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By: Meredith Moore

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V arjak Paw. By: Meredith Moore. Characters.

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by meredith moore

Varjak Paw

By: Meredith Moore



Some of the main characters are…Varjak Paw, Holly, Tam, Elder Paw Sally Bones, gentlemen, 2 very suspicious black cats, and many many more. Sally Bones is a mean stray tomcat. If anyone gets near her “property” she will practically kill them. Tam and Holly are best cat buddies but Holly’s heart breaks when something happens to Tam. I would be spoiling it to tell you what happens to Tam. You will have to read to find out what the other characters are like!


The 2 settings in this book are Contessa’s house and “Outside”/around town. Contessa’s house is very old and ragged. No cat in the family knows what the 2nd level looks like because they aren’t allowed up there. “Outside” is capitalized and has quotation marks because no body in the family could even imagine going out there. It would get their coats way too dirty and disgusting. Varjak on the other hand would do anything to go “Outside.” He has wanted to go forever!


The problem in this story is that the suspicious gentlemen and their black cats start showing up right after Contessa dies. Varjak and the Elder Paw are the only ones who don’t trust the gentlemen and their black cats. When weird disappearances start to happen, Varjak knows he must save his family, but will he be able to do it in time? A big challenge Varjak faces is that the only one who believes Varjak is Elder Paw, and he dies.

6 major events
6 Major Events

1. The suspicious gentlemen and their black cats start to show up and only Varjak and Elder Paw don’t trust them.

2. Elder Paw tries to fight the cats but ends up dying. Varjak doesn’t know what to do. If the cats could kill Elder Paw, they could squeeze the pulp out of Varjak and his family. So he sets off to try to find a way to save his family.

3. In Varjak’s dreams he starts to learn the “Way,” which is like martial arts for cats. It is all very mysterious.

4. While he is on his adventure, he meets two friends. Their names are Holly and Tam. Holly and Tam are not in a “group” like other cats. Holly and Tam end up helping a lot in the adventure.

5. When Varjak, Holly, and Tam are on their adventure, they run in to the dreaded Sally Bone who is the leader of one of one of the most popular “groups.” Abig fight breaks out. Will it ruin everything?

6. Toward the end of the book, Varjak finds a dog that he hopes will help defeat the gentlemen and the cats. It is said that a dog can strike fear into any creature on earth. So with the dog he sets off to the fight. Is he in time? Will he defeat the gentlemen and cats? Is the dog enough? You will have to read to find out!!