Entaty productions inc teaching our youth music and artistic expression with passion and skills
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ENTATY Productions Inc. Teaching Our Youth Music and Artistic Expression with Passion and Skills - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ENTATY Productions Inc. . ENTATY Productions Inc. Teaching Our Youth Music and Artistic Expression with Passion and Skills. 1385 Barnaby Terrace, SE Washington, DC 20032 202-702-3185 dbrown 1808@gmail.com mrigotbeats@yahoo.com. ENTATY Productions History.

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Entaty productions inc teaching our youth music and artistic expression with passion and skills

ENTATY Productions


ENTATY Productions Inc. Teaching Our Youth Music and Artistic Expression with Passion and Skills

1385 Barnaby Terrace, SEWashington, DC 20032



Entaty productions history
ENTATY Productions History

ENTATY Productions was founded by Demetrius Brown, a native of South East Washington D.C. He discovered a love for music, poetry, artistic expression at an early age in life, playing drums in the junior high school band as well as being a member of the concert choir. He was accepted to the world renowned Duke Ellington High School of the Arts, where he honed his skills in music theory and as a vocalist. During that time, he also garnered local fame by joining a singing group called “Yunek”, where he performed at various venues such as Orioles Stadium, Great Adventure theme Park and venues across the Mid-Atlantic. After attending the University of the District of Columbia for two years for music education, he decided to venture out and start a music label, Maximum Level Entertainment, along side like minded partners.

That partnership, with emcee and business partner HALA, fostered into a HIP Hop group XL. The duo would go on to write, produce and perform original material and expose local talent to industry professionals through networking events, talent showcases and concerts. Through performances around the city, they connected with Multi-Platinum Producer, Chucky Thompson, signing on to his label Black Diamond Entertainment.

He also had a desire to “give back” to the community and the people who employed him, trusted him with their youth and gave him a chance to practice his gift. Through employment in youth development, he mastered the concepts of self-proficiency and barrier removal. He discovered that arts and the humanities have been stripped from the general

education curriculum in many schools. He nurtured ENTATY

Productions as a way to weave artistic expression into the

fabric of youth development and overall improved


As an artistic and music based organization entaty productions is guided by its core values
As an artistic and music based organization, ENTATY Productions is guided by its core values:

  • The opportunity to recognize the desire to engage in the arts through exposure and instruction.

  • Responsiveness to and respect for the need to have discipline in your craft and honing your skills.

  • The requirement of business knowledge and keen awareness of the how to navigate in the industry and self-marketing.

  • Commitment to the production and distribution of entertainment.

  • Dedication to improved self-awareness

    and self-esteem through expression and

    continued mastery of one’s craft.

Entaty productions professional history
ENTATYProductions Professional History

ENTATY Productions founder Demetrius Brown has worked in the performance arts and music industry for over ten years, producing, writing and arranging for local artist . As an artist himself, Demetrius has performed in front of thousands of attendants in various venues around the country opening up for such artist as: LL Cool J, DMX, Xzibit, Tank, Music Soulchild, Cassidy etc. Demetrius is familiar with the rigors of work ethics and the necessary performance endurance.

For youth who are interested in engaging in the music industry, Mr. Brown has established and maintained solid connections to the professionals in the music business and the people who can provide pathways and opportunities to enrolled youth.

Musical program
Musical Program

ENTATY Productions is designed to engage, instruct, and, guide young aspiring artists in the desired field of arts and humanities. The skilled knowledgeable instructors teach interested youth in the areas of music, production, and music industry business components.

ENTATY staff also engage youth in local performing artists, successful known artists, and local artistic events that expose youth to the much needed field of expression.

Youth are also instructed on the necessary skills of the craft that enable them to be successful outside the studio, like Life Skills, time management, budget management, etc. These wise practices are the foundation to professional and personal success.

ENTATY serves youth who primarily meet the following demographics.

  • Enrolled students and out-of-school youth

  • Unemployed young adults

  • Adjudicated youth and young adults

  • Low-income youth and families

Entaty service population program outcomes
ENTATY Service Population Program Outcomes

71% of enrolled youth were high school drop-outs

80% of ENTATY’s drop-out received a GED and enrolled in higher education or obtained employment

71% of enrolled youth were teen-parents

0% increased child birth during enrollment

100% enrolled youth are either engaged or currently actively in the music industry or creative arts.

