. aero: air
2 antho flower
anthology: a “bouquet” or collection of literary or musical selections

ananthous: without flowers

anthozoan: class of marine creatures, including the sea anemones and coral (flower like)


The plants they used in the rock gardens were ananthous..

2. antho: flower
3 arbor tree
arbor: a shady area with the roof and sides formed by trees, shrubs, or lattice

arboreal: resembling or living in trees

arboretum: place for the study and exhibition of trees and shrubs


The arboretum at UNC Chapel Hill was once the scene of a murder.

3.arbor: tree
4 bath bathy deep
bathos: sinking from the lofty to the

depths of the ridiculous, an anticlimax

bathymetry: the art of deep sea

sounding or measuring the depths

bathysphere: chamber for deep-sea exploration.


Inside the bathysphere, the rescuers searched for the victims of the shipwreck.

4. bath (bathy): deep
5 cad cid cas fall happen accident
decadent: that which is falling down

casualty: one who falls in battle or by accident

recidivism: falling or relapsing back into crime


The recidivism rate for criminals who undergo rehabilitation is less than for those who don’t.

5. cad (cid, cas) : fall, happen, accident
6 calc lime stone pebble
calcification: the act of turning to stone

calcium: a silver-white mineral found in limestone

calculate:to reckon using pebbles, to compute


The calcification around the fountain left silver-white rocklike formations.

6. calc: lime, stone, pebble
7 chloro green
chlorine: greenish-yellow, poisonous gas

chloroform: green compound used as an anesthetic and solvent

chlorophyll: green pigment in plants essential for photosynthesis


The chlorine in the pool helped give the water its greenish color.

7. chloro - green
chrys yellow gold
chrysanthemum: yellow flower

chrysalis: hard shelled pupa of a butterfly

chrysophyte: golden-brown and yellowish-green algae.


The yellow blooms on the chrysanthemums stood out against the wooded background.

chrys: yellow, gold
9 cre creas cret grow
increase: to grow or get larger

crescendo: music that grows louder

accretion: gradual buildup or growth


The speaker cracked just as the music reached a crescendo.

9. cre (creas, cret): grow
10 cur care for
curator: one who cares for a museum

curious: full of care or interest on a subject

sinecure: a position or office providing compensation or other benefits but requiring little responsibility or effort


The curious child opened every cabinet door in the kitchen before moving to another room.

10. cur: care for
11 cyan blue
cyan: a moderate greenish blue color

anthocyanin: blue pigment found in plants, especially flowers, and some insects

cyanosis: bluish coloration of skin caused by insufficient oxygenation of the blood


The artist spread much cyan paint on his pallet before attempting to paint the sky.

11. cyan: blue
12 cyto cell
astrocyte: star shaped cell in brain and

spinal cord

cytogenesis: cell formation

cytotoxin: toxins that destroy certain cells, like venom


The biology students studied cytogenesis.

12. cyto: cell
13 domin lord master
dominate: to master or lord over

predominate: have controlling power or influence, master

anno Domini: Latin for “in the year of our Lord”

in a specified year of the Christian era


Our football team has been able to dominate the other teams in the conference.

13. domin: lord, master
14 erythro red
erythema: abnormal redness of the skin

erythrocytometer: instrument used to count red blood cells

erythrophobia: abnormal fear of anything red or of blushing


After the blood sample was taken, the technician used an erythrocytometer to check for abnormalities.

14. erythro: red
15 ethno nation race culture
ethnic: related to race or culture

ethnology: the study of culture

ethnocentric: belief in the superiority of one’s own culture


The ethnocentric nature of the tribe made it impossible to teach them new ways.

15. ethno: nation, race, culture
16 ferv hot boil or bubble
fervent: showing great emotion or

enthusiasm, hot tempered, ardent

fervid: fiery; zealous, bubbly

effervescent: giving off bubbles of gas as carbonated water, showing exhilaration


When students show fervent devotion to a cause, they work harder.

16. ferv: hot, boil or bubble
17 gyn woman
gynecologist: a doctor specializing in

women’s health

androgynous: showing both male and female characteristics

gynophobia: fear of women


Many of the gods and goddesses from mythology have androgynous appearances.

17. gyn: woman
18 ish like resembling
childish: child like

feverish: having a fever, fever like

dwarfish: small like


Often childish behaviors result in trouble in school.

18. -ish: like, resembling
19 itis infection inflammation
meningitis: brain inflammation

arthritis: joint inflammation

hepatitis: liver inflammation


The danger of meningitis from a West Nile infection is great.

19. -itis: infection, inflammation
20 liber free
liberal: generous, lavish, abundant, freely giving

liberty: state of being free

liberate: to make free


Patrick Henry is famous for his “Give me liberty or give me death” line.

20. liber: free
21 meter metr measure
perimeter: the measurement around

isometric: equal in measure

odometer: instrument to measure mileage on a road trip


Guards walk the perimeter of buildings when they are on duty.

21. meter (metr): measure
22 moll soft
mollify: to make less angry, violent or intense

mollusk: soft bodied

emollient: softening and soothing to the skin


In an attempt to mollify the students, the principal added more parking spaces.

22. moll: soft
23 orni ornith bird
ornithology: the study of birds

ornithivorous: bird eating

orniscopy: instrument for examining birds


I’m trying to decide if I’m ornithivorous because I eat chicken.

23. orni (ornith): bird
24 phyll leaf
phylloid: leaf like

aphyllous: without an abundance of leaves

phyllaphagous: leaf eating


The Japanese magnolia is relatively aphyllous in the spring when only the flowers appear.

24. phyll : leaf
25 pon pos put place
compose: to put together or create

depose: to put down or overthrow

opponent: one who is placed against


Several of the players decided to play a trick on the opponent.

25. pon (pos) : put, place