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Homestead and Housing

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Homestead and Housing. Feb 2011. BHUBANESWAR. About Rural Development Institute. RDI, a not for profit organization, works to secure land rights to the poorest in sub-Saharan Africa, China and India Support and partner with national/state governments

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homestead and housing
Homestead and Housing
  • Feb 2011
about rural development institute
About Rural Development Institute
  • RDI, a not for profit organization, works to secure land rights to the poorest in sub-Saharan Africa, China and India
  • Support and partner with national/state governments
  • In Odisha, work with Government to ensure homestead land to all
  • Convergence : Homestead +
  • Scaling with Government programs like OTELP and TRIPTI (Proposed)
structure of presentation
Structure of Presentation
  • Status and issues around homestead land allocation - Assessment (10) and pilot (3)
  • Homestead and housing
  • Window through the IAY Land Purchase 2009
  • Working with the State (district wise) proposal
homestead allocation assessment and pilot
Homestead allocation – Assessment and Pilot
  • Assessment in 88 sample villages in 10 districts - pilot in 36 villages in 3 districts
    • People did not receive patta to current house sites, unwilling to relocate, allotted house sites are not identified or demarcated
    • About 40% of households do not have secured rights over homestead land (either not included in Vasundhara and not living on allotted land)
    • Acute revenue staffs shortage - paucity of time to undertake fresh enumeration to assess the extent of homesteadlessness
homestead allocation assessment and pilot1
Homestead allocation – Assessment and Pilot
  • Identify and build local capacities to support field level revenue officials to initiate fresh enumeration of homesteadless-ness
  • A local capacity is a literate youth from the village/GP – willing to work for the community and carries its confidence
  • Provides the much needed additional support to the Revenue Inspector to expedite allocation through developing a village inventory on homesteadless-ness
homestead allocation assessment and pilot2
Homestead allocation – Assessment and Pilot
  • On an average in a village, about 20 % of all households are homesteadless and are eligible for allocation of homestead land
  • In the pilot villages, CRPs are able to identify about 1270 homesteadless households
  • Average cost per allocation about 150/INR - average time taken by CRP per allocation 2 days
  • Leasable households are roughly 30%, rest being objectionable land requires varied degrees of revenue intervention
homestead development
Homestead development
  • Homestead land allocation provides a window for supplementary food and income, nutritional security, boosts family and women’s status and improved standard of living
  • Preferred size of homestead is 10 decimals
  • Homestead serves as place for house, and for home garden
  • Homestead garden is managed by family using low amounts of capital
  • Convergence of existing program and interventions
indira awas yojana issues needing attention
Indira Awas Yojana…issues needing attention
  • Study in 10 districts on Vasundhara – 80% patta holders have not relocated to the plot as they haven’t seen the land
  • When families didn’t have access to allotted land, they have constructed house on their existing plot that is mostly objectionale land
  • Housing as an incentive/mechanism to reduce homesteadlessness – though families are ready to relocate but are without housing (IAY)
  • Though homestead patta is a condition for getting IAY, there is no link between Vasundhara program and IAY
  • Low coverage – about 12% (200 out of 1664)
  • Of the remaining, about 60% are BPL who could access IAY LP 2009
  • Mo Kudia numbers are very less needs additional budget allocation to address the remianing
scheme for homestead plots homestead sites to all by 2012
Scheme for Homestead Plots…homestead sites to all by 2012
  • Unit Assistance per Beneficiary
    • Rs. 10,000 or actual, whichever is less
    • For purchase / acquisition of 100-250 sq. mt.
    • To be shared in ratio of 50:50 in the states / UTs
    • If amount falls short, balance amount to be contributed by states
  • Incentivising states
    • Additional funds under IAY to the extent of plots alloted by way of regularization / allotment of Govt. land / purchase / acquistion
scheme for homestead plots homestead sites to all by 20121
Scheme for Homestead Plots…homestead sites to all by 2012
  • Eligibility of Beneficiaries
    • Should be a BPL household with neither land nor house-site
    • Should belong to the permanent IAY waitlist
  • Conditions for Purchase
    • In the first instance states to regularize presently occupied site, if possible
    • Otherwise States to allot suitable Government Land
    • If the first two alternatives are not possible, then private land to be purchased or acquired
incentive for government of odisha
Incentive for Government of Odisha
  • Govt. of Odisha need not allocate additional funds (50% state share) under land purchase component of the scheme as allocation of house-sites (under OGLS) and regularization (under OPLE) ongoing in the state
  • State Government gets incentivised to the extent plots alloted by way of regularization / allotment of Govt. Land
  • Govt can be incentivised for the 2.3 lakh regularisation/allocation that has been done under Vasundhara during 2006-09
proforma i
Proforma I
  • Following items included in Proforma- I :
  • Name of District
  • No. of BPL families as per Permanent IAY Waitlists who have neither land nor housesite
  • No. of BPL families whose occupied land, if any, can be regularized or can be provided Govt. land for homestead site
  • No. of BPL families for whom land is to be purchased or acquired for allotment as homestead sites
  • ime-line for providing homestead sites through regularization or allotment of Govt. land or purchase/ acquisition of private land
proforma ii
Proforma II
  • Following items included in Proforma- II :
  • Name of District
  • No. of Gram Panchayats where land is to be purchased/ acquired
  • No. of households for whom private land is to be purchased / acquired for allotment as homestead sites
  • Total funds required for the purpose/acquisition
  • Central share of funds required
  • Certificates to be provided that :
  • It is not possible to regularize occupied land & also there is no suitable Govt. land for allotment as homestead sites in the Gram Panchayats where purchase/acquisition of land is proposed
  • The land to be purchased/acquired has been identified
proposal by feb 2011
Proposal by Feb 2011
  • Proposal for inclusion of Vasundhara beneficiaries[1] under Rural Housing Program to be submitted by Districts
  • State Government to send proposal to MoRD
    • Proforma I
    • Proforma II
  • [1]Homesteadless families were identified by the Revenue Departmnet and alloted house-sites on their existing plots or alloted suitable Government land
proposal rdi s role
Proposal…RDI’s role
  • Facilitate State Government in devising guidelines for the program and working out the proposal
  • Details available for 1664 families of 10 districts
    • 200 covered in IAY (approx. 12%)
    • 352 regularised on current house-sites
    • 1313 alloted house-sites in Government land
    • Considering 60 – 70 % of the identified families to be BPL households – 998 to 1024 could be alloted IAY under incentiviation scheme and rest 466 - 439 could be covered under Mo Kudia (State)