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Major Film Unit

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Major Film Unit. W.T Like Mother, Like Daughter. A short documentary film that explores the realms of tragedy within a family unit, as a couple and their granddaughter share their story and memories of an incredibly influential figure they lost but will never forget.

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w t like mother like daughter
W.T Like Mother, Like Daughter

A short documentary film that explores the realms of tragedy within a family unit, as a couple and their granddaughter share their story and memories of an incredibly influential figure they lost but will never forget.

This film tells the inspiring story of how a family keep the memory of their loved one alive , and shares an experience that so many people can relate two. This special, personal insight into a home surrounded by several issues provides an honest recollection of the past and present. It also presents how important family support is.


Wasp, Andrea Arnold

Wuthering Heights, Andrea Arnold



The cinematography in Andrea Arnold’s work is inspiring and I aim to achieve the gritty, washed out visual style within my own film. I will use lighting to establish the mood and sensitivity as the story unfolds. I have taken on this role in a number of films I have previously worked on so I will use the technical skills I have learnt, including exposure in particular within my film. I have decided to film using a tripod with only a few hand-held shots, as this has resulted in unstable shots in the past. In my research unit feedback I was complemented on my use of texture in close-up shots in particular that mirrors that of my influences so I will strive to achieve once again within this film. I was also told that I need to do more practice based research with light sources to reveal tonal qualities and atmospheres of the aesthetics within the film, therefore I have been experimenting with different light sources and will visit the location prior to filming to see what lighting and space I have to work with.

  • Editing

During post- production the structure of the film will be massively important. I am still unsure as to how I am going to establish the story; from which person’s perspective so this will be something I decide during editing. I want the film to be quite slow-placed, with a poetic style achieved by the structure and shot composition. I have several ideas of shots I want to include but still need to decide on establishing shots, however this will be decided during filming.

  • Sound

Sound will be an important aspect to my film as it will contribute to the mood, therefore I am thinking of just using the diegetic sounds and the dialogue. I don’t want to include any musical sound as I think this will be more effective emotionally.

  • I know the subjects of this film very well on a personal level so making this film will be a great opportunity for them to express their inspiring story that I myself can relate to.
  • I have decided that a small crew is vital when shooting a documentary of this sort, considering it is a very sensitive, emotional subject and I want them to feel comfortable, they are also allowing me access to their home and because I am taking on the majority of the roles it will be easier this way.
  • Filming dates have been set for mid-late March, I am still waiting for exact confirmation but the film has been discussed and they are more than happy to participate. I have also asked for permission for the young girl to be filmed which has been agreed to so I will bring these specific consent forms with me.
  • I will allow for 2-3 days filming
  • Although I have briefly discussed the intentions of this film, and the ideas for filming and questions I have given the subjects a lot of free reign to tell their story.

I will be doing;




  • Sound recording/ design – Phoebe Waddington
  • My Main role will be Focus on Cinematography, and I will take on board the experience and feedback from the research un/t. I was told that my influences; that include Andrea Arnold/Robbie Ryan “form perfect references and excellent influences when exploring the gritty hand-held style. This also ties with the documentary feel in drama giving you a personal insight into the character and making the viewer feel in touch and in tune with those they are introduced to” so I will take this on board when shooting this film.
  • I am considering looking for an assistant to help out on set and also potentially an editor, however I am more than willing to edit the film myself.
  • As well as my own film, I am working on two of Phoebe Waddington’s films assisting with cinematography which will give me more experience in this but also in time management as I will have numerous projects happening along side each other.