57% were drug users or involved in drug revenue

60% of drug involved youth are no longer actively engaged in use or sales.

49% are adjudicated youth

5% recidivism rate

Service population facts
Service Population Facts

  • Service Population includes youth who are in school and at-risk unemployed. Both categories of youth benefit from the programs implemented at ENTATY Productions.

  • Because of our service area we serve youth who are traditionally unemployed, under-educated, adjudicated, and commonly from single-parent households.

  • ENTATY’s youth roster ranges from ages 15 to 24 years old. This population requires constructive means of self-expression and guided personal growth in order to master the tools to develop into a productive contributing member of society.

Entaty productions instruction and programs
ENTATY Productions Instruction and Programs

  • After School Programs

  • Community Artistic Productions

  • Professional Music Productions

  • Mentoring Programs

  • Workforce Development Programs

    (in the music industry)

Entaty productions inc teaching our youth music and artistic expression with passion and skills
ENTATY Professional DevelopmentAll young people can reach their potential with the guidance of a caring adult

  • Youth are able to meet and engage in a “Question and Answer” session with successful professionals and producers from the music industry matched with mentors who have .

  • Young people have the opportunity to learn music in its full spectrum of components.

  • Youth are able to spend time with professionals who can assist them with developing a marketing plan, employment track, and continued skill mastery in their craft.

Entaty productions inc teaching our youth music and artistic expression with passion and skills

ENTATY Productions Program ServicesAs a direct result of the detailed and diligent instruction offered at ENTATY, the following services are implemented to ensure successful development of enrolled youth. These services are offered as assistance to our partners, as ENTATY is primarily an arts and music program.

  • Music Mentoring

  • Educational Advocacy

  • Life Skills Management

  • Health and Nutrition

  • Safe Sex Education and Sexual Awareness

  • Adjudication Support

  • Civic and Community Engagement

Entaty core curriculum
ENTATY Core Curriculum

  • The Core Music Curriculum ENTATY’s core music curriculum comprises arranging, ear training, harmony, and music technology. These four subjects are the foundation of ENTATY’s educational offerings in music, and the entering student proficiency assessment and Introduction to Music Technology exam are designed to assess every entering student's knowledge base in each of these core curriculum fields.

  • ArrangingEach of the four courses in the arranging curriculum for entering youth explores different arranging concepts and techniques, guides students in refining and enhancing arranging abilities, and provides opportunities for creating musical arrangements in various styles of contemporary popular music. There is a sequential nature to the four courses, with each focusing on different and increasingly more complex aspects of arranging such as double time rhyming patterns, song bridge and hook development, creative content building.

  • Ear TrainingThe goal of the ear training core curriculum is to help music students master the basic components of musical craft; to assist youth with understanding melody; to aid writers in notating music they have composed or arranged; to help performers develop their musical vocabulary; and to assist listeners in understanding the music they are hearing.; studying the history of youths specific genre of music

  • HarmonyThrough the completion of the harmony core curriculum, students acquire musical literacy, analytical skills, and the ability to incorporate the topics they have studied into their own music. A thorough understanding of common harmonic practice, melodic development, and the relationship between melody and harmony in contemporary styles is important. An understanding of harmony provides musicians with a rich palette for future creative choices in performing and producing.

  • Music TechnologyA demonstrated competency in music technology is integral to each student's experience. Technology plays a significant role in almost every aspect of a successful music-related career. Additionally, it is a powerful teaching and learning tool utilized in many of the courses offered at the college. Covering a broad spectrum of basic and music-related computer skills, the music technology core curriculum provides students with a strong technology foundation on which to build the necessary skills required by each major and field of interest.

Entaty productions inc teaching our youth music and artistic expression with passion and skills

Goal Setting and Goal Reaching Techniques

The Seven Tions of Success

Entaty productions inc teaching our youth music and artistic expression with passion and skills

PARTNERSDepartment of Youth Rehabilitation Services DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities East of the River Clergy, Police, Community Partnership Frederick Douglas Community Center Parklands Community Center Petey Greene United Planning Organization Sasha Bruce YouthworkWheeler Creek Community Center Grammy FoundationsDuke Ellington School of the Arts